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The desire for sex is not only for men but also women are eager for sex. Because of sex she feels close to her partner, and she wants to enjoy physical relationship with her partner. But if the man does not give extreme pleasure to the woman during sex, then the women are not satisfied, so their interest towards sex starts decreasing. For sex, a woman also has some desires in her mind which she wants her partner to have during sex and the woman can also be satisfied during sex.

But what women want from their partner during sex has always been the subject of research. Because women mostly do not openly express their thoughts about sex, men should talk to the woman sexually before having sex, to make her feel close to him, so that the woman is aroused and his desires during sex. Tell who So today we are going to talk to you about the topic related to sex with women, how women are satisfied when sex is done by a man during sex.

Women are satisfied with what kind of sex men have

How can a man satisfy a woman in sex

Women also have a desire for sex, and they also want to make sex fun, and want to enjoy in bed with their partner, women also have a favorite sex position. So today we are going to tell men some such tips on how they should have sex with a woman in bed so that she can get satisfaction.

Don’t have sex like work

Sex is a very special feeling for women in which she is physically and emotionally close to her partner. In such a case, if a man does sex like work, just to be free by inserting the penis in the vagina of the woman, then the woman does not like it at all and the woman is not able to enjoy sex in this way. In this case, in order to satisfy the woman, the man should openly enjoy these moments to the woman and also enjoy the sex life himself. And think about how sex can be better enjoyed, not about ending it.

Give a special feeling to the limbs

In order for a man to satisfy a woman in sex, he should make his female partner feel all over his body with his tongue, lips and hand at the beginning of sex. Love bite should be given, when the man touches the ears, shoulders, neck etc. of the woman with his tongue on the arousing organs, kisses there, caresses them with love with his hand then the woman becomes more aroused. So she enjoys sex to the fullest, and during sex men can comfortably lead her to extreme pleasure.

No one should be in the middle

Women feel great when a woman’s body is adjacent to a man’s body after being physically close. In this case, before starting sex, the man should gently undress the woman slowly, even the bra and panties, and not so fast but comfortably with the feeling of his hands, and then wrap them in his arms. Take it. Women like it very much and because of this she wants to be more aroused and enjoy sex, because the heat of the body of the man makes the woman more aroused. And when she is aroused, sex helps her to get satisfaction very easily.

Women also have a favorite sex position

They also have some favorite sex positions to satisfy women during sex, which they enjoy. Just like women love doggy style sex, in which the woman bends down on her knees and hands, and the man has sex from behind, also the woman enjoys having sex lying on top of the man, because from this position the woman There is rapid arousal in the limbs of, women also like to have sex lying upside down. Also you can ask your female partner in what style she likes to have sex, because if they have the sex position of their choice then men can easily give them satisfaction in sex.

The vagina is very special

The vagina has the most special role during sex because the man puts his penis in the woman’s vagina and enjoys sex to the fullest, and also tries to take the woman to extreme pleasure. But women like something different during sex, like for satisfaction in sex, she wants men to touch her vagina with her tongue, kiss her, put her finger in her vagina, this makes her very aroused. And it helps a lot to make sex fun during sex, and this is what a woman never says, but men must do that if they want to give a woman extreme pleasure during sex.

Don’t forget the foreplay

What do women like about sex?
What a woman wants during sex

Foreplay is very popular among women during sex and it also helps men to prepare women for sex. In this case, if men want to satisfy a woman during sex, then they should start sex with a woman with foreplay, by doing so, women enjoy sex to the fullest. It also helps them to be easily satisfied during sex. And you can also enjoy sex because when you stimulate the female organs naturally lubricant comes in the vagina of the woman which easily makes your sex fun.

Touch in the breast

The nipple is more arousing part of the woman than the breast and the woman enjoys flirting with the man during sex. And if the man puts the penis in the woman’s vagina and enjoys it along with the woman’s breasts, then it helps the woman to remain aroused during sex so that she can easily get extreme pleasure during sex. Is. But be careful not to put too much pressure on the breasts because the pain may spoil the fun of the woman’s sex.


It would not be wrong if Kiss is called the first step of sex. During sex, woman enjoys not only the lip kiss but also the kiss done by the man on each and every one of her limbs. In this case, what a man should do to satisfy a woman during sex, whether it is on her legs or on her forehead, on her vagina or on her breasts, by doing this, the woman becomes aroused for sex. And many times during sex, the man dominates.

So here are some special tips that men can use to give satisfaction to women during sex. In addition, the man should keep the woman in his arms even after sex because men leave the woman due to fatigue during sex. And in this case, the woman gets angry so that she may not be ready for the next time during sex, so men should take special care of this.