I pleaded “girls… please! I’m sorry! I was desperate!”

Jess said, “no excuse! Ash, go get my special bag”

Ash disappeared while tori and Jess just glared in silence.

Ash returned and handed the bag to Jess.

“We’re going to punish you. I’m not sure how yet. I don’t think there is anything that can make us even and allow us to forgive you but we’re going to start with this” Jess said.

She took out a piece of rope and handed it to ash and took another one out kept that one herself. They walked over to me and before I knew what was happening they had my hands tied together behind my back and my ankles tied to the legs of the couch. Tori came out of nowhere and pulled me off the couch. With my arms behind my back and legs tied to the couch I fell face first against the floor. It hurt badly. My ass was in the air next to the couch.

My ass lit up with fire as it was smacked hard. I could see tori had a paddle in her hand. I deserved what ever she gave me. I betrayed her twice.


I yelped in pain. Tori’s little body stood in front of me and I could sense the other girls behind me.

Tori spoke, “twice! Twice you violated my privacy.”

“Both times was only because I want you so badly” I pleaded

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” She barked

“Men are weak, you could have found a better way, we are all going to spank you to get out this initial anger out, then we’re going to talk and figure out what your true punishment will be” she said.

She handed the paddle to Jess. She said, “I’ve always loved doing this, being angry is going to make it better”

She grabbed my hair and lifted my head off the ground with one hand and smacked my ass hard with the paddle in her other hand.

“I know, I’m terrible please forgive me girls” I continued to plead.

“I like you begging, it suits you” Jess said


My ass was throbbing I could feel my cheeks radiating heat. Jess released my hair and I fell face to the ground again.

Ash said, “her ass has had enough, sit her up”

Tori and Jess locked their arms under mine and sat me back up on the couch. The pressure sent waves of pain across my ass.

Ash has a little stick with short leather whips the end of it.

Jess spread my legs and Ash ran the leather over my slit. I was freaking out!


She slapped my pussy with the whip. It hurt but instead of a yell I let out a moan.

“Fuck sakes, she likes it” tori said

Ash said, “ do you want me to punish you?”

I was putty. I had no strength and my mind was mush. I absently said “yes”


I felt the sting and the heat from my pussy swelling. I opened my eyes and they were all staring at me and my naked exposed body. They looked almost pacified.

Tori said, “we’ll be back and let you know what your punishment is going to be”

They left me there and went into ash’s room and shut the door. I couldn’t keep my mind focused. It jumped from one thought to the other trying to find something, some compromise, any thing to get them to forgive me.

A few minutes went by and they did not return. A few more went by and I started hearing them. They were moaning and I could hear the sounds of kissing. They were finishing their session and I was locked out tied to this couch. Their sounds got me so fucking horny again. I pulled at my ropes trying to get to my pussy and had no success.

I little later they returned all wearing a robe. That sat in various seats around me and chatted between themselves as if I was invisible. I couldn’t take it any more and said, “y’all going to keep me waiting or tell me what your plans are” I asked sheepishly

They looked at me and ignored my question. Seconds later the doorbell rang. Thank god. Steve was here and they’d let me go.

Jess said, “perfect timing, I don’t think you’ll have to wait long”

They all went to the door and brought Steve into the living room.

He saw me naked, exposed and tied up instantly. “What the fuck is this?” He demanded.

Tori walked over to me and pulled my hair and said, “this little slut let you watch us in our most exposed and private moment. She is to be punished”

Ash said, “Sally do you really want us to forgive you? Or do you want Steve to take you home and you will be shut out of every part of our lives”

I said, “of course I want you and your forgiveness”

Jess said, “ good. We talked and remembered you never even agreed from your side to join our sharing club. We think you want to keep Steve and that massive dick of his to yourself.”

Ash said, “we don’t think you could handle knowing we had him. So that’s the deal, you can give him to us and watch us fuck him or we’re done”

Steve stood there with is mouth open and spoke before I could get words out. “Fuck this sal, I’m taking you home” he moved to untie me and I said, “stop! No.”

He froze in place. “Take him, if it means I can keep y’all, I’m willing to share, you can take him now or anytime in the future. No rules”

Steve looked at the other girls and they were all smiling ear to ear. He looked back at me and said, “I don’t know about this, are you sure that’s what you want?”

I locked eyes with him and said, “get me my friends back, fuck them”

Jess said, “that was easier than expected. Steve you have to make this count. We better feel you wanting us, I want her to see your lust for us.”

Ash said, “who do you want first?” With that all the girls dropped their robes at the same time. I knew what his answer was but didn’t want to face it.

He walked straight to tori and grabbed her by the neck and said, “I hear you want it rough?”

Clearly startled tori couldn’t say anything. She just nodded.

“No offense to you other ladies, your all gorgeous but Tori is perfect”

He pulled her by the neck to him and his tongue was in her mouth and his hands wrapped around her and squeezed that perky little ass. He bent down and put his hands on the back of her thighs and picked her up with her legs wrapped around him. He had no problem with her tiny frame. She kissed his neck and his dick was straight up pressing against her.

Fuck. I knew he thought she was hot but that might have been an understatement. I knew this would be the worst part because honestly I don’t know if he had any interest in the other two.

She reached back and guided his dick into her. She gasped has he lower her so his full cock was in her. “Finally! I’ve waited so long” tori screamed.

He raised and lowered her little body for a few moments more then he dropped her right beside me on the couch. They switched and Steve was beside me and she climbed on top of him. One of her legs was over mine as Steve and I were side by side.

She lowered herself onto his dick and grabbed her little tits and started to ride him, “I hear you like small tits, you want to suck mine”

He sat forward and devoured the barley there breast. He stopped and said, “perfection”

My jealousy was raging but my pussy was flooding the couch with my juices. I hated it but fuck it was hot watching him have his way with the girl I’ve come to lust after myself.

He sat back watched her ride him and I did too. It looked like her small pussy would tear from his girth. I flashed to mikes cock and thought she could never take his.

“Am I tighter than your wife” she asked while staring into my eyes. She wanted to hurt me and I couldn’t blame her.

Steve said, “fuck yes, you feel incredible”

How many times have you gotten yourself off to thinking of me? She prodded

Steve suddenly turned and had flipped her over and entered her from behind. He pulled her hair hard and said “enough to know it would take months if I had you every day to work through all the things I’ve thought about doing to you”

She turned her head to face me and smiled at me.

I kicked at my restraints want to kill in that moment.

I mouthed, “you bitch” to her.

She put her finger on my mouth to silence my already silent word and asked, “you ever think of me while fucking Sally?”

He started pounding her hard and said, “yes”

Tori saw the wound in my face she just gave me. She started to cum. “Fuck my Steve, take my pussy!” He pounded her through her orgasm.

He let her collapse to the couch with his dick standing straight up at me. He asked, “do you want to clean her off my cock” I saw that same thick girl cum on his cock and had to have it. I nodded yes.

He stepped forward to put his cock in my mouth and suddenly tori flipped over and put her hand out stopping him. “No, she’d like that, she can’t have anything that she wants”

She dropped to her knees and started blowing him. I screamed in frustration and pulled hard against my ropes. Within seconds I stopped and watched her beautiful little face with his big cock in it. Steve started to breathe heavy and I knew he was getting close. He popped his cock out of her mouth. He said, “easy… it was everything I could do not to cum in your insanely tight pussy but I have to service your friends too”

For the first time I noticed them and they were both in the floor fingering each other watching Steve and tori.
Steve saw and said, “fuck that hot, but you ladies are going to have to wait a little bit longer”

He picked Tori up and said, “I think I saw you squirt earlier? Did my mind make that up? You didn’t just now? Is Jess’s mouth better than my cock?

Tori was red but pushed through her embarrassment with confidence and said “no, that was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. It just doesn’t happen when I am in doggy for some reason.”

“I want to you to do it on my face.” But first I want to just take in the beauty of your bald pussy”

He pushed her to the couch and spread her legs. He licked his lips at the first true inspection of her slit. He rubbed the insides of her legs pulling her lips apart revealing that light pink color of hers. Juices were leaking out of her and he moved his hand over and around her lips. Finally he leaned forward and attacked her pussy with his mouth. He was moaning at her taste. He ate her like a champ and she was breathing so heavy. I watched her little tits rise and fall wishing I could suck them.

She suddenly stood up and pushed Steve so his hands were behind him and straddled his face. She pulled his head tight against her and fucked his face quick and hard. Her orgasm came strong and she screamed in ecstasy and flooded Steve’s mouth, face and chest with her juices. She fell back to the couch and said, “fuck I have always wanted to do that”

Steve said, “that was the hottest oral I have ever got”

Tori looked at me and said, “now we’re even”

I breathed a sigh of relief and heard Steve say “who’s next?“

Ash and Jess said, “both of us, we want you together.”

Ash pushed him to his back and slid onto his cock. She looked at me and said, “you should have shared this with us, god he’s stretching me” Jess mounted his face

The began to ride him while making out with each other.

Ash said, “watch me fuck your husband, watch my pussy grip his cock”

I was already staring at that. She smiled watching my eye contact. Steve pushed Jess up and said, “you like to be watched let’s make her really watch”

What the fuck. I was going to kill him.

Ash agreed enthusiastically.

Steve picked me up and laid me on the ground facing up. He positioned ash on her knees over my face. He pushed his length into her from behind inches from my face.
Jess was on her knees in front of ash trying to keep her face against her clit as Steve fucked Ash.

He started pounding her. Tori’s feet appeared on the outside of Steve’s and said, “his cock looks perfect in her slit.” Ash moaned at her words. Trying to buy her forgiveness I said rather honestly, “I’d watch you pussy eat his cock all day, I can see him pulling your juices out of you”

Ash started to moan and her knees tried to push together as she tensed from her orgasm.

Ash fell on top of me and I could feel her pussy leaking on to my chest. Tori pushed Steve forward so he was on all fours. She pulled is cock back and took it in his mouth. She sucked for a second then ran her tongue to his balls over and over them and to his ass. He let out a gasp and tensed. I had never given him that. Now I was beyond jealous. She took a first from him that I’ll never be able to get that back. I was waiting to see his reaction to see if he liked it. He relaxed and reached behind him and pulled her head into him. I saw her tongue swirling around his asshole. She reached around and started to stroke his cock. Instantly he was leaking precum and breathing heavy.

Jess said, “woah! I haven’t got mine yet!!”

Tori stopped and he let out a grunt of frustration. He set his eyes on Jess. He pulled her to him. They kissed passionately. He climbed on top of her and slid into her and pumped hard and fast. He groaned and I knew he was filling her with his cum. My cum, his cum was meant for only me and he just filled Jess with it.

Jess was still grinding against him and he realized she hadn’t gotten off. He pulled out and sat up and it gave me a full view. Jess was watching me and asked, “how does my pussy look leaking your husbands cum?”

I bit my lip mixed between jealousy and pure lust. I wished they’d fucking untie me.

Steve answered her question and said, “delicious” he laid on his stomach and pulled her crotch to his face. He was licking her as deep as he could. “Oh my god!” Jess squeaked. She finally had a man cleaning her up! “That’s it lick me deep! Suck all your cum out of me!” Her hips bucked against his face. She was staring to cum but then sat up and Steve looked as confused as I was. “That’s good but I want you to get it all. She made her move to sit on his face. She hovered over him and I could see her squeezing her abs. A huge glob fell out of her on to his lips. “Be a good boy and lick your lips.” Steve did as instructed and her eyes went wide as he collected the rest with his finger and pushed it into his own mouth. “We taste delicious mixed together” Steve told her

With that she sat on his face. She grabbed his hair and face fuck the shit out of him. In moments she was cumming. She came for what felt like a forever. She just kept grinding pushy her orgasm harder and harder. She finally relented and dismounted his face and kissed him. I saw him push some of their mixed fluids into her mouth. She broke the kiss and said, “thank you, that was the hottest thing I have ever had.”

Steve reached for tori and pulled her to him and said, “I tried to give you everything you wanted. I’m sorry I couldn’t fill you to take some home to jack”

At that moment we all realized he gave them all what Mike could only tease them with.

Tori said, “well she did say whenever with no rules, you’ll get your chance”

I started to regret my words at that point.

Ash asked Steve, “you gave us what we all wanted, what do you want? what fantasy do you wish Sally would give you?”

“You mean more than fucking 3 of her friends in the wildest night of sex I could possibly dream up? I don’t think I have anything else.”

“Sure you do Steve, let us give it you!” Jess prompted as she rubbed his chest.

He thought, “theres nothing she doesn’t know… well maybe one thing and she could probably connect the dots on the other”

“We’ll go on then” tori pushed

“Well I think it’s in the open and y’all definitely know she wants two cocks at the same time, I would totally do that and hate she will never get to share y’all’s husbands so I could have arranged that. So that’s not something you can help with.”

Ash said, “maybe, maybe not….you never know”

I’ve known her for a long time and something about the way she said that made me question her intent.

Steve thought it was a joke and laughed it off. “The one she doesn’t know is another one y’all can’t help me with but is….”
He looked at me and he definitely wasn’t sure about letting this one out. “I’d like to fuck her sister”

This took me and the girls completely by surprise. Ash said, “damn that’s fucked up”

It it me like a ton of bricks. I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. It made total sense. She was just his type to. She was built like tori. Tiny waste, smaller tits but she had an ass that put ash’s to shame.

Jess said, “Sally you alright over there?”

I said, “I never even thought about that as my sister never crosses my mind about anything sexual but now you said that, I know why. She’s you’re type. To be very fucking clear, that will never happen”

I said that with all the conviction a person could have while being naked and tied up.

Tori said, “you are a little freak, well what’s the one she should connect the dots on?”

Steve said, “isn’t obvious? A three way with the two girls I find most attractive. You, me Sally together”

Tori’s face was excited as well as mine.

Ash walked over and untied my hands. I was able to sit up and finally breathe again.

Ash said, “go give him what he wants, he deserves it. My pussy is worn out, I couldn’t take another round if I wanted to”

Jess said, “same”

I watched their bodies walk away. They went to bed together and I wondered if they would actually be going to bed.

I looked at Steve and he just shrugged his shoulders. “You’ve might have been thinking about this for a long time but after tasting her it’s consumed just about every thought I have had since.”

Tori helped me stand up and kissed me. I felt her tongue in my mouth and hands finding every inch of my skin. She broke the kiss and said, “if you ever break my trust again, it will be much worse for you, I’ll fuck him so much he will never touch you again”

I grabbed her neck and said, “I won’t ever hurt you again but you will never fuck him without me, fuck what I said earlier”

She put her hand between my legs and pushed into my pussy and said “deal, let’s do this thing already”

I led the way to the bedroom. We stood there for a second not really knowing what to do next. Steve spoke first, “Sally I know you’ve been dying to taste her, I want to watch your first time eating pussy, wait until you get your mouth on her smooth slit”

That’s all I needed to snap back into a lust filled fever.

I pushed her to the bed and said lay back. She did and I pulled her forward so her pussy was at the edge of the bed. I got down on my knees and took my first lick! The room went spinning my heart was beating out of my chest. I pushed my tongue in deep and worked up to her clit. I sucked it and swirled my tongue around it. “Fuck that’s hot, eat her babe” Steve encouraged

Steve was sucking and licking her nipples. I was in heaven, her body was perfect and I was going to enjoy every bit of it. I moved down and pushed my tongue in her ass. I saw Steve’s hand reach down and I felt is fingers moving in her pussy while I ate her ass.

Moments later I was getting showered in her cum. I did my best to lick up all I could. I was an addict and didn’t want to waste a drop.

“You might be on to something with this dp stuff” she moaned between breathes

I felt incredible giving her pleasure. My mind went to Steve. “I want you in me Steve, I need your cock now”

He wasn’t hard yet again. Tori said,”well have to help him with that”

I knew instantly what I was going to do. I demanded him to get on all fours. I stuck my tongue directly in his ass. I had his cock in hand and felt it swelling. No way I was going to let tori stay the only one who’s done that to him.

Moments later he was ready. Tori said, “I think he has a new favorite!”

I responded,”no that would be inside your tight pussy” Steve didn’t object and I didn’t expect him to.

I turned him around and straddled him. I started to ride him. “Tori please suck my tits” I asked

She did and I was in bliss. The only thing was missing was my ass filled. “Tori get the vibe!”

She knew what wanted. She found it and lubed it with her mouth. She pushed it in me. I was finally filled. She worked it in opposite thrust as Steve.

“She’s thinking about mikes cock, steve. She wants to be split by the two of you.” Tori said so sexy. Steve thrusted harder in me. “Did she tell you how big he was and how we all wanted his cock? Now it’s in your wife”

She was trying to work him up and was succeeding plus had me in full fantasy too.

Steve was fucking me with all his might and I started cumming, “ his cock feels so good with yours!!!”

I came and was too sensitive to take the pounding he was still giving me. I slipped off him and felt my insides empty as him and the vibe left me.

He said, “fuck I was so close, I’ve came so much tonight it’s hard to cum again”

I rolled to my side and pulled tori to me. She laid between me and Steve on her back. I said, “it won’t be hard in her tight pussy. Take it slow, feel how she grips you,fill her up”

Mike got on top missionary style and entered her. He slowly and passionately fucked her. He kissed her nipples as I kissed her neck and ears.

Tori said, “fuck he’s getting so hard, I feel him swelling in me”

I locked eyes with Steve and said, “he’s going to fill you up, squeeze his cock, milk him dry”

I saw her abs tighten and Steve started to groan. He was cumming deep in her. This time there was no jealousy. Just pure bliss watching his pleasure on his face.

He rolled to his side, pulling tori with him and never pulling out of her. Her back was against me and and I wrapped my arm around her and found the base of Steve’s cock. I squeezed his deflating dick to keep it hard. He continued to slowly to push in and out of her and I felt his cum starting to leak out around his cock. He eventually slipped out of her. By then my hand was covered with his cum and her sweet juices. I pulled my hand towards my mouth and tori grabbed it and started to clean my fingers and and said, “ your husbands cum is delicious” I said, “not as good as yours” I took my hand and tasted the familiar taste of Steve’s cum combined with Tori’s insanely sweet taste. I was in heaven. I put my arm around tori and again and my still slick fingers found her nipple and I gently rubbed my fingers over and around them and I felt them stiffen. Steve and her softly kissed and we drifted off to sleep together.