Free use is a kink of mine, and usually when he needs to cum I’m very happy to let him use any part of my body. But recently I was completely exhausted mentally and physically, so he asked if I was okay with him masturbating instead. That was fine with me, and as he laid in bed and started stroking himself I was sitting a bit away by the computer. Sometimes when he jerks off I participate in some way… I have made out with him and let him suck on my tits as he stroked himself, I have controlled a sex toy he was using remotely. This time however I decided to go for a classic and started sending him filthy pictures and videos of me that I could find on my phone.

I sent him pictures of my pussy and ass, teasing videos of my naked body, me absolutely covered in saliva from him facefucking me once, a video of me spitting over my own tits… Hearing the sounds of him stroking his cock to what I sent him, the moans whenever something new I sent popped up on his phone… Even though I wasn’t participating fully, I was still getting turned on in my chair. We were talking dirty to each other too, him telling me how much he loved my body and what he wanted to do with it… It was really fucking hot.

He had mentioned that he had been very needy for a blowjob, and a wicked idea formed in my head. I sent him a video of me… disheveled, lingerie barely on, covered in his cum. Past me had a wicked smile, and licked her lips to taste the cum off them. “… You are sadistic.” I heard from the bed. For some reason that made me so fucking wet, so I asked him “Babe… can I have your sperm?” There was only silence, and the sound of him stroking himself. “I really want to taste your cum in my mouth…” He laughed a little bit, and told me of course that was okay. Undressing quickly, I made my way to the bed and kneeled between his legs. He was already close before I had offered to let him finish in my mouth.

My hand started stroking the tip of him and I slowly lowered my head down towards his crotch, teasingly sticking my tongue out. His breathing got harder at the same time as his cock did in my hand. I breathed a little on his tip, before my tongue made contact and started to swirl around him. It wasn’t long before I took him into my mouth, at first moving lightly but soon going all the way down until my nose met his stomach. He was groaning at this point, begging me not to stop. I gripped the base of his cock and started stroking him at the same time as I was blowing him… giving him fiery eye contact all along. “Don’t stop… I’m close…” His cock twitched as he shot his load into me, and I made sure to really drain him by milking his cock with both my hand and mouth. By being able to read his body, I can draw out the orgasm for him and make it last until he is completely empty and stop before he gets too sensitive.

We cuddled a bit afterwards, and he kept saying how hot it was that I just came and took his cum. This made me so happy because I also loved doing that to him, and it honestly felt like a connecting ritual after a long week. During the following days, we kept coming back to each other for more, and I did the same thing a couple of times!