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Have you ever wondered why women make noise while having sex? If not here’s a new product just for you! Sex is a kind of intoxication in which both men and women get lost. In this case, they may not even know why a woman makes a sound during sex. But the sexy voice of women during sex enhances the fun of sex even more. And the man starts having sex by grabbing the woman more vigorously. At the same time, the woman’s voice is also an indication that now sex is about to reach its climax and the woman is about to get orgasm.

Why do women make noise during sex

When having sex, both men and women resort to foreplay to arouse. And then slowly trying any position of sex, the man puts the penis in the vagina of the woman, and the woman enjoys it and grabs the man by the thigh from behind. After that, as sex is about to reach its climax, both men and women are enjoying sex to the fullest. In such a case, shortly before the satisfaction, the woman starts making noises. But this sound does not spoil the fun of sex, but the two become more aroused and start having sex.

When does a woman make a sound while having sex?

Why do women have sex?
Why do women make noise while having sex?

Making a woman’s voice while having sex also makes sex more exciting. Let us know when a woman makes a sound while having sex.

During foreplay

During the foreplay, when the male partner flirts with the female limbs, many times the female makes ah, ouch sound. In such a case, the mind of the man does more to touch the female limbs well so that arousal is generated in it which can help in increasing the pleasure of sex.

While trying new position

Sometimes a woman may experience pain while trying a new sex position, but even if this happens, sometimes a woman can make a sound out of her mouth during sex. And if the woman enjoys it, it does not stop you from having sex even if you make a noise.

When satisfied

When a woman is about to reach the climax while enjoying sex well. So the woman starts making soft noises. In this case, the pleasure of sex increases and this makes both men and women more aroused. That is why if a woman makes a noise after a while while having sex, it means that she is enjoying sex well.

To increase the fun of sex

If a woman makes a noise or breathes fast while having sex, then the man likes it very much. And he enjoys sex well. In such cases, women often start making noises to increase the fun of female sex.

By the way, no one has been able to find out why women make noises during sex, but when some women were asked this question, they gave the same answer that we have given you above. So in this case, it is quite clear that a woman’s voice during sex to enjoy sex is a sign of better sex.