Information about intercourse, coitus is good or bad, coitus more than once, when to have intercourse, what to do during intercourse and what not to do, when to have intercourse, important information about intercourse and coitusAccording to Ayurveda, metal is power, power is life, power is youth. Lack of power is old age and destruction of power is death. No one can deny that polygamy destroys metal. We do not fall into any ideological controversy here, we just want to say that this action should always be within a boundary between men and women. Polygamy (having sex more than once a day) causes many physical problems, which are-
** Disadvantages: –
* Occurrence of gonorrhea,
Suffering from nightmares, premature ejaculation etc.
* Weakness of muscles and back pain,
Weakness in the brain and memory loss (memory)
* Dizziness, darkening in front of eyes, sight
Weakness, headache, loss of appetite,
Impaired digestion, weakened liver.
* Face withering, sunken inside of eyes, face
Loss of bones, loss of brightness of eyes,
Sadness, tired of doing everything.
* Weakness of stomach and kidneys, heart-
Muscle weakness, runny nose, cold, bladder
Weakness of etc.
*** Rati Kriya Rules ***

* Never have intercourse during the day, coitus
It should always be done at night only once.
If possible, give a ‘gap’ in this too.
* Intercourse from some time before sunrise to after sunrise i.e. in the external moment is harmful from the point of view of health.
* People who eat by 7 p.m.,
Except for those who have food
Have intercourse from 10-11 pm, intercourse at midnight
Doing the latter is beneficial.
* Do not drink milk just before going to bed, if you have to take milk
So take it one hour before going to bed.
* When the woman is menstruating, then
Do not have intercourse with her. Condoms etc. in these four days
Not even by planting. Doing so feasts many kinds of diseases
Have to give Unnatural intercourse is not appropriate under any circumstances,
Stay away from it.
* Many people consider intercourse to be merely a formality
Take this form and only ejaculate semen
Assuming we finish quickly. In fact in cohabitation
Haste is not the only thing that makes a man happy
Nor the satisfaction of woman. Therefore, before intercourse
From various activities and makeup juicy things
Awaken the woman’s ‘work’ or sex,
Only then can you find true bliss of cohabitation
Can also give complete satisfaction to the collaborator.
* Many people consider cohabitation to be necessary to this extent
Whether his colleague is cold or he is another
If they were going through a difficult situation, they would have intercourse
Are the same. If any of the spouses get angry, anxious, sad,
Going through any mental problem like disbelief etc.
If so, cohabitation is not appropriate. I.e. cohabitation
At the same time the ultimate bliss is when the husband-
May both the wife be completely happy.
* Of course using ‘asanas’ during intercourse
Enjoyable but difficult without qualified information
Performing asanas is absolutely safe
Can’t be said
* It is not advisable to drink water immediately after intercourse. Yes
Sweets or sweets at the end of intercourse, jaggery
Etc. should be eaten and some intermittent water intake
Doing so is extremely beneficial.
* Some people rub the penis with cold water at the end of intercourse
Believe in washing, it’s not okay. Dress the penis
It is okay to wipe well.
* It is harmful to get out of the air immediately after intercourse.
* From a woman over her age and under her age
It is better not to have intercourse. Similarly from one
The scripture also says to have intercourse with more women
Don’t give us
* Many people in Hawas mistakenly consider themselves weak
Are and therefore all sorts of nonsense
Advertisers start taking drugs. By doing so
Don’t lose your natural ability. When
You have to believe that there really is someone in you
If there is weakness then first consult a qualified doctor
And then treat accordingly.
* Many people use exotic oils etc. on the penis, it is not right to do so without complete information. Applying perfume on the penis is also harmful.