When and how does a girl get extreme pleasure during sex, how to find out if a woman has reached extreme happiness Get

If the man is not able to give extreme pleasure to the woman during sex, then due to this, the woman starts to have an aversion towards sex. Extreme pleasure means not only having sex with deep penetration, but also being satisfied by enjoying every moment of sex and getting better orgasm by getting the woman fully aroused during sex. And according to a research, while having sex once, a woman reaches orgasm after getting orgasm twenty times, so in order to reach orgasm, it is necessary to stay in bed for a long time and enjoy every moment of sex. Happens.

When does a girl get extreme pleasure during sex?

You may not believe it where it takes at least fifteen to twenty minutes for a man to get ready for sex again once he is free during sex, whereas for a woman to have sex twice and orgasm twice. Can find But it is not necessary for every woman to be satisfied in a way, because some women get extreme happiness after getting orgasm twenty times, some women get extreme happiness only after getting orgasm more than ten times.

Tips for bringing a woman to extreme happiness

When does a girl get extreme pleasure during sex?

If you want to make a woman reach orgasm during sex, then it is important to keep in mind a lot of things and tips, then let us tell you today how a woman can reach orgasm. .


The easiest way to reach orgasm is to get the woman aroused for sex as much as possible, and the more aroused a woman is, the sooner it helps her to reach orgasm. In this case, the man should enjoy the foreplay with the woman before sex and arouse her completely. During foreplay, make the woman feel the touch in her breasts, back, waist, neck, ears, etc. so that the woman is fully ready for sex.

Touch in vagina

The woman never says but vagina is the most aroused part of women and she always wants men to touch her, this makes the woman aroused in a pinch. And at the same time when a woman is aroused, she also gives you full support in sex, which can increase the pleasure towards sex. And the more fun you enjoy sex, the sooner you can reach orgasm.

Find the G-spot

G-spot is the part of a woman that is full of arousal, and as much as a woman is aroused during sex. Equally quickly it helps to reach extreme happiness. That is why a man should look for a woman’s G-spot, as if it could be an ear, a neck, a waist or even thighs.

Try the woman’s favorite sex position

Sex position can also help your woman to reach extreme pleasure, for this you should try the woman’s favorite sex position such as woman on top, doggy style etc. Women enjoy these positions a lot, and it helps a woman to reach orgasm quickly.

Stay in bed longer

Enjoy sex
Ways to enjoy sex

For better orgasm you should stay in bed with your partner for a long time, and enjoy sex, women enjoy staying in bed with their partner for a long time. And if you stay in your partner’s arms for a long time while enjoying it, then it definitely gives him extreme happiness.

Enjoy yourself

If you have sex as a chore or if you are having sex too fast then neither you can enjoy it, nor the woman because of which the woman cannot reach orgasm, and somewhere Sex is not fun either. In that case if you want to take a woman to extreme pleasure then you should enjoy it comfortably while not having any speed while having sex. Can

How to find out the woman has got extreme happiness

  • If a woman grabs a man by the back during sex, it means that the woman has reached orgasm.
  • If the woman lies down tired and breathes fast, it also indicates that the woman has become free.
  • Even if the woman stops reacting during sex, the woman reaches extreme pleasure.

So here are some tips to help you know when and how a woman achieves extreme happiness. Also if you take care of your partner’s desires then it helps your sex life to get better.