When you are attracted to the opposite sex during sex and have sex with your private part with your mouth then it is called oral sex, if you have oral sex before having sex the fun of sex is doubled, You also get close to each other through oral sex and enjoy the extremes of sex, many people do not like it, one of the reasons is not being clean, so you should always be clean,

Oral sex does not cause any disease. If both partners do not suffer from infection and both have consent, then oral sex may be a better option. About 1600 years ago, sage Vatsyayan said that it is a best practice to increase arousal. Even modern science does not consider it wrong. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

If anyone likes oral sex, take great care of cleanliness. Especially the hygiene of the private part. Swallowing semen during oral sex leads to obesity, this is also a misconception. If you take full care of hygiene then it does not cause any other harm.

Note: Be very careful of cleanliness in oral sex. The most important thing is not to put pressure on your partner for oral sex. Only if both of them want to move forward.

I hope you enjoy oral sex and have fun with your partner too. You are also requested to share your experience so that the confusion of the people can be broken and the sex partners can understand each other.