You can be saved from any kind of problem like unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases by using female condoms while having sexual relations. But most people only know about male condoms and people do not even know about female condoms. It has also been available in the market for years. Earlier women relied on men to avoid male-borne diseases and to avoid unwanted pregnancies, especially sex workers had more trouble.

But now women don’t have to worry about it at all because women can now avoid it by using female condoms. You can easily get it from any medical store. At the same time, it is like a male condom which gets inserted in a woman’s vagina. Many women may be wondering what is a female condom? How to use it? What precautions should be taken? So today we are going to answer these questions and tell you everything about female condoms.

It is also like a male condom, which is like a thin membrane, and is made of a pouch. It works exactly the way a male condom works. Its packet should be opened at the time it is to be used. It is then inserted into the woman’s vagina. And after using it, if a man and a woman form a relationship, then the private part of the man does not come in contact with the woman’s vagina.

Women have more trouble using condoms than male condoms. While using it, the woman should lift her legs upwards and put it in the vagina. And make sure you don’t twist the female condom anywhere. You can also use a lubricant to apply a condom. After that when the condom in the vagina is well adjusted then you can make a connection.

  • This helps to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
  • Having sex during periods does not increase the risk of infection.
  • Its use also helps in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It also acts as a lubricant during sex.

So if women are upset because their husbands do not use condoms, and because of that they face frequent unwanted pregnancies, or want to prevent infection from growing during periods, now you need men for it. There is no need to depend on. Because now you too can avoid these troubles by using condoms for yourself, and at the same time enjoy your sex life well.