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*New strain of COVID, I’m now a disgusting perverted vampire. I creep around a college campus, searching for the perfect girl to claim. Then force and feed on a college girl.*


I’m just trying to help with these disclaimers, so please read!

I don’t want to spring things on anyone. Back out now if any of this doesn’t sound like your kind of thing!

The POINT of my writing is to combine VIOLENCE, HORROR, and EXTREME TABOO themes, trying to creep myself out as I write. This whole story is told through the eyes of a VILLAIN. If you do not enjoy very dark themes, this is not for you!

This is a work of fiction. I do not condone any of the things I write about. All characters are 18+. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


-Death / Blood / Murder (I mean it’s a vampire, I’m going for it, but I keep it minimal)

-Creeping around (lots of this, sorry if it’s boring)

-Slow start, builds to BRUTAL ending

-Gross Sniffing/tasting (panties, armpits, sweat, bodily fluids, feet)

-Rape / Sadism / Violence

-all this to a BLACK girl in this one (remember he’s a villain and this is horror! the POINT is that it’s wrong)


The early morning air is crisp and chilly. Leaves crackle under my feet as I drag the fat man along the trail by his ankle, meeting back up with Victoria. The sun is just starting to rise, but the trees overhead give us cover, the fog in the air keeps the light nice and dim.

“Your biggest mistake was looking at my wife,” I casually tell the middle aged man as he groans, leaking a trail of blood behind him, his face grinding along the dirt and gravel. He had the audacity to stare at Victoria’s ass as we passed him and his wife on the path. We would’ve jumped them either way, but the extra pain I inflicted, well that was for the creepy look in his eyes.

“You understand your situation then, right? You’ll hide here until dark. Then you’ll turn yourself in, tell them how you’ve been biting people, killing people. Hiding their bodies out here. Any questions?” He groans, the silver chain necklace around his fat neck burning his skin. I didn’t even see it until he started yelling after I turned him. A happy little accident. But it’s kept him nice and weak for me.

I lick his blood off my lips. I bit my tongue, but it’s rapidly healing. His blood was strong and powerful. But damn was he nasty to bite into, I could hardly stand actually mixing my blood with such a slob.

He’ll burn up in the sun as soon as they take him outside. But by that time, he’ll have given his confession and all the locations of the bodies. We should be in the clear then. I’ve been careful to always clean up after I’m finished with a body. DNA shouldn’t be an issue. And if it is, well they’ll be chasing a man who supposedly died of COVID over a year ago.

Ahead, I finally see Victoria, hunched over and finishing up her first full feeding. Damn the guy’s wife ran fast. As soon as I jumped him, she was gone, leaving him to die. Humans are so pathetic.

Victoria looks so great. Tight black running hoodie with the hood up to block the rising sun. Sexy, dark gray yoga pants, slightly riding up her asscrack, her thick cheeks perfectly defined.

She stands up and faces me, grinning from ear to ear, fangs dripping, a slight trickle of blood leaking from her sweet lips, “Babe, that was incredible! I feel so alive. I can feel it in my veins.” The fat guy’s ugly middle aged wife lays dead on the path, sucked dry.

I reach Victoria and pull her head to me roughly by the front of her little hoodie. She sighs seductively and opens her mouth. I lick from her chin up to her lips, cleaning the trickle of warm blood.

“It’s done, my queen,” I tell her, motioning to the man left lying in agony on the ground. “Rick’s death won’t be a problem anymore. None of them will. We can focus on other things now.”

She looks down at the fat man in disgust. “I wish we wouldn’t have had to turn him though. It’s like he’s family now.”

“I know,” I pull her close to me, blatantly grabbing her ass within view of the man, his eyes filled with horror and pain. “But he won’t last long. He’ll serve his purpose and then expire. He’s got his commands. Come on, let’s go home.” She squirms beneath my touch, clearly resisting her urge to strip down and fuck right here in the woods. But I raise my hood and pull her along, leaving before it gets too sunny.

Over a year ago, I was different. A weak excuse for a man. A pervert who probably deserved to die from the pandemic. Most people that knew me would agree. But now I am reborn, powerful, a creature of the night. I claimed the beautiful woman I always dreamed about. My boss from my old office job. A sexy, black-haired mom in her mid 30s. Now, with her old husband fully out of the way, his wealth and his life are mine. I plan my kingdom. Prepare to collect more women. Each time I feed, I get a little bit stronger. Faster. More stealthy and dexterous. I’m driven by lust and perverse thoughts. I crave blood and pleasure. I need to defile innocence. Rape and plunder. And I have the perfect place in mind.


I walk alone, Victoria staying back at the house to be with the baby. I wipe my mouth and put my black cloth COVID mask back on. With my hood up as well, I walk around the campus anonymously. I walk away from the big dumpster, leaving the drained body hidden inside. No one goes back behind the music building there, so nothing to worry about. I look at the lanyard I took off him. An ID tag with his dumb face. A college ‘bro’. He looks similar enough to me, I guess. More importantly the tag has a fob with it that I can use to swipe my way into the dorm building he just came out of.

I adjust the drawstring backpack on my shoulders. Within is some duct tape and cleaning supplies I’m sure to need later. It also just gives me more of a student-like appearance. I look around as I make the short walk back to the guy’s dorm, the cold evening air fresh on my face, the sun setting safely below the horizon. It’s good to be back. Some of the best years of my old life were spent right here on this campus. I even worked in this same dorm for a while. I know the place like the back of my hand. And I still look young enough to fit right in.

My stomach is giddy with excitement. I look at every person I walk past, each one a potential victim. Every female could be the next member of my harem. Victoria longs for a daughter. We both do.

A skinny little Asian girl that came from the dorm ahead walks past me on the sidewalk without making eye contact. Not very attractive. Bangs cut straight across. Too skinny.

“You get a pass,” I say just loud enough as she walks by. She looks back at me and then walks faster, confused and terrified.

A slutty looking tan girl across the street walking by. I blatantly look her up and down. She makes eye contact and gives me a weird look. I would, but she’s headed in the wrong direction, doesn’t seem to live in this dorm, too difficult.

As I get closer to the dorm building, I start inspecting girls even more closely. If they live in this building, I can get to them at some point. My dick is half hard in my pants just looking at all the possibilities.

And every guy I walk past seems like a chump. Weaklings who have to strive endlessly just to get one girl to finally sleep with them. They work out all the time, they look cool, they act tough. But I could kill even the biggest, strongest dude with little effort. This is not how I used to walk around this campus.

I reach the doors to the dorm, big glass doors with a warm cozy glow coming from within. I swipe the fob and the lock clicks open. A cute black girl at the desk across the lobby looks up at me. Blue COVID mask on her face. Pushes up her little glasses, frowns at me, then just lowers her head again. It’s early enough in the night that they don’t start making people check in or anything yet. I can just walk in freely like I live here. And the added privacy of wearing my mask makes everything even easier.

I look the girl over as I walk past. She’s not ‘the one’, but I can’t ignore the twitch in my cock as I look at her. She’s kind of short, and a bit on the chubby side, but in a cute way. She has light, milk-chocolate skin, clearly mixed, not fully black. Nerdy glasses at odds with her more fashionable hair, which is buzzed down short on one side and swooped up and over like a Mohawk laying down on the other side. Poofy, well maintained fro-like hair.

She looks up again and says, “Do you need something? ” Such a normal question, but her tone, the utter vile in her voice leaves me at a loss for words for a second. The disdain and lack of courtesy toward the random stranger in front of her. I grin, hidden behind my mask. Oh, I’m definitely coming back for you.

“Not yet,” I shake my head and walk on, already glancing around for more girls.

I hear her whisper behind me as I leave, “The fuck does that mean, asshole?”

I continue inside, looking around the quiet lobby. My senses so acute, noticing each security camera within seconds, careful to always turn my face away. After tonight, cops will be all over this place trying to figure out who I was.

The half-circle lobby desk with the mean girl sits in the center toward the back wall of the lobby, with hallways on either side leading toward the dorm rooms and stairs and elevators. A third hallway across from the desk on the other side of the lobby opens up into larger rooms on this floor. Hangout areas, activity rooms, pool tables. Hearing people from that way, I start there.

I slink around quietly, careful to act like I live here, act like I belong. I walk past some people and barely get noticed. Apparently I look like a normal college kid. I was careful to wear some casual jogger pants, a sports team hoodie, and even flip flops. You can’t be too suspicious of a kid in flip flops. I can wear my hood up since plenty of guys do this time of year. And wearing a mask everywhere is normal during this pandemic.

There’s a group of people sitting around a table as I walk through. I notice a nerdy card game I used to play. I see a vending machine and slowly walk over, buying myself time to glance around. Mostly guys, but a few girls. Their girlfriends probably. A couple of them kind of cute. But nothing too exciting.

The next room over has a small group of people playing pool. Half of them girls. One catches my attention, her ass spilling out from her way-too-short shorts. Clearly wants attention, clearly thinks she’s hot. Nice tan, extreme amount of work done on her bleach-blonde hair. I stare for a second, then see her turn. Her face is a letdown. A girl that tries way too hard. Fake beauty.

The girl next to her is cute though. A thin brunette with shiny straight hair. But she seems shallow and slutty. Hearing her talk makes me lose brain cells. What’s the fun of sucking out someone’s soul, their innocence, if they don’t have those things to begins with? Girls like these aren’t worth keeping around, not worthy of being my daughters.

With all the time in the world, I go back to the lobby. The black bitch again. She doesn’t look this time, just leaned over looking at her phone instead of working. I stare the entire time I walk past her. Even from her seated position, I can tell she has a thick ass. Legs crossed. Bossy, mean look on her face. Center of her own little universe. Big gauged plugs in her earlobes. Her smooth skin looks delicious.

I notice a blind spot on one side of the desk. I keep it in mind for later, but I just lick my fangs behind my mask and take one more glance at her ass before continuing on for now.

I reach one of the hallways leading to the dorm rooms. I swipe my fob again, slipping in. The first floor seems boring, so I head up the stairs. One hall is boys, one hall is girls. I walk the girl side, peeking in an open door here and there. There’s a room with a moderately cute Hispanic girl doing homework. A room with a couple chicks sitting around talking. One of them pretty hot, a tall blonde with a sexy face I’d love to rough up. Another room with an athletic redhead watching TV, who glares at me as I glance in at her. I consider coming back and paying certain girls a visit, but I’m not sure any of them are quite worth it.

I feel like I’m shopping, looking for the perfect fruit at the grocery store. Imagine if they knew what I was doing, how I was judging every detail of their young bodies. Imagine if their parents, their fathers, knew how close their baby girls were to being violated by a sick monster right now.

I want to try them all out. But I need to commit to the right one before I make my move. I’d fuck any of these girls. But keep them as a member of my harem? The perfect daughter to bring home to my queen? Nah, none of these. Maybe I’ll come back for more sometime. But tonight I need to be selective.

Up to the third floor, I find a computer lab. Another door you have to scan into. Inside there’s a handful of people scattered around at different computers, all working quietly. I sit down and pretend to work for a while, glancing around at the people that slowly come and go. A cute Asian girl across the lab catches my attention. Actually maybe Hawaiian, Pacific Islander. Sweet face. Thin and soft-looking body.

I consider her for a bit. Imagining ripping her clothes off. Smelling and tasting her. Plunging into her and hearing her moan. But then I hear her answer her phone quietly, hear her voice. It’s just not quite right. She calmly talks to a friend about some homework, oblivious to the fact that she’s getting inspected like a piece of meat, that she’s so utterly close to being claimed, raped, abducted by a fiend sitting across the room. She’ll never know how close it was. I stand and leave.

I take my time walking the girl’s side of the third floor hall. It’s so peaceful and quiet, the memories from my past life coming back at the smell of pizza. I find a laundry room, shared by all the floors. I walk in. It’s empty, but quite a few machines are running. So I find a chair and pretend I’m just waiting on my clothes. There’s also a nice view down the hall from here. I sit and wait, watching people. Time’s on my side. I’ll let my victim find me.

People come and go, mostly ignoring me sitting here pretending to look at my phone. Then finally two girls walk in that really catch my attention. I hear the first girl before they even enter. A bit whiny, complaining about a teacher or something.

“…Like, I don’t even need to know that. Like, it’s fucking stupid…” I tune her out right away. She says ‘like’ too many times. Her S’s are a little too lispy. I hear the words ‘pronouns’, ‘privilege’, and ‘problematic’ all within a few sentences.

But she’s short and curvy. A very cute face, slightly pudgy cheeks that you just want to kiss. She wears lots of black makeup around the eyes, a bit attention-seeking, but still sexy. Her hair is brown, shoulder length. With streaks of blue. Not much, but probably rebellious enough to piss her parents off a bit, enough to make her look like a little rebel without too much actual commitment to walking the walk. She wears a casual blue t-shirt with the school name on it, baggy enough to hide the fact that she seems to have smaller tits for her size. Baggy enough to make it look like she has no pants on. But at second glance she wears cute little gray booty shorts with ‘PINK’ printed on the back. She walks around in her socks. Her legs are thick, almost chubby, her skin smooth and shiny and tan. Italian, if I had to guess. Her butt is big for her frame. I stare as she bends over to open the dryer door.

Someone passing by in the hall sees her and says, “Hey Abby!” She responds and starts chatting in the doorway, but I’m already tuning them out, forgetting her name. She’s just ‘Gabby’ in my mind now. I’m too absorbed in the second girl, the girl she originally walked in with.

Gabby’s friend, her roommate it seems, is petite and striking. The word that comes to mind immediately is ‘kitten’. Short like Gabby, but thinner and much cuter. She quietly, politely responds each time her annoying roommate talks to her. She’s shy, tries to be in the background as her roommate chats with the people in the hall. Her hair is light brown but fades down into a dirty blonde, swirling in waves, down about breast length, covering part of her chest. Her face is unique. Gorgeous, but somewhat baby-faced, girly and cute. Her cheekbones are high and model-like. Her eyes are upturned and striking, going to a sharp point at the tips, accentuated by her dark makeup. Elegant, cat-like features. Or ‘elven’, straight out of Lord of the Rings or something. Her skin has a bit of a tan, but still delicate. Kind of an Irish look to her. A girl that should have a sundress and a crown of flowers on. She wears a pink loose-fitting tank top that hangs low, clearly revealing the straps of her black bra beneath. Tasteful, not quite slutty. Her tits are small but sizable for her petite frame. She wears thin white lacy shorts, high-rise on her hips, revealing perfect slim legs, cupped around a surprisingly curvy ass. Also in her socks. Apparently that’s the thing to do.

The girls look so at-home, dressed-down and comfortable walking around doing their laundry. I found the perfect piece of fruit, my shopping finally finished. These girls have no idea what’s in store for them tonight. This will be the worst night of their lives. The annoying girl will not be lucky. Same with the desk girl downstairs. But tomorrow this ‘kitten’, whatever her name is, will have a new home, new parents, a life more pleasurable than she could ever hope for.

I let the girls make their way back to their room, following at a distance. I glance at the room number. 319. Then I continue back to the stairs. Time to go get their key.

Back down in the lobby, I move silently, staying off camera, staying out of sight around the corner of the front desk. I pause to listen. No one else is around. Only a soft tapping of fingernails on phone screen. Only the mean girl sitting there. She’s about fifteen feet away on the far end of the big half circle desk. Behind the desk is a wall with an open door leading to an empty admin room and offices.

I move to the blind spot I noticed earlier, hopping over the desk with ease, completely silent. I pause and glance around to make sure the lobby is still empty, that no one noticed me. I move right up behind the girl. She sits leaning back in her chair with her legs up on the desk. A laptop sits open to some work she should be doing. But she just sits there tapping on her phone with her long sparkly fingernails, replying to a comment on a picture of herself.

I lean over her head, inches away. She wears a baggy, thin cream-colored sweater, which slouches off one shoulder, showing her sexy bare skin. Clearly no bra. I can see down to her cleavage, her tits comfortably sagging in there. Her thick ass squishes outward under her, tight black yoga pants meant to show it all off. The pants stop at the knees, smooth bare legs down to bare feet, with sparkly painted toenails to match her fingers. None of this is work appropriate, but clearly she doesn’t care.

Her hair is interesting, buzzed short on one temple, poofy and swooped over on the other side. I get close to her neck, seeing her stretched earlobes up close. White plastic tunnels. You can see right through. Her glasses are nerdy, probably on purpose in some ironic way.

I breathe in silently, her fluffy hair and soft skin a half inch from my nose. And I’m assaulted by too much fragrance. Coffee, cocoa, she’s lathered in lotions and perfume.

I make the slightest cough. She hears, jumping in her seat and whipping her head around, “The fuc-”

But I pounce before she can finish. I clamp one hand over her blue mask, over her mouth to muffle the noise. My other hand getting a fistful of her spongy hair. I push forward on her with my whole weight, bending her forward in her chair hard, preventing her legs from coming down from where they lounge on top of the desk. I grip her hair painfully, pushing her head forward and down, exposing the back of her neck.

She lets out a muffled scream, starts to claw and thrash, but it’s too late. I sink my fangs down into her light chocolate skin. And she grunts stupidly, her scream wavering. I suck, the warm blood filling my mouth, her life essence gushing into me. Within seconds she goes quiet and groggy. My powers are becoming stronger each time I feed. I can render my prey helpless so quickly now.

With her in a weak, drug-like state, I let go of her mouth and pull her back again, her legs flopping down from the desk. I put her phone in my pocket after turning it off, and I lift her roughly by her hair and arm, dragging her toward the door behind the desk. I walk her inside, toss her onto the floor, and close the door. I notice just one camera. Keeping my face away from it, I grab a chair and go turn the camera toward the wall. Then I put the chair under the door handle where we came in.

“Just me and you for a little while,” I smile down at her as I remove my mask and hood.

She rolls over slowly, tries to get back up, looking around all dazed and confused, “What… who the fuck…” I watch her struggle, walking around her like a lion stalking its prey.

The room we’re in is a small admin room that’s used for various things. Mostly random office stuff like printers. Along one wall are mailboxes and master keys to every dorm in the building. Then along the back wall are a couple offices for managers. One of the doors is open.

I look back down at the girl, who’s on all fours trying to slowly crawl back to the door we came in. I crouch over her back, lightly sitting on her. Tauntingly pretending to ride her like a horse. I grip her hair again hard, wrenching her head around, my other hand reaching back and spanking her. She yelps and whines, half-conscious.

The feel of her thick ass on my hand is wonderful. So soft and pliable beneath her thin yoga pants. I grip an asscheek hard, squeezing her chunky flesh. Wow there’s a lot to grab. She isn’t that big of a girl. She’s on the shorter side, and she doesn’t look fat at all. Just slightly pudgy, mostly in her ass and tits. But this cheek, god it’s so juicy and pliable.

She groans as I grip her butt too hard. I let go in response. Then immediately spank down, as hard as I can. It stings my palm, a loud SLAP sound filling the room. Then again, really putting everything into it. I spank over and over, still yanking on her soft puffy hair as she squeals.

Not wanting her to make so much noise, I stop and go get some duct tape out of my backpack, returning to her quickly to wrap her mouth up tight. A few full wraps around the back of her head, covering her little blue COVID mask. She still makes a ton of muffled noise, but it’s quiet enough. I set the tape down and leave my bag on the floor, stripping out of my pants while I’m at it.

Then I reach down and grab her sweater in both hands. I quickly force it up her body. The cream-colored, thin fabric sliding up and revealing her smooth, chocolaty skin. Her back, her love handles, her thick tits. She wears nothing underneath, breasts hanging loosely. I keep pulling until the sweater is bunched up and inside-out up around her arms and head. She squirms around, still on her hands and knees, but lost in her sweater, too drained and disoriented to understand how to get free. That’ll keep her occupied.

I crouch down and run my hands across her smooth skin. Across her back, over the hump of her butt to feel those cheeks again through her yoga pants. A red thong sticks up above the waistband. Not just a thong, a g-string. I grab it and pull teasingly. She yelps and tries to roll away from me as I give her a wedgie. I pull up on it hard, using it as a handle to keep her where she is on her hands and knees.

Then with my other hand, I feel down the side of her chest, her tits hanging down freely, almost like udders. They sag a bit, not quite ideal. But they’re so squishy, overflowing around my fingers as I grab roughly. Her nipples are thick and dark. I squeeze and grope as hard as I please, her feelings meaning nothing. She’s just flesh. I play with my food.

I reach both hands to her ass, feeling those amazing orbs again. She bucks her hips and tries to get away, only managing to lay flat out on her stomach, face and arms still struggling with her sweater. She clenches her thick buttcheeks together as I massage them. I straddle her back to keep her in place, sitting on her lower back with her butt directly in front of me between my knees.

I slide my hand between her clenched cheeks, down the crack between her meaty thighs. My hand fully engulfed, feeling the warmth of her crotch. I grab a handful of the black yoga pants, thin material so delicate in my hand. Then I pull up hard. RIIIP! The pants give way, a large hole in the crotch. Revealing her entire ass. Revealing the thin strip of red panties disappearing between brown asscheeks. She squeals in terror again, muffled by the duct tape.

I can’t wait. Groaning, I slide back, sitting between her shoulders, and lay facedown, burying my nose into her cheeks. I kiss and lick, pushing hard into the squishy ass. She tastes a bit salty, already perspiring a bit. And she’s been sitting on this thing all day. I knead and squeeze her cheeks, pushing them together and rubbing my face around. She feels amazing.

I inhale, breathing her scent. More of her overwhelming cocoa and coffee fragrance, mixed with a sour sweatiness, and a musk of nasty asshole.

“Fuck you smell like shit. Don’t you wash yourself?” I exaggerate, enjoying her humiliation as she wiggles helplessly under me. It is a bit foul though. This girl puts all her effort into her appearance for fake little selfies online. Up close, she’s nothing great.

I smack her ass, watching it jiggle an inch from my face. She’s undeniably sexy, my dick hardening, but she’s not worth much of my time.

She squirms again, annoying. She’s not weakened enough. And her skin looks delicious. I can’t help myself, I thrust my mouth down on an asscheek, biting my fangs in deeply. She’s so warm and pillowy. I drain her, filling my body with her sweet life force, leaving her barely conscious.

I stand after a minute, and the girl is almost completely still, her breathing extremely shallow. I whip off the remainder of her sweater and pick her up under the armpits, dragging her to the open door of one of the offices nearby.

Inside is a typical office. Pictures on the wall, paperwork and a file cabinet. A nice wooden office desk, on it sits a computer and some random junk. A black mesh rolling chair next to it. I lift the girl into a sitting position on the desk. With a free hand, I swipe the entire desk clear of all the junk on it. Computer crashing to the floor, papers and pens and stuff clattering everywhere. I lay the girl on her back, with her legs dangling at the knees over the edge in front of me.

I sit in the chair with a sigh, admiring the sight before me. Bare feet with sparkly toenails. I roll up to her. She’s at the perfect height and those feet actually look really nice. She keeps them so clean and maintained, enough that she was perfectly comfortable sitting there barefoot at work, showing them off. So I lift her feet to my cock, wrap them around it, and start stroking up and down, while I inspect the rest of her.

Smooth light chocolate legs, thick with fragrant lotions that keep her looking almost moist. Her black yoga pants cover just below the knees, but are ripped completely open at the crotch. I see inner thighs clearly. And her ass smushes down on the desk, pressed outward under her. I continue to stroke her smooth feet up and down, my cock raging between them.

Her red g-string is barely clothing. Girls say these are to prevent panty-lines. But this girl takes it a step further. The red string is pulled up into her asscrack, her dark brown asshole not even completely covered. A bit of the sides of her pussy even peek out from the slutty garment. My cock pulses between her feet. She kicks at me ever so slightly, barely awake, barely able to move. I let the feet drop so I can use my hands elsewhere.

I grab her red panties and pull them up, giving her a front wedgie, parting her puffy outer lips and driving the thin fabric up into her slit. I pull up painfully far. The girl barely reacts. Her pussy is completely hairless. Immaculately maintained. Even her asshole below, spotless. But her skin, around the pubic mound and the outer lips, is dark and blotchy. Just the slightest blemishes, little flaws that make her look dirty and lewd. She tries so hard to look sexy, but the deeper you look at this girl, the more of a fake whore you find.

I roughly push her legs open wider and roll my chair forward closer, casually as if scooting in and preparing for a feast on a dinner table. I can smell her cunt already just from getting this close, just from pulling her panties up her slit. It’s a strong musk, the unmistakable smell of pussy. Not exactly bad, but a bit of a slap in the face. My cock twitches and swells beneath the desk nonetheless.

I pull her panties aside to reveal her inner labia. Dark brown, protruding, thick lips. Almost raw and beat-up looking, like roast beef. I smile and run my hand up her stomach as I take my time inspecting every private inch of her body against her will. All the parts she doesn’t show in those selfies. Her belly has a tiny bit of flab, not exactly fat, but something to play with. I grab a handful of it, my other hand doing the same with her soft inner thigh.

I slide my hands down to her pussy and spread her thick lips. Between the dark brown folds, her insides are a bright pink. So moist and smooth, so different than the skin on the outside. A soft sticky sound as I pry her open. She’s always just a bit wet it seems.

I dive in face first. Her thick inner labia is soft and delicious. I lick through the folds, sucking and tugging on them aggressively with my lips and teeth. I waste no time, not warming up to it, not doing this for her. Pulling and pinching at her puffy outer lips with my fingers, I drive my tongue deep into her hole. She’s sour, her juices sticky and viscous. I inhale, my nose pressed into her clit and mound. She has a feminine musk, erotic but tinged with a sour, sweaty pungency. I wrinkle my nose and back off her, spreading her wide and examining her cunt. So sticky and pink, the whore’s just always ready for a cock to slide in, aroused or not.

I plunge two fingers in, digging around, ignoring her moan of pain, her leg kicking out a bit next to me. She’s deep, and a bit loose for her size. I pump in and out forcefully, a sticky squelching sound fills the room. And her scent just keeps wafting up at me. I watch her asshole below my hands, the nasty wrinkled skin is so dark and crude. Not wanting to turn myself off, I ignore it. Ignore her slightly sweaty taint too.

She already seems slick and warmed up, just from me playing around. Even getting violated like this, her body is practically begging for it. So used to these feelings, subconsciously inviting yet another cock in. A slut built only for sex.

I pull my fingers out and stand up, my cock throbbing. I lean forward over her body, casually wiping my wet fingers across her face and hair like she’s just a napkin. Then I stand upright and grab my cock. Without warning, I shove it full force into her cunt. She moans and shakes her head back and forth, her hands groggily reaching out to stop me. But she can barely move, she just slowly wriggles around.

The warm feeling of plunging in washes over me. I sigh and take in the tight feeling, my cock pulsing within her. She quickly starts to loosen and adapt to me, her pussy so used to sex. I grab her under her thick hips and slide her toward me, hanging her round asscheeks off the edge of the desk a bit.

Still holding her thighs for leverage, I start pulling her into my thrusts, my hips slamming forward repeatedly. There’s no sense taking things slow, I skip right to the pounding. Her head rolls around in pain, her arms stupidly grasping but unable to do much. Our flesh slaps together with ferocity, my balls smacking into her ass, my cock bottoming out inside her and still not quite reaching her full depth.

I reach up and smack her stupid hands out of the way so I can grab her tits. She’s so thick. I just can’t get over how curvy a smaller girl can be, her breasts spilling out between my fingers as I squeeze as hard as I can. She moans and drunkenly grabs at my hands, to no avail.

I push her tits together and lean down to suck on her dark nipples. Her little nubs are thick and puffy to match the rest of her. The areolas such a dark color. I lick and suck at them, back and forth, then push my face between the tits and rub around. More of her whorish scent, too much attention-seeking fragrance. She might have actually sprayed something on these breasts. She put perfume on her tits and went to work with no bra. She practically asked to be treated like this.

I lick between her tits, then up her chest and neck. Then across to her armpit. She wriggles and writhes weakly, but I just grab her arms and raise them effortlessly. A slight sheen of sweat coats her skin as I continue humping into her sloppy hole, shaking and jiggling her whole body nicely.

She’s perfectly shaven under her arms, smooth and well-maintained. But her armpits have a slight darkness to them, blotchy, little imperfections, small creases. I lean down and shove my face in. She sobs and whimpers into her tape. With a tit in one hand and her arm pinned up above her head with my other, I inhale and rub around the humiliating spot. I smell deodorant, but it’s almost completely worn off. Mostly sweat, a stench, she’s dirty and flawed. My cock stays hard, but it’s almost a turnoff.

I stand upright again, slapping at her tits hard, punishing her for assaulting my nose. She moans and tries to cover up, tries to stop me. Her wet pussy makes lewd SPLICK SPLICK SPLICK sounds as I pound her hard. She’s not quite tight enough. Let’s change things up. I let my cock fall out of her with a wet sound, a string of precum dripping down to the carpet.

I reach both hands forward and grab her ears. She has tunnels in her stretched earlobes. I stick a finger in each, hooking and holding tight. She yelps and tries to stop me. I pull by these alone to get her entire body into a sitting position on the desk, almost ripping her ears in the process. She squeals, but it gets her to put effort into lifting her body for me. Sometimes these lazy bitches need some good incentive to put in some effort.

I let go and she sits on the desk staring at me with teary, unfocused eyes. Breathing heavily, she gives me a pleading look. Mumbles something beneath her tape, begging me to stop, hoping I’m done with her. I just smile and step back.

“Hop down. Face that way.” She just sobs and shakes her head. I step forward and slap her full in the face, then the tit, watching it bounce and jiggle. She yelps and covers up, but a moment later starts reluctantly stepping down from the desk and turning around. She can hardly stand, almost falling over.

Once she faces the desk, I grab her poofy hair and shove her head down. Her whole torso lays down flat on the desk, her tits splaying out under her, her ass bent over right in front of me. I rip more of her black yoga pants out of the way, the fabric hanging on by mere strips now. I grab her asscheeks with both hands, feeling the substantial meat, squishing them. Her skin is a bit damp, a bit glossy. I lean down and lick her sweaty asscheek. God it’s disgusting, but I love it.

I grab my cock and thrust in without warning again. She makes a noise of surprise but then just takes it as I start hammering full-blast. Her butt jiggles so nicely, rippling and bouncing. Slapping sounds fill the room. I spread her cheeks and stare at that nasty asshole as I pound into her cunt. I reach forward and hook her earlobes again, using them as handles. She squeals and grabs my hands as I lift her head up and pull her into me with every thrust, pounding her violently.

I’m close. And why wait? I have better girls waiting for me upstairs. I growl deeply as I pummel her as hard as I can, racing to the finish. She lets out a continuous shriek, horrified and pained. But her whore pussy betrays her, wet and sopping, trained to love this even when she’s getting raped from behind by a stranger.

The scent of sweat and pussy is filling the room, and I tire of this girl. Tire of her smells and voice and loose cunt. My thirst grows strong. I can’t wait any more.

About to burst, I pull out of her pussy and put my cock between her asscheeks, grabbing them with both hands and squeezing together. I hump and slide along her crack, watching her round ass jiggle.

I grunt and erupt like an animal. A wave of fire washing over me, consuming my mind as I ejaculate across the girl’s ass. I shoot a glob straight up her back, painting her dark skin, the white complimenting her complexion perfectly. Almost like it’s meant for this. Another jet shoots further, between her shoulder blades. Pulse after pulse of creamy jizz smears across her skin. It drips down her hip, pools in her lower back.

I stand there with my dick on her crack for a minute, both of us breathing heavily. I admire the wreck of a body before me as I slap my softening cock up and down on her cheeks. Letting the last drops ooze out onto her chocolaty skin. She looks like a grotesque glazed donut. So disgusting, so delicious.

But I’ve wasted enough time on this meal. I grab her by the hair and pull her up as she whimpers annoyingly. She stands with her back to me, my cum dripping off her brown asscheeks. I hug her closely from behind, and I plunge my fangs into her soft neck.


A little while later, I sit in the computer lab upstairs again. It’s the perfect place to wait. Maybe I’ll start around 3 AM, just to make sure most people are asleep. I’m fully clothed again. Hood up, mask on, backpack sits on the floor next to me. I adjust my crotch, still wet from the desk girl.

I suck the last of her blood from my teeth. Power surging in my veins, energized after my feast. I spin the master key to room 319 between my fingers. It’s a lockout key, in case the girls lose theirs and can’t get into their room. I found it on the wall in the admin room downstairs. It had the names Abby and Eva labeled below it.

I smile behind my mask. So the little kitten’s name is Eva…


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