Lets get some things out of the way. I’m new to all of this, and thus won’t respond to requests for pics. If you want to chat, try and be witty, don’t just send a picture of your dick. I don’t *need* my inbox clogged with videos of big, throbbing hard cocks… (but if you happen to have one, don’t be a stranger)

So, some interesting things came to light recently after some investigation. The 1st was that I found out why Danny was evicted from his last place after I was on the phone with his mom for like 2 hours and a bottle of wine. Apparently the last few months he was making “alternative payments” in lieu of actual rent money, and by “*alternative payments*”, his mom meant that apparently the husband came home and caught his wife riding Danny in their bed. Apparently he threatened to evict him for “lack of payment” or something, but his mom called me and moved him into my guest house before they could to avoid him having an eviction on his record.

I then made the drunken mistake of telling his mom about the plumbing problem we had recently, and how I saw him naked, I even made a joke about that poor husband and how sex with his wife it going to be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway. She called me disgusting, then said she knew it’d be a problem. Apparently in high school word got out about his “*blessing*”, to the point he got beat up by the star of the basketball team for sleeping with “his girl”, the incident lead to him not being able to play, and people blamed Danny for them not going to state.

After this pertinent background information, I had a revelation. My ex had installed a very good security system, cameras and all, before he decided to throw our marriage away to knock up his secretary. Nothing inside anywhere, just on the outside of the house, including the backyard. I pulled up video from the other night and saw Danny and the girl he brought back, a gorgeous young thing (as gorgeous as someone can be on a tiny camera), along with her leaving the following morning carrying her shoes. I then realized that there could be a backlog of clips of people arriving & leaving from back there. Over the 90 days of backlog it had saved, there were 37 instances of women going back at night and leaving the following morning. Some were repeats, there was even once where there were 2 girls that went back one night, leaving giggling their asses off the next morning.

I then saw something shocking…one of my friends, Bree, walking out of my guest house one morning, hair a mess, holding her heels. Bree is also a recent divorcee, her husband thought she was putting too much into her work, and she realized he was a controlling asshole & a leech. Discovering her in one of these videos was shocking for a few reasons, the main one being that she knew where I lived, she’s slept over when she was too drunk multiple times. The other is that she had been going on lately about having found time for seeing new people, and had been talking about her sex life a lot. She went on about how she felt alive again, how her ex never made her feel like she did with her new “lovers”, never once mentioning that one of them **was in my guesthouse**.

I didn’t want to reveal why I was checking my cameras, so I just texted her

>”Hey girl, I thought I had raccoons or something digging up my lawn, so I was just checking my backyard cameras, we need to talk about something…
>…that something being how you’re a ho…

If she replies soon, I’ll update you guys

**Edit**: So, she replied back that she was embarrassed, and wants to meet up for drinks. She also asked me how I’m able to walk straight with *that* living so close, so she thinks he’s my boytoy. Not gonna tell her I’m thinking about it…