suhagrat picture::: How to make honeymoon memorable? :::

Honeymoon is an important moment of life. Everyone wants to make it memorable. But while the newlyweds are eagerly awaiting this moment, they are also in some tension. They worry about whether they will be able to satisfy their partner sexually. Any mistake made in a hurry tonight can force you to bow in front of your partner.

i) Fear is forbidden: It often happens that newlyweds do not have much knowledge about sex.Would have Men are worried about premature ejaculation, while women are worried about the pain that occurs during sex. Due to this fear, the two are not able to have a proper physical relationship and their beautiful dreams of honeymoon are turned upside down. So let go of tension and fear and try to immerse yourself in each other completely.

ii) Foreplay session is very important: tie one knot that no man is a master sex performer. So try to get to know each other first and pay more attention to foreplay. If for some reason you can’t make your partner sexually happy in the first place, don’t worry. Try again, this time concentrate more on foreplay.

iii) Avoid experimentation: You are having sex with your partner for the first time, so avoid being overexcited. You should adopt the same posture for sex which is convenient for both. Later you can do new experiments and adopt different postures for sex.

iv) Every night is honeymoon: Suppose honeymoon comes once in the night of reunion and life. But honeymoon is not the only chance to have sex with your partner. Honeymoon is the night of the beginning of sexual relations. As time goes on you will get to know your partner better and understand his sexual need. So every night is as special as honeymoon. Get rid of the tension in your mind about sex and have sex with your partner without stress.

v) What to wear: In the old days, on the occasion of honeymoon, the bride used to wear traditional dress and the husband would start the relationship by lifting the veil. But nowadays brides like to wear sexy dresses in honeymoon. But the charm that is in the traditional dress is not in the sexy gown or lingerie. So traditional dress will be perfect for this occasion, but make sure it is sexy.

vi) Gifts are important: Gifts also make the honeymoon memorable. It has been a tradition to give gifts while lifting the veil. So you also give gifts, but it should be a little different. You can give gifts like romantic honeymoon packages, sexy dresses and glamorous outfits.