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Sex is a moment when couples feel close to each other the most. Because by having sex only two bodies do not come close to each other, but at that time those two bodies become like one soul. Every couple thinks about how to make her better and more fun while having sex. Because if the right and good sex position is used while having sex, then the fun of sex can be doubled. But if you use any sex position during sex, it is important that both the partners feel comfortable in it.

Because the wrong sex position can ruin the fun of your sex. Many people are not able to enjoy it well by having sex in the same way, nor is there any thrill left in their sex life. And they want to add some flair to the way they have sex. So today we will show you which best and comfortable sex positions you can use during sex to add spice to your sex life and make it even more sexy and fun. In addition to doubling the fun of your sex, we are going to tell you about how it can be made the best.

What are the best positions for sex?

Sex can not only be done in one way, but you can make the sex life exciting by doing different sex positions with your partner during sex. And doing so increases your interest in sex life, and at the same time increases the love between you and your partner, and also makes your sex life dawn. So let us know which are the best sex positions you can use during sex.

The woman is above the man

This sex position is used by couples when having too much sex. In this position, first the man lies on his back, and then the woman lies on top of him, in which case the man plays well with the woman’s limbs. And after that, even while lying down, he enjoys sex very well by inserting his private part in the vagina of the woman. At the same time women also enjoy this sex position, and it is also called the basic position of sex.

Lap sex position

This sex position is one in which the woman sits on the lap of the man. And only by sitting on his lap do they enjoy sex. In this sex position, the woman can sit facing the man, or she can sit with her back. Either way it helps to make sex fun.

Front sex position

The sex position used by most people to have sex is the front sex position. In this sex position, the woman lies on her back, and the man lies on top of the woman. And then lying down, the man puts his private part in the woman’s vagina, and after that both enjoy sex to the fullest. To enjoy this position more, women can put their feet on the man’s shoulder if they want.

Doggy sex position

This is a sex position that women enjoy more than men, and it does not cause much fatigue. In this position, the woman leans forward with the help of her hands, like a doggie. And then the man stands on his knees and puts his private part in the woman’s vagina like a back. And after that enjoy sex, this sex position is comfortable as well as fun. That is why most couples try this position while having sex.

Spoon sex position

This sex position is also called 66 sex position, in this sex position the woman is completely close to the man. And it is as if two spoons are in each other in which the woman is in front and the man is behind, and the back of the woman is towards the man. And after that they slowly enjoy sex. This sex position is not only easy but also very comfortable, by using it you can enjoy sex in a better way.

Magic Mountain

The better the name, the better the sex position. In this sex position, the woman stands with her hands on the bed, and the man stands back and has sex. This is also a sex position that both men and women enjoy very well. At the same time, it does not make you very tired.

Men sitting on chairs

In this position the man sits on a comfortable chair, and after that the woman also sits on his lap. And after that they have sex sitting on the chair, this is also a new and different sex position. Using which women and men can enjoy sex.

Table sex

This is a sex position that if you do it while having sex you can spend a long time with your partner. In this sex position, make the female partner lie down on the bed or table, and let the female legs hang down. After that, holding the woman’s tango, the man inserts his private part into the woman’s vagina, you can also place the woman’s tango on his shoulder, and then move. By using this sex position, you can spend a long time in bed with your partner as well as enjoy sex.

Put pillows under the woman

This position is similar to the basic position, but in this position three or four pillows are placed under the woman’s butt. This makes the man neither fully erect nor fully seated, but the man has sex with the woman while standing on the bed standing on his knees. By doing this, both men and women can enjoy sex to the fullest.

Keep these things in mind while trying the sex position

  • Whatever position you try for sex, make sure that it is correct. Because where better sex position can make your sex fun. On the other hand, bad sex position can spoil the fun of your sex.
  • Be sure to prepare your partner for any new sex position before trying it.
  • Not only take care of the sex position but also create an environment to enjoy the first sex by resorting to foreplay.
  • If your partner does not feel comfortable while trying the sex position, you should not force it. Because if your partner does not support you while having sex. So because of this you also cannot enjoy sex to the fullest.
  • When having sex, try any sex position but keep in mind that you and your partner can be satisfied after having sex.
  • And you should also know that not only men have the best sex position, but also women have the best sex position. That is why while having sex, both of them must ask each other’s desires.

So these are some of the best sex positions to make sex fun and great, and you too if you always want to keep your sex life always young. So you too must try new positions for sex together with your partner. Also if you want to keep your sex life always young then you must have sex four to five times a week.