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Women never openly express their desire for sex, but if you arouse the woman for sex. As if touching their g-spot, kissing, teasing their breasts, watching porn with them, resorting to foreplay etc., then women slowly start getting aroused for sex. So that you both can enjoy sex to the fullest. But men do not understand what a woman wants to do while having sex. Or when a woman wants to have sex, when not? So you don’t have to worry about that at all.

Because when a woman feels like having sex, she tries to come to you, presses her toes with her foot, and caresses her hair, etc. She gives gestures that she wants to have sex. Or even if they don’t feel like having sex, you can prepare them for sex because it is very easy to prepare women for sex. Like touching those parts of the woman from where the woman feels tingling and they shrink in your arms. But you should also know what a woman wants during sex and what she wants from her partner.

What women want during sex

Physical intimacy is very special for women because they feel most special in the arms of their partner. And for women, physical contact helps them to be emotionally close to their partner. And while having sex, women want men to not only think about their vagina while having sex but also do something special to make them feel entertained in bed. So let us now know in detail what women want from men during sex.

Men cast spells on their G-spot


Women like it a lot if a man touches their G-spot, kisses her. G-spot means, where the woman gets aroused only by touching, so men should know the G-spot of women. If men want to give a special feeling to women in sex, then men must make their own feeling on the woman’s G-spot. G-spot can be a woman’s ear and neck, back and lips.

Undressed men

During sex, a woman wants to be completely close to the man and there should be no gap between them, not even clothes. So that he can feel the warmth of her body with his partner. And women want men to gently undress, gently touch their limbs, and kiss during sex, and then wrap them in their arms to make them have a special experience of sex.

Give a special feeling to the vagina

The vagina is the most important part of a woman during sex but women only do not want men to insert their penis only into the vagina. Rather, women want a special feeling of male touch on vagina so that sex can be taken to the extreme by stimulating them. In this case, men should touch their tongues with their lips in the vagina of women, use their hands, women like to do this very much, and during sex woman always wants men to do this with them.


Women love foreplay during sex because sex is not a job, but it is a special moment in life in which both men and women want a special experience every day. In this case, the woman wants the man to do foreplay in between during sex. Because when a man touches a woman’s limbs, women enjoy doing it a lot. And all women desire foreplay with their partner during sex.

Have sex openly

Sex is not fun unless it is done openly, no matter how gentle women are. But during sex, they like men to be tough. In this case, if men want women to enjoy sex to the fullest, then for this, the woman should have open sex without being afraid of the pain. Women do not say this openly but they like it when men start dominating them during sex.

Try new sex positions

Women get bored by having sex in the same way, that is why they always want their partner to bring novelty during sex. Try a new position for sex, in which sometimes the woman is up, sometimes have sex while sitting on a chair, sometimes standing against the wall, sometimes have doggy style sex, women also like to have sex in the shower. In this case, if you want to make sex fun, you can have sex by asking the woman’s favorite position, this will allow both the woman and you to enjoy sex openly.

Stimulate the breasts

Sex Tips

Breasts are one of the sexiest parts of women, breasts also play an important role while having sex. Women want men to touch their chests with their lips and tongue during sex, keep sucking them. Doing so produces a lot of arousal in women. And the woman enjoys the sex by holding the man tightly, and the men also enjoy this moment very much. And even if the woman does not say during sex, the man must use these tips with women to create sensation in the woman.

Have fun masturbating

Women also enjoy taking a man’s penis in their hands, so a man must make a woman a partner and sometimes try to masturbate during sex. If you wish, you can go a little further instead of taking it in hand during masturbation, because for women it acts as an intoxicant which women enjoy a lot during sex.

Do something different while having sex

The desire to do something different during sex is not only for men but also for women. In this case, women want that if a man inserts his penis into the anus instead of the vagina, then he gets a new experience of sex. That is why not daily but sometimes this method of sex should also be tried. And lubricant must be used while trying this sex position.

Give love bite

During sex, the woman always wants the man to give the sign of his love to the woman, so the man should give love bite to the woman. It does not hurt but women feel your love for it. So in your sex life, there is always love and addiction for sex.

So these are some of the special moments that happen during sex that a woman wants from a man. And if men want to enjoy sex to the fullest, then they should take care of the woman to make her feel happy. And a woman should be aroused by using these tips, which can double the fun of sexual intercourse by making sex even more fun.