Thanks to all for the comments on my previous two stories. Seems like a lot of you are really into the story. This next one is just another encounter I had with the waitress, Amanda from my work. If you like it and want to hear how we initially started hooking up just check out my profile.

I really figured the last time we were together would be the last. I hoped not but Amanda made it seem clear that she didn’t want it to be a regular thing and I could tell she felt a little bad about sneaking around. That being said she was still pretty flirty when we were at work. Just smiling at me extra big, brushing up against me, she’d tap my ass or touch my arm when she walked through the kitchen if no one was able to see.

We still were texting kinda regularly and I made it known that I’d really like to meet again. “I really want to too, but we really shouldn’t” she’d say. One night we were working and it was quiet in the dining room so we had some extra time to spend together in the kitchen. Towards the end of the night she was in the kitchen polishing wine glasses at the end of the night. I was there waiting alone for the front of the house crew to finish as we were done cleaning up the kitchen. The other server was in the dining room doing something and I needed to wait for both of them to finish in order to close.

Amanda and I were talking about something innocuous, something that had to do with with work that night or whatever. Out of nowhere she says “can you come over in the morning?” “Huh?” I said. “What happened to never meeting up again?” I asked. “I knowwwww, I can’t help it though I really want to bad. I miss you.” “Isn’t he going to be home?” I asked, referring to her boyfriend. “He has a meeting and needs to go into the office tomorrow. He’ll be gone from like 8 to 12” she replied. “Ok yeah sure” I said. At that moment the other server came in to kitchen and said she was finished. Our conversation ended at that point. They both left and I closed up the restaurant and went home.

I was really excited and it was all I could think about that night. My cock was hard just thinking about being with her again. I thought about jerking off but decided I’d edge myself a little and wait till I was with her to relieve my aching balls. I texted her, I wanted to keep it short cause I knew she was with her dude. “What time?” was all I said. I was really worried she would have changed her mind by that point. Five minutes passed with no response. Then ten, fifteen, twenty. Fuck I thought to myself. It’s not gonna happen. About a half hour later I get a response. “8:15, just text when you’re outside to make sure he’s gone”. Fuck yes I thought to myself. As soon as her text came through my heart raced, I had butterflies in my stomach and felt my cock swell and tingle.

I felt like a barely slept that night even though I was exhausted from work. That morning I got up and showered. It was like eight and she only lived like ten minutes away so I got in my car and drove over. I parked a little bit up the block from her place and texted her “here” was all I said. “Hold on” she replied. “He’s running late, bout to leave, text me in five” she replied. I looked at the clock and noted the time while keeping my eyes on the front door. About three minutes later I see her front door open and what I’m assuming her boyfriend walk out. I duck down in my seat a little and he thankfully walked the other. I see him get in his car and take off. It felt like my heart was in my throat when I got a text from her “all good, just come in, I’m in the bedroom.”

I get out and walk up to her door. It felt strange letting myself in but I just opened the door and walked in. “Hello”. “Back here” I heard her call from the back of her place. I walk through the hallway and make my way to what I think must be the bedroom. I don’t even knock I just go in and sure enough she’s there under the covers smiling at me. I smiled huge at her as I scanned the room. The bed was pretty big and I could see her dudes stuff everywhere which was kinda weird. She was almost totally under the covers but her arms and chest were partly exposed and it looked like she didn’t have a shirt on. “Get unstressed and come cuddle with me” Amanda said.

She didn’t have to ask me twice. I pulled off my shirt, and untied my shoes. I undid my belt and dropped my jeans. I had a huge tent pole in my boxers. I couldn’t help it. My cock felt incredibly hard and my balls felt swollen with cum. I was literally aching to be inside her again. I eased my boxers over my erection and slid my boxers off. The whole time she was watching me closely and smiling. I saw her eyes staring at my cock when it sprung forward as I removed my boxers.

I stepped towards the bed and she pulled the covers away and off her body with one hand. “I sleep naked” she said. “I see that” I laughed. She was totally naked and looked amazing as usual. Her big tits were spread apart towards the sides of her torso and her nipples were erect. She had one hand between her legs touching herself and said “I’m already soaking wet” and let out a little laugh. I crawled into her bed and got up close to her. I laid on my side and grabbed her tits and pinched nipples and kissed her really deep.

“Fuck I need you so bad” she said. “I need you too” I replied. I knew I was laying in the same spot her boyfriend must have been shortly before. Something about it being wrong made it that much hotter to me. I felt bad and sneaky and that we shared this dirty little secret together. I reached between her legs and felt her pussy. I was def ready and I slipped two fingers in with ease. She kissed me deeper and I slid them all the way in. I felt her pussy clench onto them and they felt surrounded by the warm soft walls of her pussy.

I fingered her for a bit and eventually slid in another finger. I had to squeeze them through her tight hole and she gasped as I pushed them in. She gripped onto me harder and we kissed more. I slid them out after a minute and brought them up to my mouth. I stared at her as I sucked her juices off each of my fingers one my one. “Can I lick it?” I said to her. “Yeah please” she replied. I pulled the covers off us and made my way down, pausing to suck both nipples on the way. I kissed her chest and stomach and face got to her pussy. I put my hands under her knees and pushed them up pretty far towards her head. Her pussy and ass lifted a little and both her holes were exposed and right in my face for easy access.

I kissed her inner thighs. I probably could have teased her a little more but I literally could not wait to get my tongue into her slit. I put my mouth against her lips and licked up the length of them. I went from the little bit between her pussy and asshole, ran my tongue between her lips passing it over her pussy hole and up to her clit. All in one motion. I breathed in deep through my nose so I could smell her. I’m really bad at this but I don’t have the words to describe the smell of her pussy.

It was the same as last time like not fresh out of the shower smelling like soap. But sort of musty in the absolute best way possible. A real womanly smell. Nothing bad in the least. Just an all natural beautiful pussy smell that I couldn’t get enough of and made me want to put my tongue as deep inside her as possible. Which is what I did. I buried my mouth into her so lips pressed against the sides of my face. My tongue snaked into her hole and I licked at the sides of her insides. Her juices tasted sweet but salty at the same time and I lapped it up like I was dying from thirst. I sucked her lips one by one and made sure to tongue every nook and cranny of her wet cunt. I flicked her clit and sucked it and bit it oh so gently.

She was moaning and groaning and eventually almost screaming. She grabbed the hair on my head and pushed it into her snatch as she ground it into my face up and down. Her clit went from my mouth and tongue all the way up to my nose as I felt her start to cum. She started shaking almost violently. I just kept my tongue out and moving and sucked gently. She bucked and I felt her pussy squeeze hard. It almost felt like the inside of her pussy squeezed out a little and could barely get my tongue into her hole at that point it was so tight. She finished and I felt her body collapse into the mattress and heard her slowly start to regain her breath. She looked down at me and my face covered in juices and laughed a little and said “holy fuck that was so fucking incredible.” She said and I just smiled. “Get up here”. I crawled up her body and kissed her with my pussy juice face.

We tongue kissed deep and she reached down and grabbed my cock and guided it directly into her hole. There was nothing slow and no teasing I just pushed it all way in using one stroke. She was so wet and creamy there was no resistance, her cunt just swallowed up my cock instantly. After about one minute I thought to myself oh fuck I already need to cum. I usually last a while but I was so hype to get there and fuck her and eating her pussy had me so hard I realized that it was a lost cause and I wasn’t gonna be able to hold out. “Fuck I’m sorry I already have to cum.”

“It’s fine babe” she said. “We can just go again, we have a few hours.” That was kind of a relief to hear because I was a little embarrassed about being so quick. I literally couldn’t fucking help it. “Just cum baby”. This time I didn’t ask her where cause I just assumed I’d be nutting in her pussy since that was the case the last two times. I knew it was her favorite from our late night sexting sessions. I just let go and stopped trying to control it. Her pussy was so warm and slippery and it just felt like I never wanted to not be in her. My dick started pulsing and she was squeezed my ass and pulled me into her.

It pulsed and throbbed for a minute as her creamy pussy milked my cock. My orgasm subsided and I immediately apologized for cumming so fast. She was very sweet and didn’t seem concerned at all. Was probably all in my head. She again told me stop And that we could go again. She smiled at me and asked me if it felt good. “So fucking good” I said. “You are so tight”. She looked at me and giggled and started flexing her pussy muscles squeezing onto my cock. That’s always a weird sensation and we both laughed but it felt amazing. I could picture in mind her insides squeezing out the last few drops from my shaft into the pool of hot cum on her cervix.

I pulled out and saw my cum run out of her hole in a steady stream all over the dark sheets. “I’ll wash them” she said and we laughed.

This went a little long so I’ll have to stop there. Again I’m so glad you all are reading and enjoying. I’ve loved hearing from the readers, especially the women that got turned on so feel free to shoot me a message if you liked it! The messages make my day!