The ride back to her father’s home was in silence. To say her father was unhappy would be an understatement. Lily knew it was because of her show of power over Asmodeus. That had come as a surprise for her. However, saying that right now would only make this situation worse. Her father had taken the Prince of Lust under royal custody. He had all but declared war on her uncle’s territory. She sighed and drew Luke closer to her. He didn’t fight her.

When they arrived, Lily led Luke out of the carriage and into her family home. The splendor of Samael and Lilith’s home was not lost on either of them. Lily barely paid it any attention, but Luke looked around in slack mouthed awe. He didn’t know he had signed up to be a future King when he slept with Lily. Lily hadn’t known that, either. She tugged him towards her childhood bedroom. She hadn’t stepped foot in it since she lived here last.

It hadn’t changed, either. After they had both safely stepped inside, Lily shut the door behind them. She desperately wanted to rid herself of the stuffy dress she had on, and she wanted to see Luke in more clothes. She didn’t know if they had stocked her room with clothes for the priest, though. She could only hope so. In a fit of annoyance, she ripped the dress she had on to shreds. She didn’t want to be confined in it anymore. It only reminded her of the night at her uncle’s. She walked over to Luke and put her finger in the waist band of his pants and ripped them off. He was naked under them. Not that she was surprised.

“Lily, what’s wrong?” Luke stepped forward and drew her into him. He seemed content being nude in front of her.

“I don’t want anything of his touching you ever again,” Lily said. She settled her hands on his hips. She wanted to take him as her own so badly, to mark him again, but she stopped herself.

“I can feel how much you want me,” he admitted, “I didn’t know I could until he took me away. I didn’t realize how much you meant what you said to me until I couldn’t feel your conviction in me anymore.”

“I never lied to you, Priest.” she said softly. Luke chuckled.

“Lily, I’m not a priest anymore. I’m standing in Hell right now with the demon that bonded me to an eternal life in Hell. Nothing about that is Holy or ordained by my God.” There was no trace of bitterness in his voice.

“You’re right. I took that away from you. I’m sorry.” she said. Luke stroked her back.

“You have nothing to be sorry about. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He pushed her away from him, keeping hold of her shoulders. “I know how you feel about me. I’m still terrified, Lily, I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t know if you can feel me too, but I feel the same way.”

“I can feel you.” Lily stepped away from him. “Let’s get clothes, Luke. I’m cold and who even knows what Asmodeus has made you do since I saw you last.”

Lily walked over to her dresser and pulled out clothes for them both. The staff had stocked up for him, after all. They pulled their clothes on in silence. Lily walked over to her bed when she was done, hoping that Luke would follow her. He did. She lay down in the bed and scooted over to allow him space to lay next to her. He joined her and pulled her close to him after he settled in. She laid her head on his chest, just over his heartbeat. The sound of it comforted her. His arms were snuggly around her.

“Lily, can I ask you something?” he asked.

Lily nodded against his chest, “Go ahead,”

“I know I yelled at you last time we talked about this, but how do I know if I like men? Or if it was just Asmodeus that I liked?”

Lily thought for a moment before answering his question. “I told you that here in the demon realm sexuality is fluid, and it is. We don’t see sex as something that is confined to between men and women, so sex between men isn’t deviant here. I know how it is with your kind. I know that it is confusing for you.”

“That’s putting it lightly,” he laughed.

“But the best way I can answer you is this-if it feels good, you probably like men. Whether it’s my uncle or any other man.” Lily shuddered at that thought, “Though I do hope it’s not just my uncle.”

“Me too, but how will I find out?” He didn’t really want more than Lily had to offer, but this was eating him from the inside.

“I’ll help you,” Lily said simply, “I can help you find a man you like, and you can explore your sexuality. We have a thousand lifetimes together, Luke. I want you to live in luxury. I don’t want you to hide from yourself.”

“You said you would never share me,” Luke said.

“Letting you explore your body and sharing you with someone is different. I will never let you take a permanent lover, just as I will never take one. But I will not deny you satisfaction that I cannot give.”

“How generous of you,” Luke laughed. “But what if I like men more? What then?”

“I doubt that, Luke,” Lily said, “But if that is the case, we will talk.”

She lifted her head and looked him in the eye. She had reverted back to the crystal blue he knew in the human realm. He looked at her with tenderness. So much about the priest made her melt. It was a feeling foreign to her, because demons didn’t ‘melt’ at the sight of a human. But he was making her melt. She smiled at him and rose up to kiss him. He greeted her with eagerness. She didn’t press for it to go any further. She was content with him just being here with her. The next challenge came to her mind- where would she find a demon man to please her priest?


The demon standing before him was the product of Lily’s hunting. She had promised that she would find him a man to play with, and she delivered. He didn’t radiate the power of her uncle, but he was every bit as attractive. Luke gravitated towards him. The demon’s body was as hard and muscular as Asmodeus’. His dark hair was shoulder length, his jaw firm. Strikingly attractive, in other words.

“I’m Aamon, your highness. Her highness said you needed help?” The demon said. Luke recoiled a little bit at being called ‘your highness’. There was nothing royal about him.

“It’s Luke,” he said. “And yes, if you’re willing.”

Truth was, Luke was a little apprehensive about it. His body hummed with excitement, but he couldn’t help but be scared. Trying to lay with a man? He had never even entertained the thought before. It hadn’t crossed his mind until Asmodeus made it. But the desire within him wouldn’t quiet until he explored it.

“I’m an incubus, sir. I’m always willing,” Aamon said with a smile. Luke’s eyes widened a little.

“So you’re like…” He paused.

“Shynra? Yes. She chose me so I could ease your fears if they came up. I won’t use my magic unless you want me to.” Aamon stepped closer to Luke. “We can go as slow as you’d like.”

“That’s something I’ve never heard a demon say,” Luke laughed.

“I’m merely here to help. Not feed or claim. It’s all up to you.” Aamon reached out and pulled Luke closer, “Tell me what you want, your highness.”

Desire swept through Luke hard and fast at the statement. Without thinking, he pulled the demon against him and brought their lips together. Aamon reciprocated quickly, bringing Luke closer to him, dominating Luke’s mouth with his own. Luke’s hands dropped to Aamon’s side, and he grasped him. He could feel Aamon’s erection against his own. The thrill of it shot through him. He was doing something forbidden. He moaned into the demon’s mouth and let his hand venture to the demon’s cock. He palmed it roughly, idly wishing that there weren’t any clothes in the way.

Aamon sensed this and backed away from Luke with a smile. “Getting a little hasty, now, aren’t we?”

Aamon slowly lifted his shirt over his head and started to tease his pants down around his hips. Luke was joining him, ready to let his cock spring free of its captivity. When he was free, Aamon pressed against him and drove him into the bed behind them. The demon was grinding his erection against Luke’s leg. Luke welcomed it. He was shocked that he welcomed it, but the demon’s pleasure brought him happiness. Aamon’s hands fell to Luke’s cock and cupped him greedily. Luke moaned against Aamon’s mouth and pulled back a little.

“Let me touch you,” he said softly. Aamon grunted his understanding and rolled off Luke.

Luke sat up on his knees in front of Aamon, looking down at the demon’s body. He had never appreciated the male form before. Hell, he hadn’t even appreciated the female form until Lily. But this was an entirely different story. Aamon’s body screamed of brute strength and sexuality. It drew Luke in. Luke reached forward and took Aamon in his hand, admiring the soft skin of his shaft. He pumped his hand slowly, watching as the demon reacted to his movements. The thought of pleasuring another man so intimately did things to Luke that being with Lily didn’t. Luke dropped his other hand to grasp his own cock.

Aamon growled as he watched Luke pleasure them both. The sensations running through Luke were electric, as if every nerve ending in his body was on fire. His movements got more erratic as he felt his orgasm coming on. As it got closer, he realized he wasn’t ready for this to end quite yet, and he ripped his hand away from his own cock. The feeling pulsated deep in him as he continued stroking his partner.

“You enjoy edging, human?” Aamon said, clearly entertained.

“Edging?” Luke questioned.

“Bringing yourself to the edge of release, then stopping.” Aamon explained.

“Oh. I don’t know.” Luke responded honestly. He hadn’t heard of it before just now.

“Why don’t you taste me, human?” Aamon asked. He thrust his hips up into Luke’s hand. “You might like it.”

The suggestion made Luke nervous. He hadn’t thought about actually putting it in his mouth. It didn’t repulse him, though. He kept his hand firmly around Aamon, debating on whether or not to accept the challenge. The indecision must have shown on his face.

“I can help your anxiety if you would like,” Aamon offered.

“I don’t even know what to do with it,” Luke answered honestly.

“What did Asmodeus and Shynra do with you?” Aamon asked. “Do that.”

Luke took in a deep breath and nodded his head, “Help me.”

Desire washed over Luke again, drowning him. Aamon was right, it did ease his anxiety. He looked down at Aamon’s cock with renewed interest, not that it had ever left. Luke’s cock ached with need. Aamon smiled seductively at him.

“Come on, your highness, or would you rather know what a demon’s cock would feel like buried inside you?”

Heat rose into Luke’s cheeks as need blared through his body. The truth is, he wanted both, but he wasn’t ready to admit it yet. Asmodeus’ fingers inside him had filled him up and completed him in ways he never knew he needed. He could only imagine what Aamon’s cock would make him feel.

“Oh you like that thought, don’t you?” Aamon teased. “I can see it written all over your face. You want my cock to brush that sweet spot inside you. Take me in your mouth and I’ll show you what I can do, your highness. Your ass will be mine.”

Luke’s knees trembled with the threat. He did want to belong to the demon. Slowly, he brought his mouth down to the demon’s cock, encasing it with his mouth. He moaned as it filled him, the girth pressing against his cheeks softly. Aamon moaned. Luke slid his mouth further down the demon’s cock, sucking lightly as he went.

“Feel how I fill your mouth up, human. Think of how my cock will feel inside you.” Aamon said through his breathy moans. Luke groaned. The spot inside him was pulsing with need. “You want me so badly you can’t stand it anymore.”

Aamon tapped Luke on the shoulder. Luke stopped what he was doing and looked up into the demon’s wild eyes.

“Tell me you want me to take you, Priest,” Aamon said with a devilish smile, “Admit to me that you want a demon to claim your holy ass as his own.”

Lust washed over Luke’s features, and he nodded with enthusiasm. Aamon shook his head.

“Speak, Luke, I need to hear the words coming out of your mouth.”

“Yes, I want it.” He said, nearly breathless.

“What is it you want? Be specific.” Aamon asked. He shifted positions. He pushed Luke on to all fours in front of him and stayed on his knees behind Luke. He pushed his cock against Luke’s ass.

“I want your cock inside me,” Luke said, feeling slightly embarrassed. Aamon landed a sharp slap against Luke’s ass. Luke startled, but the pain brought pleasure as well.

“Good, glad to hear it,” Aamon said approvingly. “Spread your legs.”

Luke did as he was told. Aamon started by massaging his cheeks. Luke didn’t think that such a simple action could be so erotic, but he was being proved wrong. His body was thrumming with the need for release. Aamon had reached over to the side to grab something, and Luke heard it fall softly to the bed. Aamon brought his mouth to the bud of Luke’s ass and licked lightly. Luke groaned in response. The sensation overwhelmed him, he barely noticed when the demon’s slick fingers entered him.

Luke moaned loudly as Aamon stroked that sweet spot just inside him. The demon spread his fingers inside Luke, as if he was trying to stretch him out. It was slightly uncomfortable, but nothing Luke couldn’t handle. The warm wetness on the demon’s fingers made his entry much more pleasurable. Aamon pulled out of Luke slowly, pausing for a moment as he did something behind him.

“Take a deep breath in, your highness, I am not small.” Aamon laughed.

Panic set in a little as Aamon pressed the head of his cock against Luke’s entrance. The pressure was almost unbearable, but as the panic reached a high point, the demon calmed Luke a fraction. His magic washed over Luke pleasantly, easing his fears. Aamon braced himself on Luke’s hip with one hand and slowly pushed himself inside. Pain punched the pleasure as the demon eased himself inside. Aamon gripped at Luke with both hands now, bringing his hips towards his own body.

“Oh…” Luke struggled to get out. The pain was piercing, but the pleasure behind it was undeniable.

“Relax, Luke, the pain will subside,” Aamon said gently. His voice was strained, his breathing ragged as he pushed inside Luke.

He rocked gently to ease his passage. As Luke allowed his body to relax, Aamon sank deeper inside him, and the pain turned into pleasure that Luke had never known before. Aamon pressed as far inside Luke as he could go and stopped to allow Luke a chance to get used to his girth. They were both breathing hard. Luke’s cock ached for touch, it was throbbing painfully, begging for release. Aamon began pumping into Luke faster. His cock was hitting the sweet spot inside Luke that had caused his most intense orgasms.

“Make me come, oh please, make me come,” Luke begged, barely able to get out the words. Aamon laughed behind him.

“Stroke yourself, Luke. Pleasure yourself as I pleasure you.” Aamon’s voice was breathy with need as well.

Luke immediately took his cock into his palm, shifting his weight onto his other arm. He pumped furiously as Aamon drove into him. Nothing was comfortable, but everything was blinding pleasure as Luke’s need came to a head. His orgasm gave him no warning as it ripped through his body, his ass clenching tight around the demon’s cock, and his own cock emptying across his hand and onto the sheets beneath him. Aamon came with a loud grunt inside him and pulled out slowly.

Luke collapsed onto the bed. Aamon hovered over the top of him, running his hand over the mark on Luke’s back. Luke felt strangely violated as he did so. He shuddered in response. Aamon pulled his hand back.

“The mark is as magnificent as Shynra described it,” He said idly, “But I should let her highness come in and tend to you, she would want to see you so happy. Glad I could service you, your highness.”

Luke nodded, unable to answer. Lily was really who he wanted at the time, anyways. He listened as Aamon collected his things and walked out of the room. He drifted into a state of semi-consciousness before he felt Lily at his side. Her hand traced a line at his hips, and she pressed a kiss against his shoulder.

“Was it everything you thought it would be?” She asked.

“Yes,” Luke nodded. He rolled into her touch, “And I don’t ever want to stop doing it.”

Lily chuckled and kissed his neck, “We can arrange that.”

Her hand swept around to the front of his body. Luke wanted to react to her, but his body was spent. She wasn’t touching him in a sexual way, she was just pulling him closer. But he wanted her so badly. He wanted her and everything she promised him so very badly. What she offered him was something he never could have hoped for as a child—freedom.

Here, with her, he was free to live the life he wanted. Growing up, he had been taught the word of God and that was something he had lived by for the last 35 years. This demon woman showed up in his life and changed everything, and he was better for it. Now he was going to be a king? Had he understood that right? Lily hugged him close and buried her head against the mark on his back. It sung with her approval and washed over him.

“I didn’t know what it meant to be happy until now,” he admitted as he grasped her hand in his, “I said I hated you, but I didn’t mean it, Lily.”

“I know you didn’t.” she said, and paused, “But, here in this realm, you have to call me by my proper name. At least in front of the other demons. Shynra is my name.”

“But you’re Lily in private,” he clarified.

“I’m whatever you want me to be in private,” she said.

Luke nodded his understanding and let the room fall silent. Lily pressed her slight frame up against the back of him, and he settled into her. Everything about this moment felt like it was supposed to be. A smile spread across his face as he drifted off to sleep in her arms.


Lily felt the contentment coming from him through their bond. She was happy that he wasn’t trying to hide from himself anymore, but sad that she couldn’t possibly give him everything he craved. He did crave the touch of men, though she suspected that had been the case all along. She suspected he had struggled with this desire most of his life. She was more than happy to keep him sexually satisfied in any way that she could. She had promised him the life of his dreams, after all. She didn’t plan on breaking that promise.

There was a lot about Luke that she didn’t know. He had been thrown headfirst into a world he didn’t ask to be in. Now he was bonded to the heir of her father’s throne, determined by whatever power that be to be the future king of demons. As a human. She hadn’t gone into the intricacies that she had learned from her parents with him, yet. She had a feeling she had a lifetime to go over those, but first she wanted him to be comfortable. He wouldn’t return to the human realm for a long time, if he ever did.

Lily sighed and broke free of his grasp, sliding away from him silently. She had a meeting with her father that she had been putting off for the last couple days. She had worked hard to find the perfect match for her priest in Aamon. She just needed to know that her incubus friend hadn’t broke Luke’s mind before she went to meet with the king. She padded down the hallway quietly, but quickly. She reached her father’s study in no time. She knocked softly and let herself in.

“Morning, Shynra.” Her father said sharply. She could tell he wasn’t happy with her. Samael motioned her over to the chair in front of his desk.

“Morning, Dad.” She said. She was too happy to hide the content in her voice. Her father paid it no attention.

“You’ve returned to my court and plunged the realm into chaos, daughter. It was for a good reason, I will admit. But now I have a demon Prince in my dungeon, and one that wants your priest.” He said softly, “I’m going to have to oblige him in one way or another. I can’t hold him forever, and I cannot banish a rightful prince.”

Lily looked at him, incredulously, “You banished me, the rightful heir to your throne!”

“That was for your protection, and you have been welcomed back.”

“He committed treason! He should lose his head!” Lily shouted. “He kidnapped a member of the royal family and plotted my death. He should rot in that cell.”

“He is a member of the royal family, too, Shynra. With the next legitimate claim to my throne behind yours. To keep him, I will have to send him to trial. I’m afraid we will lose that battle.” Samael looked defeated, “I like it as much as you do, but he has a growing base of supporters here. They will not let him die at my hand, and mine is the only hand that can kill him despite your show of power the other day, as impressive as it was.”

Lily flushed, “Sorry about that.”

Samael laughed softly, “Don’t be. You need that ruthlessness to be an effective ruler, what scared me is that you were as surprised by it as I was. Have you never felt that before?”

Lily shook her head, “No. I was just thinking about it, and then it started happening. Last time I tried to act out against him, it was no more than a breeze in the room. It annoyed him, but it didn’t harm him.”

“Good. Very well. You are coming into your power, then,” Samael said with glee, “We’ll watch it, and train you as it grows. For now, keep an eye on your priest, Asmodeus will go free, Shynra. He will try to go after Luke again. The best we can do is keep him locked up here, but only *you* can guarantee his safety.”


A siren call promising satisfaction whispered out to Luke in his sleep. It was distant, and didn’t have a face or any structure, but it pulled at something deep and primal within him. He groaned and fought to stay asleep, but the call was too strong. Mindlessly, he walked out of the bedroom and through the halls before coming to a stop in front of what he assumed were the dungeons. Fear pulsed through him. It was Asmodeus.