“How long until you’re ready?” Mark called out.

Jan had just returned inside after packing her suitcase into the car. It wasn’t a long drive, but they were going to be camping for over a week, she needed a lot of things.

“I’m packed, just waiting on you, slowpoke.” She said, slapping his ass firmly. “Car is getting full though, I had to put my suitcase and sleeping bag on the back seat.”

Mark turned around and looked at them with confusion, shaking his head gently.

“You know we are giving Ken a ride too?” He asked.

“We are? He’s never going to fit.”

“Don’t worry, we will work it out.” Mark said, confidently.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang, and the three of them walked to the car to inspect how much space remained.

“Yeah, I don’t think this is going to work.” Ken said shaking his head. “The suitcase takes up almost all of the back seat.”

“What if it was standing up in the passenger seat?” Mark offered.

“Well, that would work, but it still only leaves one seat.” Ken said, “There’s still two people to fit in.”

“Jan could sit on your lap.” Mark said.

“What?” Jan exclaimed.

“What? It’s only a fifty-minute drive.” Mark said.

“I know how far it is.” Jan protested. “I don’t think Ken want’s me on his lap that whole time.”

“I mean…” Ken said, hesitantly. “It would be a good solution.”

Jan looked at Ken in shock. They had known each other for a long time now, meeting when Ken played football with Mark, but this seemed way out of her comfort zone.

“Can I have a word with you?” Jan asked Mark as she walked away, not waiting for a reply.

“What?” Mark asked catching up to her around the corner of the house.

“What do you think?” Jan snapped back.

“Okay, hear me out.” Mark said. “It gets us camping faster, and plus, maybe this could help with what we spoke about the other night?”

Jan was puzzled for a moment but quickly worked out what he was talking about.

“Mark, that’s just fantasy talk.” Jan said. “I love the idea of being your hotwife fantasy, but I don’t think sitting on Ken’s lap is going to achieve that. Plus I’m wearing a dress.”

“Well, at least give it a try, you never know, and a dress is perfect for that sort of thing, no?” Mark said, hopefully.

Jan rolled her eyes and let out a sigh, knowing that it was probably the best chance of being at the camp site by lunch time.

“Fine.” She surrendered.

Mark jumped into the driver’s seat, a big grin plastered across his face, while Jan and Ken stood at the back door.

“After you.” Jan said, jokingly.

Ken sat in place and got comfortable, before opening his arms and welcoming Jan onto his lap. She tucked her dress underneath her backside and lowered herself onto him, her face blushing instantly as she sat on top of her old friend. She looked at Mark in the rear-view mirror as they started driving, his eyes more concentrated on her than the road.

Jan felt Ken’s hand rest on the side of her thigh and nearly went to move it away but thought that he was probably just getting comfortable. She didn’t want to offend him in any way, after all, there was much worse looking people to be sitting in the lap of.

“How long do you think?” Ken asked.

“About fifty minutes if we don’t need to stop.” Mark replied. “Everything okay?”

“Ahh, yep.” Ken replied, his voice shaking slightly. “All good.”

Jan turned to look at Ken to see if he was okay, when she saw his face turning a bright shade of red.

“Are you okay?” Jan asked, but as soon as the words had fallen from her mouth, she felt it.

Ken’s cock was growing underneath her, pressing against her dress, directly onto her pussy. It was her turn to blush heavily.

“I’m sorry.” Ken whispered.

Jan didn’t know what to do, so she shook her head, telling him that it was all okay, then resumed looking out the window, trying to ignore what was happening below her.

Minutes passed and Ken was still growing, his cock now becoming uncomfortable to sit on. It was poking her, rubbing on her, teasing her, and it was driving her wild.

She could feel her pussy reacting to him, already soaking her panties, becoming more sensitive by the second. Jan’s hand acted autonomously, running down the front of her dress and rubbing her clitoris through her panties, her fingertips rubbing against the head of Ken’s cock with every stroke.

Ken coughed and shuffled in his seat, clearly taken back with what was happening. Jan just leaned back on him, letting him take her weight while she gained more access to her pussy.

She was just getting a nice rhythm going when Mark hit the brakes, pulling into a gas station.

“Just need to grab some water, anyone want anything?” Mark asked, getting out of the car and closing the door, not waiting for a response.

As soon as he had his back turned Jan shifted her weight forward, squatting over Ken as she hiked her dress up.

“What are you doing?” Ken asked.

“You know what I’m doing.” She said. “Take it out.”

“Jan, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Ken protested.

“Shut up, take it out.”

Ken hesitated for a moment then quickly started fumbling with his pants, pulling them down to his knees and freeing his hard cock. Jan pulled her panties to the side and lowered her pussy onto his hard rod. She was dripping wet and took him in with ease, feeling his head slide into her, then let his entire shaft slowly glide into her pussy.

“Fuck…” He grunted, his legs shaking.

Jan looked up and saw Mark returning to the car, quickly straightening her dress.

“Keep quiet.” She said, leaning her full weight on Ken.

“Okay, are we ready to go?” Mark asked, getting into the driver’s seat again.

“Very much so.” Jan said, winking at her husband.

Jan could feel Ken’s cock pulsing inside her pussy as they got back on the road. She pressed her ass into his lap, then lifted her hips, letting him slide in and out of her. He was bigger than Mark, not by much, but noticeably different. Jan could feel his breath on her neck, his lips, gently kissing her nape as she let his cock slip in and out of her.

Jan grabbed his hand and led it to her breast, letting him tease her erect nipples through her dress. She never wore bras while camping and she was just discovering that it was a great rule to have. His fingers pinched and teased at her nipple while Jan started to rub her clitoris, waves of pleasure running through her body.

They were only five minutes down the road when Jan felt Ken start to tense up, his entire body starting to shake. His hips thrusted deep into her as his cock erupted inside her, she could feel his cum filling her up and it pushed her over the edge, her body convulsing on his dick as an orgasm rippled through her.

She could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy as she slowly started to settle, her mind fogged by her post orgasm bliss.

“Damn, I need the toilet.” Mark said, pulling off the road again.

“Me too.” Ken said, pulling his cock out of Jan’s pussy and stuffing it back in his shorts.

As soon as the car stopped, Ken opened the door and Jan stepped out. Ken just about ran to the toilet, his awkward posture a dead giveaway that he was still hiding an erection in his shorts.

“I told you.” Mark said, grinning. “How was it?”

“It was amazing.” Jan said, kissing her husband. “Looking forward to reclaiming your hotwife tonight?”

“Absolutely.” Mark said, guiding Jan’s hand to the bulge in his pants.

Jan kissed him again, so incredibly happy that the man she married was so open and kinky.

“I need some of that water.” She said, biting her lip.

“Oh, you don’t think I actually stopped for water, did you?” Mark replied, chuckling.