When something sticks in your mind ten years later, it’s got to be good, right? This particular story, although a short one, is one of my stand out encounters from my first proper girlfriend. In hindsight, the relationship was very wrong and things just didn’t work but, for a time, it was fun.

I’d been seeing her for a few months and, as you can imagine, the sex was very frequent, very intense and very fucking good as we were in still in the honeymoon period and really exploring each other.

Jane was my first girlfriend and I was very much all in for this relationship. I was a late bloomer with a very high sex drive and I’d only lost my virginity at 19. I’d had some good sexual escapades with some other girls but had not been in a long-term relationship. So at 20, when Jane and I hit it off and things got serious, I wanted to fuck her literally all of the time. Thankfully she had a similar sex drive and we were fucking like rabbits.

You can imagine what it was like then, as a deprived 20 year old, meeting someone who wanted to fuck me all the time. Insatiable in a word.

To describe Jane… she was a couple of years younger at 18. Naturally blonde but dyed her hair a deep red. She had the pale complexion to match her natural hair – didn’t tan well but didn’t need to either, she rocked the look. She had properly piercing blue eyes and she was one of these lucky girls who perfectly combined slim and curvy. The other thing? She had the biggest tits I’ve ever had the pleasure of fucking. They were incredible. 32G if you want to be specific. I think they kind of ruined all other tits for me for the longest time.

I’ve described myself in other posts but for those reading this with fresh eyes… I was pretty different back then to how I am now. I used to be on the skinny and I was just as pale as Jane. I also was going through the long hair Bieber like phase, though I had it before he did. I’m pretty blessed with my size and being so skinny at the time only exaggerated it. It actually became a known thing amongst Jane’s friends and every now and then it’d come up on nights out. Like, “He’s young, hung and full of cum” – honestly, it was kind of weird but at the same time pretty flattering! I just went with it.

We went out with Jane’s friends a lot on weekends – the usual thing of hitting a few bars/clubs. The usual scenario involved me getting on a train over to Jane’s after work where she’d be getting ready. Her friends would turn up a little later for the pre-game as it was the biggest house in the friendship group. Jane lived with her mum still and her room was tiny with a single bed. This meant we were often sleeping – and fucking – in the living room on a pull out sofa. Seems a silly detail but it’s important for later!

This one particular night in question, Jane’s best friend Amy was already there when I arrived. Turned out Amy was sleeping over tonight too and the plan was to get totally wasted and crash in Jane’s room whilst we took the living room. I’d met Amy a few times before and we got on well enough. She was a proper emo/scene girl. Hair colour changed weekly, tattoos all over, multiple piercings (tongue, lip, nose and as I’d find out later, various other body parts) and had the sort of “don’t give a shit about anything” attitude. She was also kind of the opposite of Jane – tiny (like 5ft tiny), small boobs and pretty blunt.

Where Jane was actually a little conservative about some things, Amy most definitely was not. Jane had told me plenty about her, how she’d cheated on boyfriends with other women, had a few threesomes in her time and was open to experimenting in the bedroom. When you’re young and inexperienced and someone tells you about a girl that rims guys, gives prostate massages and gets fucked in the ass whilst gagging on a dildo… you can’t help but be intrigued!

We all got ready and started drinking in the house. The two girls always seemed relaxed around each other and were quite happily walking around in their underwear in Jane’s room. I remember vividly seeing Jane in a matching neon pink set. The bra really pushed her tits into view – something she really didn’t need to do but did anyway. Before any of you get too carried away, this isn’t a threesome story… So I was relegated to another room in the house but did catch plenty of glimpses of both girls dressed down.

A few others turned up a little later on and the pre-game had properly started. Jane and Amy were often talking amongst themselves and every now and then it seemed like they were sneaking off, giggling about something. I was just mingling with Jane’s friends mostly, including when we eventually hit the club later on. The girls wanted to catch up having not seen each other for a while and that was fine with me.

As is very common when a long overdue catch up occurs, both Amy and Jane got stupidly drunk. So drunk in fact that we ended the night early and headed back to Jane’s. The girls stumbled back home with a bit of support from me. I swear Amy was getting a little too hands on but Jane either didn’t notice or didn’t mind.

When the three of us got back, I ended up setting up the sofa-bed whilst the girls changed into their pyjamas. Amy was definitely the drunker of the two and had taken residence on the sofa whilst Jane got in our sofa-bed. Now it can bey very hard trying to get an insanely drunk person to do anything… Amy was still, miraculously, awake on the sofa and no amount of encouragement was getting her upstairs and out of the room. When I popped out to the kitchen for a water for each of the girls (I’m still a gentleman at the end of the day!), I returned to Amy now laid down, seemingly asleep on the sofa. Well shit, no sex for me tonight then.

Or was there? I climbed into bed, passed Jane her glass, ready to concede and go to sleep. Jane had other ideas. I don’t know what it was but somehow she was very ready to go. She removed her pyjama top to reveal her glorious breasts and was up on her knees in a flash, unbuckling my belt.

“Woah! What about Amy?” I said.

Now as I said, Jane was always rather conservative and vanilla so this seemed out of character. Had I been dating Amy and it was Jane passed out on the couch, I might have expected this behaviour.

She kind of just shrugged her shoulders and said, “turn off the light then?”

As if that was really answering my question! But I quickly turned off the light and then resumed the position. I took off my shirt and Jane resumed undoing my belt and taking my jeans down. At this point, I wasn’t going to argue any further, though my eyes did keep drifting to Amy to make sure she was asleep. To try and keep my attention focused back on Jane, she took my cock out and started swallowing it.

I was on my knees on the bed as she took me in her mouth and it didn’t take me long to get into the swing of things and run my fingers through her hair, guiding her head down my dick the way she liked. After a couple of minutes of slurping on my cock an alternating between this and pumping it with her hands, she decided to up her game. She wrapped her tits around my cock and squeezed them together, proceeding to give me a divine tit fuck. Her tits always felt so good to fuck.

Jane started moaning delicately while she did this and the only thing that stopped her was when she would suck the head and I slid it up in between her tits.

“Oh god” – I couldn’t help but say it and then immediately hush myself with the prospect of Amy waking up still lurking in the back of my mind.

Jane giggled at my reaction. I think she was playing her own game here, trying to rumble us. And it was working. With every suck, lick and thrust between her boobs, I was losing myself more and more.

“Fuck me.” she said.

I glanced down at her and she had this naughty grin spread wide across her face. My face must have silently asked her, “what?”

So she said it again, “fuck me.”

She kicked the covers away and slid her booty shorts and panties off, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. Who was I to say no?

We readjusted and I started fucking her in missionary. I went slow – this sofa bed creaked at the best of times. I’d slowly slide my cock into Jane and glance over at a passed out Amy. I swear I saw signs of stirring. Just my imagination. Maybe.

I upped the pace, cautiously casting another glance over at the sofa, just in case. Seemed like we were good to I started fucking harder. The sofa started creaking harder with us. I started running my hands over Jane’s body, playing with her nipples and scratching down her back and I started pummelling her with force. All the while, we were now kissing passionately. I’d stopped paying attention to Amy and allowed myself to really start fucking.

Now when you’re drunk, there’s a good chance that your stamina will be positively affected. This was most definitely the case here and I was lasting well – too well. Assured in the knowledge that Amy was passed out, I gave Jane the signal that it was time to fuck her from behind.

She happily obliged and turned herself over, thrusting her arse in my direction. I spanked her arse with a hard slapping sound and slid my cock inside her. There was no need to go slow here, it was time to full on pound her from behind. I thrust into her with force and dug my nails into her arse at the same time, causing Jane to moan out.

She wasn’t always the most vocal girl but when she’d had a drink, she definitely gave it a little extra. She was moaning out for me with every thrust and starting to say “oh god” on repeat, louder each time.

Then I heard it… A shuffle from the sofa. Amy had moved! I instantly froze and looked over that way. Jane, in a semi-state of euphoria, asked me what was the matter. This next bit all went by in a flash. I looked at Amy who had moved into a position where she’d be starting right at us but her eyes were closed.

I kind of stammered a response back to Jane, “Nothing, just need to readjust”

I didn’t really but I kind of moved around a little to not destroy the moment and then started slowly thrusting again. Amy stirred a little more – quite clearly Jane had not noticed any of this. Shit, was she awake? I kept the tempo down whilst I assessed the situation and started building speed back up.

Then Amy opened her eyes. She looked up at me and I looked right back at her. I honestly could not tell if she was really awake or not. I didn’t stop though and kept going. Quite a turnaround from my earlier hesitancy. I actually felt a little buoyed by this.

Her eyes closed again and I kept pounding away, ever increasing the intensity. Then she opened them again. Ok, now she was definitely awake. She looked at me, at Jane and back at me. I imagine the side profile was a sight to see with Jane’s massive tits hanging down and swinging back and forth with each time I shoved my cock into her.

I didn’t really know what to do but was caught up in the moment so just kept going. The drink wasn’t allowing me to cum so fast but it was enabling me to say “fuck it” and let this scenario play out. I always swear that I saw Amy moving her hand to between her legs under her covers but I never confirmed this afterwards. She definitely appeared to be enjoying the show though.

And so I just kept going, fucking Jane harder and harder. Jane used to do this thing whenever she was close. She’d start saying “cum inside me” and that’s what she did here.

“Cum in me!”

Amy appeared to smile as I looked over at her.

“Cum in ME!”

Fuck, now I was close. The situation had finally gotten to me and overpowered the drink. I could feel my orgasm building and it was clear Jane’s was too. Who knows about Amy’s!

“Oh god… CUM IN ME!”

I felt Jane’s pussy clench around my cock as she started cumming and that did it. I kept pounding her as best as I could as I started shooting rope upon rope deep inside her. I’d stopped looking at Amy and was concentrating on Jane’s arse rippling from each hit from behind. As Jane’s orgasm subsided and my cock finished spurting out cum inside her, we collapsed into a heap together.

I kissed the back of her neck and told her, “I love you.”

She replied, “I love you too.” and we proceeded to take a minute or two to recompose ourselves.

“Do you think she noticed?” Jane asked me.

Oh, so now she cared?! I didn’t know what to respond really so I lied and said, “I don’t think so…”

Amy was playing her part by pretending to be asleep. Jane excused herself to clean up in the bathroom, leaving me to lay there in a post-sex glow.

I looked in Amy’s direction again and she didn’t seem to move. Maybe she was actually asleep now?

“Nice show.”

Maybe not.