The back story: I grew up without parents. They died when I was like 3. I’ve spent most my life with my grandmother and occasionally with friends. I have one friend (We’ll call her Anna for this. I doubt she’d want her real name out here) in particular I’m pretty close too. Her mom was always like a mom to me and I would hang out with one or both of them whenever really. About 6 years ago, my friend’s dad left her mom so he could become a woman… yeah…I know… They were married for like 25 years I think. Anyway, my friend’s mom started dating women. She said she always felt like she never experimented or experienced all that life had to offer since she met her husband so early on and they had been together so long.

The story: On occasion, like I said before, I would stay with friends. My one friend in particular, i was rather close to her mother. Her mother (We’ll say Mrs. Smith) was always very open and understanding and very free and liberal with how she spoke with us. We would talk about everything. Relationships, work, school, friends, and every little detail about those things.

After finishing up my first year of college, I headed home for summer. I went over my friend’s house, as I often did, to hang out. Anna wasn’t there, she had another week of school left. So I say and talked with Mrs. Smith. A bottle of wine was opened and w began to talk. We talked about school, my part time job, and eventually relationships. I told her I didn’t have a boyfriend yet. She then asked if I maybe had a girlfriend. I laughed and said no. I further explained that the only time I’ve ever done anything with a girl was kissing and a little bit more in the moment. Now 2-3 glasses in she asked me to show her. She leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue in my mouth swirling around wrestling with mine. I placed my glass down and put my hand to her cheek. My other to her chest as I felt her hand running up my thigh. A chill ran down my spine as she unzipped my jean shorts and slid her hand down them and began kissing and gently bitting my neck.

She began kissing down my neck and chest. Her tongue dancing across my body as her fingers caressed my pussy. Under the shorts but still over the underwear her movements made me wetter and wetter. Then she stood up. I nervously looked up at her and said with a stammer in my voice “I- I don’t know about this. It seems wrong but feels so good.” Mrs. Smith asked if I was nervous about being with a woman. I was more nervous that it was my friend’s mom if anything, but I nervously and quickly shook my head yes. She then told me to stay out on the couch. “I have something that might make you feel more comfortable.” She said as she walked out the room and upstairs.

I sat patiently waiting for her return. My body aching as I resisted to touch myself from how worked up she made me. She then came back in the room. This time completely naked except for a huge strapon she now had. My eyes widened as I looked up at her. Her demeanor turned from the playful kissing mother to that of lady cock power dominatrix ready to fuck.

Mrs. Smith then commanded me to get on my knees. She put one leg up on the couch over my shoulder, pressed the strapon cock against my face, and said “Well. It’s not gonna suck itself,” as her hand grabbed my hair and forced it in my mouth. As I choked on her strapon, she laughed. I couldn’t believe it. Although I was in shock about how aggressive she was being, I couldn’t help but play with myself. As drool rand own my chin onto my shirt and covering the shaft of her strapon, I fingered myself hard. I was practically sitting in a puddle by the time she pulled out of my mouth.

As her hand was gently running through my hair, she quickly switched to a forceful grab. She lifted me to my feet and kissed me. We made out a bit before she turned me around. With her help of forcefully removing my cloths, i was completely naked. She walked me around to the back of the couch and pushed me down. Bent over the couch she began to spank me. “Beg for it,” She said. “What?” I responded. That was not the right answer. Her hand swung even harder with another slap of my ass. “I said beg.” A back and forth ensued with me begging for mommy’s cock and her teasing my pussy by grinding the head against my lips.

I don’t remember if it was 5 seconds, 5 minutes, or 5 hours, but I came so hard right after she started fucking me. Then a few more times before she finished. Between how hard she fucked me, her hard spanking, and the size of that cock, I could barely stand when she was done. She pulled out of me, removed her strapon, and walked around to sit on the couch. My body was still quivering as I stayed bent over the couch for a minute.

She turned and grabbed my face, kissed me, and told me to come around front. On my knees again, she made me eat her pussy. I wasn’t very good at it, but I got better as I kept at it.

The after: Yes, we have been together since then. I have also experimented with her daughter (not to that extent, but we did do stuff). No, there was no threesome with all three of us. Yes I have a few other stories that I’d like to post. Yes feel free to DM me, but if you do, use reddit chat because it comes through better than PMs on my phone. Hope you enjoyed the read!