Just an average evening. Relaxing just watching a show, you get up and leave the room. I just watch you walk away. I figured you went to use the restroom. You come back a few minutes later with one of my t shirts on, and you have a duster in you hand you walk over and start acting like you are dusting. Even though everything is clean. I tilt my head to the side a little confused, but then it hits me, as you bend over. No panties, and no bra. Just the t-shirt. I smile and start to get up. You look at me and shake your head no.

“No sir, you need to sit back down. You need to relax right there, I have something I want to show you.”

You walk over to the other side of the couch. You adjust a pillow and take off the shirt. You get comfortable, and start to masterbate. Just with your fingers you begin by spreading your lips out. You gently begin to rub your clit, in a circular motion. All the while you are just staring at me. You bite your bottom lip as you look seductively at me. Your eyes piercing my body. I feel myself getting aroused. I start to move toward you. You look at me and shake your head as you continue and I watch you gently guide your fingers inside of you.

As you do this you start to get more into it. Your breathing gets heavier as your pace speeds up. I see you close your eyes. I just watch aroused. I undress, as I get closer to you. You start to get close to orgasm. I lean in and kiss your neck. You look at me, almost pissed off, and say not yet. You continue with our heads sitting side by side as I listen to you breathe in and out, and felt the heat from your breath on my neck.

You take your left hand and grab the back of my long hair, pull me back and look at me. You say, why don’t you finish me off. As you pull me in for a kiss and then adjust yourself down, as you push my head in between your legs.

You are already wet, as I place my lips around your clit. I adjust slightly to get my fingers in at the same time. I go for a few minutes as you get closer to orgasm. I hear you moan, as they get louder, right there you say, Fuck, fuck, fuck. Yesss. I tell you, to turn around and put your ass in the air. You comply, I go straight for your ass. You have never had me do this.

I start by licking right around your asshole. As you say ohhhh, as your back tilts back some. I chuckle, and you say keep going. As I drop down and my tongue slights goes into your vulva and up to around your asshole. This continues for 5 or so minutes, you say, I want your cock in my mouth. So we switch and I get underneath you as you turn your body around. I continue and you start to place my cock inside your mouth.

You take it all in as you go from the base all the way to the tip. As you continue up and down occasionally sucking on just the tip, and stroking it with your hand.

We go at each other for a while. And you stop and move down as you adjust your body down to my cock, and start to work me into your ass. As you get me in you start bouncing up and down on my cock while you rub your clit. I am just trying to control myself as you continue moving faster and faster, I explode inside of you just before you climax. You lay back on me, I just hold you as you lay your head next to mine and kiss my cheek…