Earlier posts have been removed due to tagging issues. Reposting the stories, hope you enjoy! Contains non-consentual, rough sex, extreme size difference, and brutality.

Sometimes I _hate_ being a demon. Countless millennia spent tormenting, various hauntings, and even being summoned by mortals in search of something “greater” can be a bit boring. Don’t get me wrong, I cherish their screams. From the sulfur pits to the converted skeptics, their screams and wails are music to my ears. It’s just so… repetitive? Mundane? Something seems to be missing, no matter the misery inflicted. Perhaps they’re not the only ones being tormented.

Another day, another few souls tossed into my pit. I almost roll my eyes as they fall into my domain. _Humans_, they’re so __tedious__. Their sins brought them here, one way or another. Yet they always plead for _mercy_ or _forgiveness_, as if I’m capable of either. I’m often left wondering what would happen if I just _let them go_. Maybe I’d end up suffering tortures far merciless than them, maybe I’d be exiled from the pit I generally call home. Maybe nothing would happen, and I’d be left in absolute boredom. I’m practically lost in thought while starting in on the new souls, when the soft glow of a summoning illuminates around me. A chuckle breaks from my mouth as I wave menacingly to the confused people before me. _Little break for us all_, I think just before I vanish.

Every summon is different. As an entity without corporeal form, it’s up to the summoner and specific enchantment to determine my manifestation into the physical realm. Sometimes it’s as a slightly altered human, sometimes as a misshapen beast, sometimes they screw the whole thing up and I’m just a disembodied voice. This time, I burn into existence in what looks like a small storage room. No one is around, which is unusual, so I take some time to look at myself. 

My feet are hooved, legs similar to a bull though there are only two this time. I appear to have the chest of a man, but more hairy and inexplicably muscled. Four strong arms extend from my torso, instead of the typical two. More hair covers those appendages, and three fingers/one thumb sprout from each hand. Two of them reach up to my head, feeling the coarse hairs along a snout and face, two horns emerging from either side of my head. 

Seems like I’ve been summoned as a four armed minotaur. But _where_ is the witch or warlock? Such a form typically requires a fair amount of magic, always fun to wipe the smirk off their face when they realize they’re not as powerful as they think. I look down at the floor beneath me. A crude sigil has spread across the floor, apparently by accident. Some bags look to have fallen from a couple of shelves, their contents spilling across the floor in just the right pattern. Or, perhaps pushed around haphazardly by someone as they tried to clean? A broom against one wall looks to have been used recently, but who would have whispered the incantation to bring me here, _like this_?

I didn’t have to wait long for the pieces to fall together. A young, petite woman came back into the storeroom, a bandage on one arm – her blood could have helped trigger the summon. She took one look at me, screamed a profanity in latin (possibly another ingredient), and tried to go back through the door. In her panic, she ran into the door, slamming it shut before she could get through. She murmured something, this time in english. Something about “_locking from the outside_,” and her struggles at the handle seemed to confirm it. 

She slowly turned back to me, pressing her back hard against the door to stay as far from me as possible. Her big, blue eyes locked onto me, a curly, chestnut strand of hair twirling down in front of her face with the rest of her thick mane restrained in a poofy ponytail. I looked down upon her, estimating from my superior height that she couldn’t have been more than five feet tall, her denim overalls and violet shirt coated in a white powder. Judging from the contents of the room, I assumed it was flour. Her overalls extended down her legs, cutting off just over her ankles. My eyes lingered on her small, bare feet, toes curled anxiously as she struggled feebly with the doorknob.

I laughed quietly at the pitiful display, then took a deep breath. The pheromones filling the small room were _intoxicating_. Either she was wearing a very unfortunate perfume, or she was ‘_in heat_,’ as they say. I could also detect… _something else_, but I wasn’t sure _what_. A stirring below my waist made me take another look down, and even _I_ was surprised to see such a large phallus growing between my legs. I couldn’t help but marvel at it; about half the length of a horse’s and just as much girth, but formed similar to that of a human, complete with rough veins along the shaft and a fat, mushroom-like head topping it all off. The woman groaned against the door, her hand still at the knob. Her eyes focused on my now full erection, worry spread across her pretty features.

The spell was surprisingly strong, and I was unable to move from the circle. She would have to give me a command, or permission to leave for me to do much of anything, and neither option seemed likely. I’d probably have to trick her somehow. An idea strikes, a way out. I’d have to be subtle, and choose my words carefully, any command she gives in return would have to be followed to the letter.

“__Hello__,” I started, figuring a simple greeting may help me get what I want. She cut me off in the best possible way before I could continue.

“_Fuck me_, it can __talk__!” It wasn’t a command, so much as a surprised exclamation, but that was all I needed. I took a step forward, melon sized testicles swaying between my legs, and a hungry grin across my face. My hooves scratched against the sigil as I closed in, breaking the circle behind me. She braced herself against the door, looking for anything she could use to defend herself, eyes settling on the broom. Her arm reached out for it, but I was already upon her.

The large hands of my upper arms seized her, and lifted her from the ground with ease. My other two went to work, quickly shredding her clothes. Her legs flailed and kicked out her terror and resistance. I grasped one leg in each hand, spreading them around me. Fear remained in her face as my large cock rubbed onto her wet opening, rising high over the small patch of brown hair topping her pubic mound. She was aroused despite herself, natural lubricant coating my meaty girth with her primal urges. The tattered remains of her white panties were brushed behind her by my shaft as I slipped against her, sliding along her slit and beneath the cheeks of her ass with my full length. A nervous hum escaped her closed lips when our hips met, her body shook in my rough hands as the size of what was about to enter registered in her mind. No doubt she’d ever even _considered_ taking something so large, or even half as __rough__ as she was about to. The anticipation forced a wicked smile onto my face.

Sliding my girthy pole back up her petite frame, I marveled at our size difference. The tip of my cock nestled between her small breasts, hard, caramel colored nipples on either side of my meat. She whimpered at the sensation, and the fear of her fate. Soft muscles flexed beneath her smooth skin, toning her body pleasantly and feeding my lust. I watched her ab muscles strain within her belly, and longed to feel them struggle around my rod. Her small pussy continued to leak nectar, and I wondered if my meat could even fit inside…

I rearranged her arms, grasping both wrists in one hand and sending my other down between our bodies. My arms lifted her, hand guiding my shaft against her lower lips as she rose. I lined myself up with her dripping pussy, gyrating slowly against her so her lips wrapped around the head, then looked her in the eye. She begged and pleaded wordlessly, but I’ve __never__ been one for _mercy_. I impaled her onto my throbbing cock, surging every inch I could into her small body in one quick thrust. A scream erupted from her mouth as I filled her, my thickness creating a slight bulge under her navel. I remained partially sheathed inside her for a moment, relishing the tightness and warmth enveloping me. Her scream faded into shaky gasps, her body trembling in my hands. I lifted her slowly, savoring every sensation along my cock suspending her with just my cockhead spreading her lips.

A small amount of blood coated my shaft along with the juices of her arousal as I withdrew, and I found myself wondering if I had just broken a virgin. Or perhaps I’d damaged something else inside her? Not that either option would slow me down, the first thrust was too pleasurable and demanded __more__! I pulled her back down against me, plunging further inside. Once buried again, I ground my hips against her thighs. Her walls struggled against my length delightfully, and I found myself groaning with the increased pleasure. Something began building within, a kind of tingling or tightening in my sizable balls. I pulled her up again, bringing my hips back a little as she rose, then surged back inside. She moaned through a scream this time, her body’s own pleasure betraying her mind. She moaned again as I slid out once more, and louder when it stuffed back into her.

I released her wrists, taking her back in both hands as my thrusting quickened. Her resistance was less than before, her arms feebly pressing against my chest as the massive cock plunged in and out rhythmically. Her feet dangled by my legs, firm ass grasped in my big hands. The tightness I had been feeling continued to build, despite my attempt to fight it. I had an idea of what was coming, but wanted to experience the current pleasure for as long as possible. The pending orgasm won out, however, and I groaned as my warm seed flooded the woman in my hands. I pushed as deep as I could as my cock deposited every last drop into her. She began convulsing violently as my cock pulsed it’s fluids into her. Her legs wrapped around me, her fingers dug into my shoulders, and a shaky scream filled the room. The tightness wrapping around my cock increased, holding me firmly inside. I held her as my climax subsided, the final throb from my cock draining into her as she continued spasming in my hands.

Some time after the last pulse shook through my cock, it began to soften. The lesser firmness matched with the pressure from the fluids packed inside her forced my appendage out. Juices splattered and rained onto the floor as I popped out, and she groaned throatily at the sudden hollowness. I released my grip on her, letting her slip to the wet floor at my feet. She laid on her side, head resting at an awkward angle, arm extended from her body, legs curled slightly beneath the fleshy hill of her hip. Thick white goo oozed from between her legs. I smiled down at her, wondering how much of my seed still coated her insides, and if any of it would take root in her womb. The thought of breeding this woman brought back the familiar stirring, my erection building once more.

A thick, gooey strand dangled from the tip at the end of my cock, then dripped onto her exhausted body as I approached. She looked up at me, rolling onto her back and moaning fearfully as my arms reached out to her. I turned her over, her back and peach shaped ass slick with our juices and speckled with dust from the floor. I held her head to the floor, guided her ass to me, and crouched behind her. My thickness was able to enter with less resistance, her gaped pussy more prepared for such a probe. _Poor mortal_, I thought as I began plunging away into her again. _She has no idea what she’s in for_.