The rave when Ashley discovers something special

Ashley and Zach
Planned to go to a huge rave party that was in a giant warehouse downtown. Then they were going to spend the night at the Sheraton down the street. They where excited because the rave was going to have a mixture or hip hop dance music and even rock. Ashley was wearing a nice tight top and yellow flowing skirt. Zack was in shorts and t-shirt.

They got to the rave and there was a lot of different people from all walks of life. They went to the bar and had couple drinks. The crowed was huge so it took awhile to make there way to middle of dance floor. They started to dance as the hip hop music was playing and was hardly any room to move. They were dancing but the crowd was moving them and they often were separated.

Ashley loved to dance and as the crowd was moving she got separated again from Zach. She continue to dance even though she could not see Zach. She figured he make his way back. While dancing a large black man came over and was dancing behind her. He started to grind behind her and there was no room for Ashley to move. Ashley wearing a loose skirt could feel the huge size of the mans cock behind her and she could not believe the size. It instantly turned her on.

She continue to dance and grind she thought it was exciting plus she liked feeling his size. The man knew she was interested and knew she was liking his big cock. Zach finally made his way back to her. He saw her grinding with the man didn’t say anything but moved her away.

Ashley disappointed she had to move said what are you doing? she thought to herself she was enjoying his big black cock rubbing against her nice round ass. She also felt turned on as the man was getting excited. The music was load and Zach said in her ear what were you doing. She said nothing it was innocent. Zach was not pleased.

They went for some drinks but Ashley kept combing the crowed looking for the man. She was truly excited she never felt a cock that big rub against her ass. They danced and drank some more but Ashley never saw the man again. She was disappointed and wanted him to grind on her some more.

The rave ended and both Ashley and Zach heading back to the hotel. Ashley barely listening to Zach talking because she still had the thoughts of the black mans cock. The bar was still open and they headed for last drink of the night. Low and behold the man was there with two of his friends. Ashley noticed him and he was a good looking man. He noticed her and recognized her yellow skirt. He whispered to his friends that’s the girl that was grinding on my cock.

Ashley felt herself getting wet thinking about his large cock. Zack oblivious of what was happening just ordered some drinks. Ashley and the man exchanged a few glances and this gave the man a green light to walk over. He walked over and introduced himself as Trevor. Ashley said hi and they started to chat. Zach was like what’s going on to himself as Ashley seemed to act like he was not there. Her thoughts were still on the mans large cock.

They chatted for a while and Zach interrupted and said hi I’m Zach and this is my girlfriend. Trevor said be cool man we are just talking and was asking if you guys want to come to our suit for some drinks a lot of people are coming. Zach said no we are going back to our room and Ashley quickly said no let’s go for one drink. Trevor knew he had her now and she was thinking of his cock.

They went to the room it was a huge suit with 2 bed rooms a big living-room and a great sound system. They had the music playing loud and their must have been 20 people in the room. Trevor got them some drinks as he kept admiring Ashley ass in her yellow skirt. Trevor said to his friends keep the boyfriend busy as he worked on Ashley.

Trevor said to Ashley it’s too loud in hear let’s go to the other room so we can talk. Ashley didn’t even think of Zach as he was talking to Trevors friends. When they got to the room they started to chat but in her mind she kept thinking of the size of hid cock. Trevor said I noticed you were grinding back on me on dance floor. Ashley blushing said yes you seemed big down there and laughed. Trevor said I could not help it your ass is so amazing.

Trevor said it is let me show you. Ashley before she could say no he dropped his pants. Ashley said omg that’s huge wow I can’t believe it! He said touch it and feel how big it is. Ashley super aroused did not even think twice about it and grabbed his cock with two hands. She could not believe the size 8 plus inches and thick. Her hands seemed tiny on his big cock. Each stroke of his cock got Ashley excited and Zach was not even in her thoughts.

As Ashley kept rubbing his cock Trevor gave her a passionate kiss as he grabbed her nice round ass and he became even more aroused. Ashley caught up in lust felt his cock get even bigger and she was so wet she could not believe it. She had never see a cock this big. Trevor grabbing her ass and had to fuck her.

Trevor quickly took her top off and removed her skirt. Ashley ass was perfect round and Trevor laid her down on the bed. He started to push his big cock into her wet pussy as she began to moan instantly. It hurt at first because of the huge size but the pain turned quickly into pleasure as she was so excited. Meanwhile Zach was looking for Ashley and opened the door to see Trevor fucking his girlfriend. Ashley was having a orgasm as Zach screamed get off her! Ashley too caught up in a intense orgasm did not even hear Zach. Trevor cock was the biggest she ever had and giving her the best orgasm of her life. His cock was twice the size of her boyfriend and was stretching her.

Trevor friends entered the room and grabbed Zach. The music was so loud no one heard the scuffle. They beat him down and pushed him to the floor. Trevor was hard he never thought her pussy would feel this tight and good as she was screaming and shaking. Ashley was in total sexual bliss she had never experienced orgasm like this before. Meanwhile Zach laid their on the floor watching Ashley scream from the pleasure he could never give her. He could not believe Trevor size.

Trevor took Ashley and flipped her around he wanted to fuck her from behind and see her great ass. Zach was being held down by one of Trevor Friends,he was big guy and he could not move. The other went over to Ashley unzipped his pants and stuck his cock in her mouth.
Ashley was in another world she took the cock without a fuss as Trevor fucked her hard from behind.

The other man picked up Zach put him on the chair and said don’t move and you won’t get hurt. Trevor and his friend where using Ashley like a fuck doll as she continued to shake and quivering from the massive orgasm Trevor was giving her. Ashley could not believe sex could be like this as Trevor gave her orgasm after orgasm and Zach could only watch. The other man next to him had his cock out waiting his turn.

Trevor could not hold back any longer he started fucking her harder as he came in Ashley pussy. Ashley screamed and the friend also came and shot his load in Ashley face. Trevor got off and the other friend next to Zach jumped in behind Ashley. His cock was not as big as Trevor but still large. Ashley still in another world instantly started to cum. Trevor walked over to Zach and said your girl really loves black cock I think your relationship is going to change and he laughed.

Zach humiliated and broken sat on the chair and had a huge hard on. He knew Trevor was right and he could not believe he was so hard. He took his cock out and started to jerk off. Trevor said that’s it cuck know your place and watch us fuck your girl. Trevors friend was banging Ashley hard and she was still cuming and screamed don’t stop don’t stop as he came inside her.
Zach had to cum he shot his load all over the floor.

The three me continued to fuck her throughout the night as Ashley came so many times she lost count.
The sex was beyond amazing she felt things in places she never felt before she was truly addicted to black cock now. When they were finally done Ashley body was covered with cum.
She laid on the bed totally exhausted.

Trevor handed Zach a towel and said clean her up and I hope you enjoyed the show.
Zach started to wipe her down as she was still passed out breathing heavy.
He help her get dressed and walked her out to there room. No words were spoken until they got to the room. Zach said I can’t believe you did that! Ashley said that was the best sex of her life and she was glad she experienced it. She also said I saw you jerking off and you obviously liked it.

Zach said I could not help it I was mad and hard at the same time. Ashley started to rub Zach cock as she said I want to keep fucking black men would you like that? Zach could not believe he was getting harder and said I don’t know. Ashley continued to stroke his cock and said large black cock fucking your girl. His big cock making me cum? Hitting places your little cock can’t touch. She again said do you want to see that? As Ashley began to stroke his cock harder and faster. Zach about to cum said out loud yes yes I want to see you again with black cock yes as he shot his load.

Zach realized he was turned on by the whole night. Ashley said good boy we will do this together. I will have nice big black cock and you can watch and jerk off your tiny cock. Zach said yes and he realized he was a cuck now and Ashley belonged to bbc. Tell me if you like the story