I couldn’t believe it. How could he not even _try_ to take advantage of me? I’d given every signal and hint; laughing at all of his stupid jokes (even the ones that weren’t funny), I’d toyed with my hair, slid my hand down his arm, tons of eye contact. Thought my attire alone would have screamed _”fuck me”_ all on their own, but no. Even when we were alone, Mr. Davis driving me home after babysitting his two kids, nothing. I could tell he wanted to have his way with me. His sparkling blue eyes screamed the passion he dared not speak in front of his wife. So, why does he never speak up while we’re alone?

My eyes searched his face for some clue. Something I missed, maybe I’d been misreading? But even in the darkened setting of a late night drive back to my house, the sexual tension was heavy in the air. Just a few more blocks for him to speak up, reach out, pour his heart out to me. Or, at least pull over, tear my skin tight skirt away and pound me in the back seat. I caught him glancing over at me as we turned onto my street. His eyes flashed to my tube top, the thin fabric doing absolutely nothing to conceal my hard nipples underneath the exposed cleavage. I was tempted to pull the top down, bare my tan, firm c-cups in his car. That would surely be enough to send him over the edge.

But, I didn’t. I knew he had to cross the line himself. I couldn’t be the one to pull him into it, to make him betray his wife, and their marriage. When we pulled into the driveway, my family’s home looming over us in the darkness, I accepted the fate of another night with my fingers, vibrator, and perhaps a cold shower. I wonder how many cold showers he took because of me? How many times he’s masturbated or fucked his wife while thinking of me? Would he be doing either of those? The thought of him plowing his wife from behind while dreaming about me made my cheeks and chest flush, my heart fluttered a bit as I opened my car door. 

“Hey,” he called after me. I nearly fell over at the sound of his voice.

I turned to look at him, “Yeah?” I responded, trying to sound cool.

“I leave for a business trip tomorrow, would you be interested in some extra money? Maybe some work experience?”

“Sure, what do I have to do?”

He smiled, his big, warm smile. “You’ll be like a secretary, I guess.”

I didn’t have much desire to be anyone’s secretary, but the extra money would be good. My first year of college drained my savings, and I don’t even have my own car yet. I quickly agreed, “What should I bring?”

“Just yourself. We can get all the supplies and everything on the road.” His voice quaked a bit, he sounded nervous. I smiled back to him before saying goodnight, and walking inside.

I was too busy packing a small bag of clothes and toiletries to relieve the lust building within. My vibrator found its way into my bag before I’d had a chance to use it. Sleep evaded me, I was so focused and excited. Now, instead of seeing him for a few minutes every couple of nights, I’d be around him for several days!! No way we’d be able to keep our hands off each other for long. Fantasies roamed my mind, us passionately grinding against each other under the sheets in a hotel room, him bending me over a desk and taking me from behind, getting picked up and nailed in his strong arms against a wall, obviously road head. Maybe even airplane sex, if our travels included the skies. The one thing I forgot, and wouldn’t even remember until I got back home was my birth control. But, maybe there was a part of me that wanted to leave it behind…

He came the next morning, in a different car. “Company rental,” he explained. We made idle chitchat on the road, talking about nothing in particular. Business came up a couple of times, but neither of us seemed particularly interested in that topic. Probably should have been suspicious, since I still wasn’t entirely sure what my role or responsibilities were, but I was too caught up in being with him, away from everything, together. We pulled off the highway, drove into a small town, and into a hotel parking lot. We couldn’t have been on the road for more than half an hour, but I got out with him and helped bring the luggage in. His bag was smaller than mine, I noticed. We checked in, got the card keys, and went to our room.

I looked at the bed. Just one. My breath caught in my chest, excitement building rapidly as I turned to look at him.

“I’ve seen the way you behave around me,” he said in a low, smooth voice. “All the ways you’ve been leading me on.” I swallowed nervously, dropping my bag as he continued. “The only business this week is all the fucking you have coming, young lady.” His bag dropped to the floor, and he took a step towards me. I practically leapt into his arms, a delighted squeal erupting from between my lips.

He kissed and nibbled at my neck as we turned, then tossed me onto the bed. I lay there, my elbows propping me up, legs parted. I’d dressed a little more formally today, business skirt and blouse with a navy cardigan. He pushed me further onto the queen sized mattress, then liberated me from my skirt. My long, muscle toned legs wrapped around his waist, violet laced panties between my honeyed thighs the last barrier. He eyed them hungrily, but took the time to remove my cardigan and blouse. A matching lace bra covered my breasts, stiff nipples begging to be sucked beneath the fabric. His shirt pulled up and over his head, quickly joining my discarded clothes on the floor. I sat up when his hands went to his belt, my lips on his neck as I helped loosen and remove his pants. He eased me back against the sheets, then all too slowly dragged my panties down my legs and away.

Now, with nothing obscuring his view of my sex, he pounced. His head fell between my legs, stopping within a foot of my needy pussy. His hand pushed against my slit, fingers spreading my labia apart. He groaned at the sight of my inner pink, bordered by the darker flesh of my labia. His mouth encircled my aching clit, tongue swirling around the hardened bean. The hood above my clit fell away under the slick assault, fully exposing my most sensitive area to his tongue. He licked, sucked, and prodded it, then sent two fingers into my drooling hole. His fingers were nothing short of magical, finding all the right places to rub as they worked in and out rhythmically. I could feel my orgasm approaching, my hips gyrating against him subconsciously. He withdrew his fingers with one last lick of his tongue, then rose between my legs. I was so desperately close to climax, it was all I could do to level a lusty look on him as light spasms shook through me.

“You look close,” he said, teasingly. “I know _exactly_ what you need.” With that, he pulled his boxers down, revealing the cock I’d fantasized about for months. It was long, somewhere around eight inches, and _thick_. Looked far thicker than any cock I’d had in high-school or college. The pinkish head mushroomed out over his shaft, so wide I doubted I could wrap my hand around it. Veins lined his member, bulging under the rigid skin. His balls hung beneath the impressive package, hanging heavy between his legs. I whimpered my need, legs opening in an invitation. He came close, his erect meat extending over me before he leaned down. With one hand on the mattress by my shoulder, our heads inches apart, he used his other hand to line himself up. 

The pressure at my lips was unlike anything I’d felt before. My labia struggled to stretch around his impressive girth, but with the steady advancement of his hips it pushed through. I moaned loudly at the penetration, it felt as though he would tear me apart. My inner muscles constricted around him, pussy clenching with the nearing orgasm. He sunk deeper and deeper, despite the tightness. His hands grasped my thighs, pulling me onto him as he fell into me. Inch after inch of his thickness sunk deeper and deeper, my climax roaring to life. It struck the instant I felt his pelvis grind against mine, his flesh rubbing against my clit. My whole body tensed up, muscles tightening under the influence of the most powerful orgasm I’d ever had. The room began to spin as my vision blurred. He continued pounding his thick cock into me throughout my climax, using his thumbs to tease my throbbing clit. My orgasm grew in intensity, spasms beginning to rock through my body. My legs closed behind him, holding him against me as they quivered around his waist. He stopped thrusting, keeping himself buried completely within my convulsing pussy. I heard him groan, relishing the massaging pleasure provided by my constricting inner warmth.

We stayed conjoined on the bed, my legs tight around him throughout my orgasm. They relaxed as my climax subsided, and I fully expected him to begin pounding my still tingling pussy. I moaned as he pulled away, his wonderful girth leaving a sense of emptiness in its wake. When he pulled completely out and slapped his cock against my belly I felt how wet it was. My fingers traced the slick member coated in my juices, and I couldn’t help but smile in post orgasmic bliss. I felt something drip onto my stomach, warmth pooling beneath my navel, and my curious fingers instantly swiped across. I realized in that moment he had cum as well. Momentary worry bubbled up. Had he cum inside me? Should we have been using protection? How could I have forgotten birth control, or to suggest a condom?? All thoughts of repercussions flew from my mind in an instant, when his lips pressed onto mine. 

He laid on top of me, my legs parted around him. His arms wrapped underneath my back in a horizontal hug, and our tongues quickly glided together. I moaned softly into his mouth, light hums reverberating from his. He laughed quietly when our deep kiss finally broke, then looked me in the eyes. “Fuck, that was good,” he said breathlessly. “Sorry for the quick arrival, but I’ll be good to go in a minute.”

I laughed reassuringly, “No big, I came _hard_. Way better than college cock, for sure.”

“That’s good to hear.” He rolled off of me and laid next to me on the bed. I rolled over to look at him. This is the first time I’d seen him naked, and it didn’t disappoint. He had a fairly chiseled dad bod, soft in all the right spots with enough muscle poking through to show he still took care of his body. The hairs on his chest, stomach and below were fine, and just starting to grey. My eyes traced back up, and I was surprised to see him looking into my face. “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time,” he said.

“Me too,” I replied with a huge smile. We laughed together, and I put a hand on his chest. It slowly worked its way down, fingers trailing through the soft hairs over his stomach. “I’ve also wanted to do this…” I added, voice trailing off as I got to my knees. I angled myself over his lap, face inches from his half erect cock now firmly in my hand. It was still sizable, even without being fully hard, and coated in our shared pleasure. I kissed the tender flesh on the underside of his shaft, just beneath the enlarged head, then opened my mouth and sucked him beyond my lush lips.

He groaned at the stimulation, my tongue swirling around his sensitive head. I sucked away the juices left by our orgasms, truly enjoyed the flavors we’d left behind. His hand rested on the back of my head, and I sucked his cock harder as it inflated in my mouth. His erection returned, harder and hotter than ever behind my lips. I kept sucking and licking, encouraged by his steady groans of pleasure. His hand pulled at my hair, taking me away from his renewed firmness with a wet pop. He guided me up to him, and gave me another deep kiss. I put one leg over him, straddling him while our kiss grew more intense, more passionate. His cock throbbed against my ass, the wet meat slapping against my firm cheek as though I would forget about it. 

I arched my back which elevated my ass, and without breaking our kiss used one hand to guide him back into me. He slipped inside more easily this time, and I brought myself down quickly. Our groins met, and then ground into each other, and our kiss eventually broke with a breathless moan. His hands were on my ass, groping my firm flesh as he began pounding himself up into me. He lifted and dropped me in his lap, each slap of our bodies growing wetter. My moans turned to shrieks as he drilled into me, another orgasm shaking through me before I realized it. Climactic spasms made me tremble in his arms, fingers curling into the sheets above his shoulders. His head lifted, lips latching to a stiff nipple on my swaying breast as his thundering thrusts continued. My body was on fire, every added stimulation sending my orgasm to dizzying new heights. 

With one last thrust up, he finally relented. My nipple popped from his mouth, and his hips remained elevated, lifting me off the mattress. I convulsed atop him, impaled on his pole, every soft twitch of his buried cock keeping me over the edge. “Are we having fun?” he asked in a teasing tone. My only response was a garbled attempt at “yes,” accompanied by an all too quick nod. “Good,” he said moments before using his strength and experience to roll us both over. He ended up on top once again, my slightly quivering legs spread around him. Each of his hands took one of my slack calves, then lifted. My ankles rested on his shoulders, hips elevating as he leaned over me.

With his hands firmly grasping my sides, he began thrusting again, this time much harder and deeper. Every time his pelvis crashed into me, the force shook throughout my entire body. I could tell he was close to unloading again the way his face was contorting. The thought of another of his potent loads pumped deep into me summoned another orgasm. It built rapidly, but refused to actually strike.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked in a naughty, lusty voice.

“Oh, fuck yes,” I replied, hoping my words sounded even half as pleading as I intended.

“Where do you want it, baby?” He thrusted deep with the last word, keeping himself buried to the hilt for a while before sliding back out. 

The answer was obvious, and pouring from my mouth before any cognizant consideration. “_Inside_. Please, cum inside me.” Moans mixed with my words as I begged him to fill me with his seed. I didn’t have to wait long, a few more thrusts, and then full penetration. I’d never taken anything as deep as his cock plunged in that moment, as though it had grown another inch or two for the specific purpose of shooting every sperm cell directly into my womb.

His cock began pulsing, warm fluid splashing into my narrow tunnel before spreading deeper inside. Feeling his cock throb his sticky seed into me was more than enough to trigger my own climax. My toes curled by his ears, legs shaking against his chest as waves of pleasure washed over me. His hands closed on my shoulders, pushing me into the bed as he delivered several hard, shallow thrusts into me. My constricting walls milked his pulsing cock for every last drop, eager to help empty the contents of his balls into my young, fertile body. He let my legs fall from his shoulders, then leaned low over me. We embraced each other, kissing and nibbling necks, lips, and anywhere else our lusty hunger demanded while our orgasms slowly subsided.

We lay together, our naked bodies entwined over the sheets, for a few minutes. His spent cock slipped from my slick slit, followed by a thick, warm river of our juices. Our kisses were only interrupted long enough for us to gaze into the other’s eyes, then resumed deeper and more passionate than before. I pushed into him, rolling on top as our kiss continued. My legs straddled him, hungry pussy spreading in eager anticipation over his rehardening cock. As I lifted myself over him, rising just enough to reach behind and guide his still slick member back into me, his hands groped my breasts. I moaned as his thick manhood began sliding back into me, inch after inch stretching me out once more while his big hands expertly massaged and pinched at my tender flesh.

My hands squeezed his forearms while I gyrated my hips down onto him. “Ooooh, fuck Mr. Davis,” I moaned, overcome by pleasure. I didn’t really know if I had actually verbalized, or if these words had simply echoed in my head, cognitive thought clouded by the wondrous bliss. His response suggested it had been out loud.

“You feel _amazing_,” he groaned, squeezing my firm tits tighter, our pelvises grinding together with his full length sliding inside my warm, slick pussy. I moaned in response, lost in the sensations as his fingers pinched a nipple. My gyrating accelerated slowly, orgasm gradually building, breath turning sporadic. I made an effort to look down at him, realizing my eyes had been closed. Our eyes locked, his beautiful blues gazing deep into my own hazel eyes. “You’re so beautiful,” he sighed, moments before taking over.

His hips rose under me, pressing even more of his already sizable cock inside. As his hips sunk back into the mattress, his hands slid tantalizingly down my body, finally coming to rest just over my ass. He delivered a delightfully painful slap to the side of my left cheek while gripping my right firmly as he lifted into me once more. The spank brought my climax incredibly close, and a light shriek left my lips. His other hand grasped the still stinging left side of my ass, guiding my toned butt against his steady thrusting. My body draped over his, our lips pressing together once again in a hungry kiss. I came in his hands, the rhythm of our passion elevating this orgasm to a higher, more intense level than any I’d ever experienced. For the second time in a _day_, this man had driven me into pleasures I’d never truly known. It was as though my entire body were consumed in ecstasy, trembling against him as he fucked me harder, deeper, thundering me further into the agonizing pleasure of my unbelievably powerful orgasm.

He only relented when he felt liquid pleasure gushing from my convulsing pussy, lifting me from the mattress with his elevating hips. His girthy cock surged deep into my pulsating pussy, and my quivering legs wrapped beneath him, toes curling tight under my feet. I clenched fistfulls of bedsheets, desperately searching for an anchor so as to not get lost in an orgasm that threatened to never end. My core muscles began to get sore, the waves of pleasure taking their toll on my shaking body. His body turned under me, the world spun as we flew through the room, falling back onto the bed. He ended up on top of me again, my legs pulling him into me, the sheets wrapped around us. We stayed entwined throughout my incredible orgasm, his warm meat spreading me as my muscles convulsed around him. His lips went to the soft flesh of my neck, teeth nibbling gently as he tenderly kissed. A hand grasped my breast, hardened nipple stuck under a big, strong palm. 

Once my breathing started again, _had it stopped?_ and my orgasm _mostly_ subsided, he pulled from my neck. I looked into his eyes, the fog of our passion clearly evident in my features. I couldn’t help but smile, something like love bubbling inside. “Are you ready for more?” he asked. His tone was soothing, with a hint of a tease mixed in. I nodded, not fully aware of what was just said. His cock slid out, falling from my inner depths followed by empty disappointment. He rolled me over, sending the sheets away as I came up on my knees. My arms were mush, so I let my face rest on a pillow, ass in the air. His hands groped my firm ass, every touch sending post orgasmic electricity surging through me. I groaned into the pillow, only vaguely aware of his activities behind me, until a familiar feeling perked me up. 

I was able to muster enough control and strength in my arms to push myself up onto all fours as his thick shaft slid up under my wet slit. His length ground against my aching clit making me twitch. I moaned softly, one hand gripping the headboard, the other firmly planted on the mattress below. Both hands gripped the headboard as his thickness penetrated me once more, his girthy cock sliding in easily while his hands grasped my hips. I moaned as he groaned, our pleasure increasing as our bodies became more fully connected. He ground his hips against my ass once his cock had plunged as deep as it could go. His full length wiggled and slipped inside, my pussy immediately constricting around him at the sensation.

A soft gasp broke from my lips when he pulled away, the sudden movement within my narrow passage creating a wet sound before the “_slap_” of our bodies slamming back together. His surge into me was so forceful it shook me forward, making my breasts sway under my chest. I felt his balls swing up between my legs, his already drenched sack slapping my exposed clit. He pulled back quickly again, then thundered forward. Every thrust brought his balls back up against my clit, sending sudden surges of pleasure coursing throughout my body. My orgasm roared to life, screams of ecstasy erupting from my mouth without me even really knowing I was making any sound at all. He slapped my ass, the sting of it driving my climax higher as my legs twisted up around his. My grip on the headboard faltered, and I found myself falling to the pillows and sheets below. The room spun, bed rocking under me as Mr. Davis continued pounding me from behind. His hands grasped my hips, pulling me onto him every time he thrusted forward. 

My orgasm surged harder under his battering. I vaguely registered the sensation of liquid running down my thighs, but couldn’t connect any dots as to what it could be. My mind was clouded, surrendered to the unyielding fog of ecstasy. A long, low moan flowed from my mouth, open in a satisfied smile across my face. My head rested on some pillows, limp arms laying somewhere on the mattress around me. Trembling legs still straining under my elevated ass, eyes practically rolling under the influence of the magical cock jackhammering into me. My swirling vision darkened just as Mr. Davis pushed hard against me, burying himself as deep into my body as he could and staying there. Warmth began spreading from around his pulsing, sheathed meat, and I sighed contentedly as my consciousness gave way to deep, restful sleep