You ask me to rub your shoulders and your back when we get into bed. You take your shirt off, and I start around the base of your neck. Digging in hard enough where you feel me dig into the muscles but soft enough where there is not any pain. I hear your breathing lessen as you begin to relax. I work my way over to your shoulders back in and down the base of your spine. Back over and up the sides of your back. Your skin is soft and beautiful. I lean over to give you a kiss around the base of your neck and another one on your trapezius. I continue to work your muscles while continuing to kiss various parts of your back. You stop me and lay down, and remove your panties. You lay down as in continue running your back and shoulders making my way down to your buttocks.

As I make my way down I continue to kiss every inch of your body. I start to work your ass cheeks, as I move down to your hamstrings. While I do this I kiss your ass, and spread your cheeks as you lift your ass in the air. I go down and lick around your asshole, then kiss your cheeks again. Continue working my way to your hamstrings and calves. Then back up continuously rubbing, kissing, taking a quick lick, and then back up to the base of your neck.

You stop me and roll over, as I take this moment to look into those eyes, and kiss your lips. You pull me in closer as the kiss becomes more intense. Then as the tease you can be, you push me off. I start on your upper breast area as I work my way down to your nipples as I take a moment to continue kissing and working your muscles. As I work around your breasts I work the base around to the top as I work in towards your nipples. I am straddling you. Careful not to put my weight in you. Your eyes are closed and I take a moment to lick your nipple then suck on it for just a moment, and then bite it with my teeth and pull then proceed to the other side, careful not to go to hard. I see a couple of deep breaths you take as I continue to work my way down.

I work your abdominal region as I continue kissing you. I work further down, hitting the top of your thighs as I work towards the inside of your inner thighs. You spread your legs wider as you ask me to work up further. I continue to kiss your legs and inner thighs. As I do so I see you begin to open up and play with yourself. I watch as you do this but continue to do what I am doing, as I get closer I let my hand touch yours and you move my hand into your pussy. You say finger me.

I begin to finger you as you rub your clit. You get me to the pace you want and position as I just continue to go until I see you stop. As you stop and push my hand away. You start to orgasm. Once you finish, you look at me and say lay down.

I lay down face up, as you straddle me. You lean over and kiss me, then you start to rub your pussy up and down my body, as you release your natural lubricant all over me. You do this occasionally kissing me. You rub right up to my face placing you vulva right on my mouth and say go ahead and taste it.

I start with my tongue in your vulva as I work my way up to your clit. You go for a few minutes and I feel you orgasm again. You go back down and turn around and go down my legs all while playing with my cock. You feel it getting harder the longer you play with it. You stop rubbing and play with the tip, licking and sucking on it while you stroke it. The base to the top. You stop and flick it, and Look at me. You work your self and place me inside of you. As you get on top of me. You lean down kiss me, grab my hands to play with your breasts. I continue playing with your nipples and grabbing from the bottom up like I would with a massage. You look at me as you start to grind on my cock. You look at me as your breathing gets heavy, you say nearly out of breath cum inside of me. I want to feel your dick throbbing in me as you do it.

Your so wet, I can’t help myself, I don’t last but for a couple of minutes, as I tell you I’m about to cum. You slow your pace, as I start to explode inside of you. You come to a stop as you feel the pulsating of my cock while it releases. You ask if I am done. I nod my head yes. As you look at me, lay down beside me as we are both sweaty wrapped up around each other. You kiss my lips and say let’s go get in the shower…