Sixteen years.

Sixteen years she has stayed by my side.

For sixteen years, she has been my ever loving wife. She was the mother of my two children, both now teenagers. To her, sixteen years was a lifetime and she would complain of the ravages that time has taken on her body. To me, sixteen years ago was yesterday and she was still the 19 year old college student from L.A. that I married.

I tried to show her, every chance I got, that she was still the object of my desire. In truth, I felt that I was the one to whom time had been unkind. When I met her, I was a 22 year old Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps, full of life and motovation. She stood by my side when I was promoted to corporal. I stood by her side while she gave birth to our son. I saw her crying while she held our six week old baby in her arms as I got on the bus when I deployed to Iraq. It was her smiling face that I saw when I closed my eyes at night and when I stepped back off the bus when we came home. So many years later, my hair had gone gray and the long term consequences of military life had taken their toll, but she was still by my side. I tried to make her see that it was my own failing, and not hers, when my ability to “stand at attention” needed medical intervention, I could understand how she would think it was because of her… But it wasn’t.

I wished I could find a way for her to see herself as I saw her. I wracked my brain trying to bring back that vibrant look in her eyes. As I lay behind her in bed, lightly running my fingers along her spine and enjoying the softness of her skin, what I wanted most was to just rip her panties off and plow into her as I would when I was 22. But, sadly, my pants-private was a disobedient little shit and even if he would put his boots on to go to work, she would just push me off and go back to sleep, more often than not, I had to settle for a dishonorable discharge. So I just kept running my fingers along her spine, occasionally allowing them to drift up along her side and under her large, round breasts, softly brushing the edge of her nipple with my fingertip as she lightly pushed back into me and let out a soft little moan.

I woke in the morning and kissed her on the temple as she lightly stirred and mumbled something along the line of, “Love you honey.” With that, I got dressed and headed off to work.

Work that day was as eventful as the main event at a grass growing competition. Angry customers complaining that they got exactly what they ordered. Angry bosses complaining that they didn’t get what they didn’t ask for. File this here, run that there. Smoke break, really the only highlight to any day. It would be just as mundane as the rest of my job were it not for that one co-worker that had become a real friend. Aisha was a 25 year old blonde with the body of a porn star and the personality of a rock star. She was cute, vibrant, intelligent, and had only been married for about six months.

Before she was married, Aisha used to love to go out for drinks and the occasional dinner at the house. She absolutely adored my wife and kids and my wife really did like her even if it did make her feel a little self conscious.

We talked through the cloud of smoke that hung over the patio for a while and as I swizzled out the cherry from my cigarette, I felt Aisha grab my arm.

“Hey, so you know, I’m having a little party at my house this tomorrow night. You should come too, and bring your wife’s sexy ass with you.”

“That sounds like fun, we’ll be there.”

“Ok… Dress to PARTY, this is more of a tequila and whiskey thing than a wine and cheese thing.”

“Aaaaand, what, exactly does that mean?”

“When you’re figuring out what to wear, ask yourself, ‘would I wear that to work?’… If the answer even COULD be yes… wear something else.”

“Awesome, I will see you tomorrow night!”

I threw my butt in the ash can and went inside to complete the drudgery of my day, getting yelled at from both sides of the phone line. As soon as the clock said I could, I logged out of my computer and got the hell out of there before the bosses could make up any other reasons to be mad. I would consider the treatment I received to be inhumane, but, I’m a Marine… They ain’t got nothing on a pissed off gunny.

I pulled up into the driveway and saw that my wife was already home, as she usually was on Fridays. As I walked up to the house, I tried to come up with how to tell her about the party tomorrow night with emphasis on how much I really wanted to go. We hadn’t really been able to hang out with Aisha, at all, since her wedding and I missed her. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t a physical attraction there, but I was a devoted husband and she was a devoted wife now.

I opened the door, still trying to figure out how to bring up the party at such short notice.

My wife was sitting on the couch, watching some drivel on TV. She looked up to me with her usual warm but weary smile. “Hi Honey! How was work?”

“Same as yesterday, only today the screen saver was green instead of blue. Talked to Aisha, today.”

“Really, and how is she doing?’

“She’s good. Still her normal perky self.”

“That’s cool, I miss hanging out with her, but I guess she and James have their own friends that are closer to their own age.”

“Actually, she invited us to a party at her house tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow night, sure I guess we could do that.”

That was easier than I expected, but, Aisha and her are friends too.

That night was the same as any other friday night. Dinner on the couch, video games with our son, then off to more marital frustration leading to just light touching as she cuddled into me for warmth as she slept.

As evening approached on Saturday, I stood in front of the bathroom mirror styling my hair. In the reflection I could see her strip off her sweatpants and old ratty t-shirt. I couldn’t help but turn and stare at her curves, admiring every inch of her naked body. I started to feel a little stir in my boxers as I admired the woman in front of me.

“You know, if you would join me in the shower, we could save water.” I said, as I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and felt her bare breasts press against my shirtless belly. She pressed her head into my chest, the top of her head barely reaching above my nipples. She’s only 5 foot 2, while I’m 6 foot 7 making for an interesting mismatched pair.

“But you shave in the shower and then all the hair get stuck to me.”

“Hey, I’m just thinking about the environment.”

She stood up on her tip toes as I leaned down to kiss her while simultaneously reaching down to squeeze both her ass cheeks.

She let go and turned toward the shower. I started to face back to the mirror but paused long enough to admire the three little freckles she had on her left butt cheek. They formed a perfect triangle that I affectionately named “The Triforce.”

As I waited for her to shower, I decided what I wanted to wear. Old pair of jeans and a faux-suede shirt that had been in the back of the closet for months.

“Honey-darling,” I hear from the shower. “Did she say anything about what kind of party. I don’t know what to wear.”

“All she told me was that it was a tequila and whiskey kind of party, not a wine and cheese thing.”

“That’s not much help.”

“She said, ‘If you would wear it to work, wear something else.’ Pretty much all I have is tshirts and work stuff so I’m in jeans and a relatively nice shirt.”

“Oh, well, since you are the one I ask about what I SHOULD wear to work, could you find me an outfit I shouldn’t wear to work?”

“I’ll see what I can find.” I went into the closet to search.

I wanted her to look, and more importantly… feel, sexy without being too revealing. I found the perfect outfit.

“You asked me to find something for you to wear, but you cant complain or question. Just wear it ok.” I said as the water turned off.

I hung her outfit on the closet door.

As she got out of the shower, I went back into the bathroom to finish getting ready. As we passed in the doorway, I took the opportunity to give her boob a little grope. She giggled and gave me a kiss on the shoulder.

“Where’s my outfit?” She asked.

“I put it on the bed.”

“But theres nothing there!?!?”

“And you wouldn’t wear that to work, would you?”

“Seriously, where are my clothes for tonight?” She asked, suppressing a laugh.

“They’re on the closet door.”

“Oh,.. OH!.. I haven’t worn this in a couple years. I don’t even know if it will still fit. But you said I couldn’t question.”

A couple minutes later, I was ready and exited the bathroom. Greeted with the vision before me, all I could say was nothing. There she was wearing her tight black jeans and lavender corset with hook closures up the side. I helped her with the last couple hooks on top of the corset and watched, damned near slack jawed as she slipped on the light black, almost see-through, sweater she wore the night we met. She turned to me and saw the look on my face that I’m sure was a mix between horny teenager and complete idiot. If only she could see what I saw.

Her already huge breasts pushed up over the top of the corset as they strained against the fabric and her ass filled out those tight jeans in a way that made my Wranglers fit just a little tighter and I could almost hear the marching cadence being called out from my crotch, even if it was just a whisper.

“Are you ready dear,” she asked after what seemed like hours.

“What??? Oh, yeah, I am. Just need my jacket and we can go.”

As I walked out to the living room I heard my phone ding behind me still on the bedside table. As I pick it up, thankful for the reminder, I see its from Aisha.

“Hey, if it’s not too much trouble, would you bring your camera? I would like some memories of our first party in our new house and I know you do that whole photography side business thing.”

“Will do.” I replied quickly. Then threw on my jacket and grabbed my camera bag and met my wife at the car.

We had to park around the corner from from Aisha’s house, there were cars parked all up and down the street.

As we walked up to the front, my wife stopped… “I hope this outfit is ok. I just hope that it isn’t too much… Or too little.”

“It’ll be fine, dear.. Let’s get in there.”

We knock on the front door. A couple seconds later, Aisha opens it with a big smile that grows when she sees that it’s us. My own grin is hard to suppress as I notice what she’s wearing. A black, nearly shear bustier, the only part left to the imagination are the essentials. And to make it better, she’s wearing a pair of cut-off shorts from which both her pockets and ass hang from the bottom.

She gives my wife a big hug and then me, giving me a kiss on the cheek that seems to linger a little longer than just a quick peck. Then announces our introduction to the rest of the attendees. “Hey, everyone, this is my friend Paul and his wife Jessie. Make sure they feel welcome.”

Everyone shouts hello.

“See, I told you that your outfit would be fine.”

I place my camera bag on an empty chair and cover it with my jacket and take Jessie’s sweater from her after a little bit of tug-o-war, I place it over mine.

We head to the defacto bar and get a couple drinks, for the most part its just Jim with a Jack chaser. Then we find a place off to the side where we are content to just people watch… albeit awkwardly.

As I gaze about the room, from person to person, I notice one young woman wearing nothing but a lacy bra with boy-shorts. She gives me a quick smile as I quickly avert my gaze so as not to be too creepy. There are a few guys playing beer pong in one corner and at the table there are a few people just starting a round of texas-hold-em. Every time my eyes meet Aisha’s, she smiles brightly and just gestures for us to join the fun. We take a quick step closer into the group, getting more comfortable.

Jessie and I finish our drinks and pour another round.

At the table we hear one of the girls whine as she loses her hand, and apparently her shirt as she strips it off right there. Jessie grips my arm tightly, physically expressing her surprise. Her grip lightens after a moment. I turn to look and she has a smile that looks half bemused and half amused.

We watch in silence for a few more minutes, have another drink. We’re both feeling good, not drunk, just good.

Shirtless girl lost again, and now she has to take off her shorts, I can’t help but notice that she decided it was a military night and went commando. Jessie gasps at first and then chuckles shyly as she notices what I’m staring at. I can’t help but notice that her hands have moved from my arm to my ass as she relaxes a bit… I’m sure the three shots of Jim followed by Jack on the rocks have helped.

Suddenly, we hear a rhythmic THUMP-THUMP-THUMP-THUMP… on the wall between the dining area and the garage. No one else seems bothered by it, but a few people smile and go through the door to see whats going on.

Through the open door, we can hear a woman moaning and then “oh, yeah, fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

Curious, Jessie and I step through the door. There are about twenty more people gathered around watching as a woman, lying face down on a pool table, is getting railed from behind by… James! As in Aisha’s husband.

“NOW FUCK ME IN THE ASS!” She cries as James pulls out from her pussy and lines up his next shot, her hands now spreading her cheeks to give him a clear view.

“Cue stick, back pocket,” James jokes as he thrusts it in. The girl on the table just screams in ecstasy as he fills her ass with his cock.

Jessie pulls me down so she can whisper to me, “Where’s Aisha, does she know what James is doing in here?”

We look toward the door. There’s Aisha, watching too, with one hand down the front of her shorts… and… she’s… rubbing herself… shes fucking masturbating right here in front of everyone.

Jessie grabs my arm and pulls me back into the house and over to our stuff.

“Did you know this was… a… FUCKING SWINGERS PARTY!” she yelled while managing to whisper. “Seriously, DID… YOU… KNOW?”

“Honestly, no. I had no idea. I thought swingers were all old hippies who couldn’t let go of the sixties.”

“And did you see the size of James’… well his,” she holds up her hands, exaggerating the size but not by much.

From behind me I hear Aisha’s voice. “I’m sorry guys, I should have told you… But, I knew that if I told you, you probably wouldn’t have come and I really wanted you here… I’ve really missed you guys.”

“A little warning would have been nice.” I reply.

“Yeah, again, I’m sorry. Please stay, have fun. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and no one is going to pressure you into anything. I just really want you two to stay.”

Jessie puts her sweater back on top of my camera bag, “Well ok… everyone seems to be having fun and they’re all consenting adults. Who are we to judge? Plus, neither of us should be driving!”

“Yaaaay,” Aisha shouts as she grabs Jessie’s hand. “Come here, you’ve got to meet somebody.”

Jessie complies but grabs my hand and drage me with her.

Aisha pulls us to the dining area and up to the very same woman who just got done getting shish-kebabed on James’ over sized man muscle. She is clearly out of breath and sitting in one of the chairs.

“Paul, Jessie, this is Alexis. She works with James.”

Of all the questions to ask, Jessie just blurts out “How can you sit after that? Like seriously. I’m surprised you aren’t split in two after seeing what James is packing down there, but seriously, sitting now?”

“You’ve never done anal before?”

“Well, Paul has slipped in a finger to the second knuckle but never that, and certainly nothing that… big doesn’t even seem an appropriate adjective. Sorry, Honey, you know I’ve never complained about you but that…”

“Don’t worry honey, even I’m kinda astounded.”

“I love it!” injects Alexis. “At first its kind of weird but once you relax and just let it be, it’s amazing.”

“Well, I’ll take your word for it.” Jessie replies. “Aisha, have you ev–”

“What, me… with that… I’ve had anal, but not from James.”

We continue taking, surprisingly not all about James and the Giant Peach. And then we mingle a while longer, long enough for me to sober up some. Aisha was right, everyone was really friendly, but no one put any pressure on us. We were really enjoying ourselves.

“Honey, I’ll be right back, I’ve got to find a bathroom.” Jessie disappeared down the hallway.

Sounds of sex and laughter seem to some from everywhere. I could hear moaning from the garage, hell there was even a woman getting railed on the kitchen counter.

Intrigued, I start to wander just to see what all is going on in the house. In the garage, I stand and watch a while as a woman is face down on what amounts to a padded saw horse, complete with stirrups. One cock in her from behind, another in her mouth. Naked people all around some watching, some starting their own adventures. Remarkably, for all the sex going on with, presumably not their spouses, there is absolutely no drama.

I take out my phone and notice that Jessie has been gone awhile. Maybe she’s found something to watch too. I set out to find her.

I look in each room. There are even people fucking in the bathrooms as I peek in. Jessie is somewhere in here I just can’t find her. I start to climb the stairs. Aisha comes down, still wearing that glorious bustier but now her nipples are starting to peak above the padding. A view that I really appreciate.

“Hey, you brought your camera right?”


“Could you please get it and take it up to the master bedroom… There’s something going on that I want pictures of.”

I turn around and grab my camera, take a few test shots to make sure my settings are right without the flash, and head upstairs followed by Aisha.

There’s a huge crowd gathered around the door to the big master suite.

“Hey, coming through!” Aisha playfully shouts as the crowd parts enough to let us in the room.

In the master bathroom, I hear the toilet flush behind the closed door. “Oh, that must be Jessie there,” I think to myself. A little more at ease now.

I raise my camera to start taking photos as requested by Aisha. I take a few shots of the action on the bed. Two women in sixty-nine one on top of the other. The one on top has her left elbow propped up on the bed, her arm reaching around bottom girls legs so she can finger her while her face is buried between her thighs. Her right arm sticking out the other side with her hand gripped around some guys cock. Behind her, James and his giant cock are just pumping away like they’re about to strike oil. In the pictures, all I can see is James’ ass and the face of the girl on the bottom, so I move a little bit further left, hoping to catch more of the girl on top and a better angle.

I pause every few shots to see what I’ve got.

James hip meeting top girls ass. Bottom girl’s mouth wide open as she screams out in pleasure.

James still buried deep in top girl and bottom girl reaching up to finger top girls clit.

James’ ass again and that about all I see.

I put the camera down again and just watch for an opening to take more.

Top girl is really into it. With her pussy full of horse cock and her clit being rubbed from below, she starts bucking her hips like a stallion.

I lift the camera again and take three more shots… all I needed was the first one.

Bottom girl, reaching her head up to lick at top girls clit between thrusts from James. James pulling back from top girls ass to really get a long stroke, his tree branch poised right at the entrance to her glistening pussy. And then I notice it… The Triforce. Those three unique freckles in the perfect triangle.

I quickly lower my camera to verify what I see on my screen at the same time as “top girl” rears back like a warhorse about to charge. Just as she lets out the cry of all cries, our eyes meet and at first I see the hint of shock and guilt as she realizes she just got caught. That quickly melted into a mischievous grin and she dropped back down onto her hand and she pulled the cock she was stroking around to the front and quickly gobbled it into her mouth, but making sure to angle her head so she wouldn’t break eye contact with me.

“Wow, that chick is fucking HOT!” some guy behind me comments which only made Jessie buck harder against James.

At first I thought I felt a pain of jealousy rising in my chest, then I realized… That isn’t my chest… It’s a bit lower than that actually, my cock is about to burst from my jeans!

Suddenly, I feel a hand slide around my side and start undoing buttons on my shirt. Another hand reaches around the other side and starts starts pulling my zipper down.

“Somebody’s a little over dressed,” I hear from behind me as my shirt is pulled from my back and my pants are dropped to the floor. My cock springing out into the open air.

I look back to Jessie. She just smiles before another wave of passion overtook her her and she starts bucking again.

I feel a nudge on my back, pushing me forward until I topple over onto the bed. I roll to my back and I see Aisha standing over me, with a hungry look in her eye. I stare in long awaited amazement as she lifts her bustier over her head. Her ample, round breasts fall revealing perfect erect nipples framed by two pink quarter sized aeriola. She looks back down at me and starts to play at the button on her shorts. Slowly, she pops it loose and then slides the zipper down revealing the flesh underneath. Another set of hands reaches her hips and starts to pull down at the fabric. As her soft pink flesh is uncovered, one hand moves from the waistband of the shorts and between her legs from behind slowly sliding a finger between her pouting lips. As the shorts continue their slow slide downward, I see a familiar face looking between Aisha’s legs. The girl with the worst hand in poker showed me her best hand as she reached forward with her right and grabbed my cock, keeping her left hand busy in Aisha’s pussy.

“Enjoying the show?” poker girl asks me.

I can’t find any words to answer, everything happening to and around me is too overwhelming.

“Let me make it better for you.”

She removes her hand from between Aisha’s legs and pushes her shoulders forward keeping her hand on my cock as she guides it into Aisha’s mouth. As soon as my cock is covered, poker girl returns her hand to its job of savagely fingering Aisha.

Jessie and James stop for a moment to adjust position. She lays on her back next to me and puts her legs up on his shoulders while he guides his meat rocket into her waiting hole. She lets out a gasp and a shudder as she stretches back out around him. Eyes closed, she turns her head toward me and between his thrusts, she manages to half whisper, half squeal, “Thank… y-you… a-a-a-aye… I… L-L-L… love… ya-ya-yo-you.”

Our eyes meet once more and I lean forward and kiss her, tasting the remnants of bottom girl on her lips.

Aisha rises up, straddles my hips and hovers herself just a hairs width above my waiting and throbbing dick.

Jessie looks at her. “Please fuck him Aisha. You have no idea how long he has wanted this.”

“Yes, I do. I’ve wanted it to. Why do you think I invited you to this party. Because I want… THIS!” As she says it, she lowers herself down, slowly enveloping me into her waiting warmth. As soon as I’m buried to the hilt, she starts grinding. Slowly at first and building with speed and intensity with every cycle. Her hands resting on either side of my chest start to grasp at my skin, nails starting to catch into my flesh. The sting carrying up my nerves in a tingling zing of electricity as she starts to pump herself up and down. The fever visibly building in her eyes as she pumps and grinds harder and harder until she throws herself forward and her lips meet mine in passionate kiss and her muscles clamp down on my cock. When her muscles release, she leans over to kiss Jessie, not as passionately but just as deeply. Her hips pumping in time to some unheard tune.

She sits up and whispers into James’ ear. James gets up and Aisha moves over and climbs on top of Jessie. Their lips meet again as Aisha reaches down and starts fingering her. Their lips part just long enough for Aisha to whisper to me, “Now get behind me and fuck me!”

I’m not one to argue. I position myself behind her and slide it in, slowly, teasing every inch. And then just go to town. I can hear her moans and squeals coming from between her lips and Jessie’s. The harder I fuck Aisha, the more she gives to Jessie, The more Jessie cries out, the more I’m motivated to give to Aisha. With her open hand, Aisha grabs my hand from her hip and moves it to her ass, guiding my fingers into her. Likewise she extends her pinky allowing it to penetrate Jessie.

Suddenly, she pushes me back and pulls Jessie’s shoulders, encouraging her up to her knees in front of me. She reaches for my cock again and places it close to Jessie’s ass. I don’t even get the words out to ask Jessie if that’s what she wants before she answers by backing herself up, my cock now sitting right at the entrance. Slowly I build the pressure, and she pushes back just as slowly but firmly. Her face, scrunched in a way that looks painful but shes not stopping. Suddenly, I feel a pop as my dick breaks through the muscle tension and I’m in. Aisha puts my finger back into her own ass as she lines herself up next to Jessie.

Every pump I make into Jessie’s ass, I use Aisha’s as a counter thrust to keep my balance. It only takes few minutes and Jessie is cumming… Hard. Her pussy dripping on the blanket below her. I pull back out to give her a break. Aisha reaches out and keeps gentle pressure on my cock with her hand. Jessie rolls to her side, catching her breath.

While I’m checking on her, Aisha positions herself in front me, the head of my dick positioned right at her pucker. With a completely lack of subtlety, she slams back against me, swallowing my well lubed dick into her ass. She pushes me back until I’m sitting on my heels. And she raises her body up against mine and starts sliding against me like a woman possessed. She starts convulsing and shaking, and with a scream, collapses onto the bed exhausted.

I lay myself down next to Jessie, who at this point has caught her breath. She climbs on top of me and I feel myself slip into her soaking wet pussy. She rides me slowly, letting me recover. She leans forward and puts one of her wonderful breasts in my mouth. I suck and nibble at her nipple until she suddenly freezes. I look at her face and her eyes have gone wide and almost crossed, her mouth drops open as her eyes begin to squint. Looking to my left, I see Aisha there with a mischievous grin and over Jessie’s shoulder… James has positioned himself and has started to penetrate her from behind, hes so big, it pushes me out of the front.

Jessie can only grunt something to the effect of “YOU… go there” pointing me back to Aisha.

Aisha lays me down again and this time, sits on my face. Again, I’m not one to complain. I start fucking her with my tongue, feeling her juices run into my mouth. I feel a moist warmth around my still rock hard cock. Jessie is still to my right, Aisha is on my face. Through a gap just wide enough that I can see, poker girls mouth around me.

I can feel the rhythm from my right side, James is still sliding it slow and easy in my wife’s ass, trying not to give her too much, too quickly. Aisha starts grinding into my mouth keeping time with the rhythm on the other side of the bed. And I can feel a condom being rolled down around my cock.

“Trust me, you’re gonna need that.” Poker girl says as she squats right down on my rod. This cowgirl rides like a pro. Trying to match James’ rhythm, She grinds into me. As he takes longer pumps, she makes longer strokes. As he speeds up, she speeds up. I feel both of Aisha’s hands grasping at my chest, poker girl’s nails digging into my thighs, and Jessie’s hand squeezing my right arm for all its worth.

Everything comes together in a wave so powerful, I can’t breath. I feel my body wash over in a sheet of pleasure and feel like I’m about to burst which I do. Wave after wave of pressure pulse through my body as poker girl just keeps riding, her nails digging so deep into my thighs, I can feel a trickle of blood running down my leg. She rises high and just at the point where my head has cleared her lips and slams back down, hard, collapsing onto me and then rolling onto the bed. Aisha’s hand rips the condom away and replaces it with her mouth, giving it a thorough oral cleanse.

The pounding rhythm from the other side of the bed builds intensity and tempo. Jessie starts screaming with every thrust, each one building until they aren’t even separated by a breath, just a loud, quivering, vocal cry of ecstasy. Aisha moves off of my face to give me a view of my wife and the tears running down her cheeks as she struggles to breath between pulses of orgasmic bliss.

James slows down, pulls all the way back until you can see the apple at the end of the babies arm, and with a hard grunt, slams it back into my wife… then out real slow, and pound it home… then out real slow… and he guides his kielbasa into my wife’s willing pussy with all the force he can and as their hips meet, he lets out a shudder and a loud grunt as Jessie’s eyes get round as dinner plates and she convulses as he pulls out, leaving a trail of milky liquid running from Jessie’s pulsating lips. I have never been more thankful for those three little letters, “IUD.”

We all lay there as the gathered crowd applaud, at least those that aren’t otherwise inspired, the clapping of flesh indistinguishable from the clapping of hands.

After a while, we gather ourselves, and get off the bed. Aisha reaches out toward me and I reach my hand toward her, which she brushes aside and grabs my cock and pulls me into the bathroom. She bends down to turn on the water in the shower and then pulls me in with her. The water glistened off her shoulders and ran down through the valley between her breasts like a waterfall in paradise. She soaps up her chest and begins to rub her body up and down the length of mine, pausing and slowing down to allow my dick to savor the traverse through her valley of plenty. In no time at all, my tired little soldier has risen again, begging for more. She looks back up at me with a true hunger in her eyes as she turns her back and starts running her soapy ass up and down the length of my cock.

Rising up on her tip toes, she spread her legs slightly and lowers herself down, engulfing my throbbing sausage into her eager pussy as she grinds back against me gyrating her hips up and down and around, as she pressed her back against me, the soap still providing lubrication between both of our wet skin. My arms find themselves wrapped around her until my hands are clasping her breasts and gently rubbing them as she leans her head back to my shoulder and lets out a soft gentle moan, followed by another. Her grinding getting faster and faster until she leans her head back and turns her head and kisses me passionately as I feel her pussy clamp down on me and I lose control and thrust my cock as hard as I can into her and release my load deep as her muscles contract again.

She slides herself off of me and turns back to face me, smiling. “I finally got to have you to myself!”

Jessie and I got home that night and we made the most passionate love we had in nearly 14 years.

We began to spend a lot more time with James and Aisha, both together and separately. Nine months after the party, Aisha had a beautiful baby boy. Something that, it turns out, James couldn’t give her but he accepted as though it were his own… it was his idea to name the baby Paul.



I hope you enjoyed, if you liked it, i am currently writing a horror erotica thriller