Yes, I am a good husband. I am kind and caring, I have a healthy sense of obligation and do what is expected of me without anyone telling me, and I am faithful and loyal. But for the past year or so, I feel my good nature is being pushed to the limit and I am starting to think that I will not be able to take it any much longer. My wife has steadily grown preoccupied with sex and I am starting to get exhausted by all the emotional and physical energy that she expects me to expend to keep her happy. A year or so ago, we had sex perhaps once a week. Now, we have sex at least twice a day, every day: before I get to work and before we go to sleep. In the weekends, she expects three to four intercourse sessions per day, starting with an extra coitus session on Friday night. All of which would be fine and tolerable if we were in our twenties or even our thirties, but we are not. I am sixty two and she is turning sixty next month. She is a respectable, dowdy Chinese mother of two grown men in their thirties and a doting, loving grandmother of two. And yet, she now spends hours on end, day in and day out, slapping her old, hairy pussy, watching pornographic movies and masturbating loudly. When I leave for work in the morning, my morning session semen still inside for her (she says it is good for the vagina to keep the semen “fermenting” there), she is usually still in bed, a vibrating dildo inside of her inflamed pussy, her tongue wagging in the air, and her hand dexterously working on her clitoris. During the day, she would get up sporadically from her bed to do light housework, cook her lunch, and later in the day, cook dinner, but the bulk of her energy is dedicated to furious, relentless masturbation and reaching orgasms as many times as possible.
During this past year, I saw my wife progressively change from a quiet, submissive woman, who scarcely thought about anything other than her health and the health of her family and the education of her grandchildren, to a voracious sex addict. She does still care about her family and her grandchildren, but now she has a cause: sex. “I am a walking pussy,” she would confess to me sometimes out of the blue. “I just want sex and I like cocks.” During this year, I have witnessed my wife’s language progressively grow coarse and raw. She does not think twice talking about her “cunt” and men’s “balls” and how she sometimes craves to smell “ass holes.” Last year, I would never have imagined her saying to me, “take out your cock and masturbate in front of me,” or “shave your balls, I want to lick them.” Now, watching me jerk off is one of her favorite activities: watching me from across the room masturbating, using shampoo mixed with olive oil — she loves the sound of a man masturbating. And she would order me around, her voice growing hoarse and sharp during these sex sessions. “Put your finger in your ass, you bastard,” she would order, her eyes fixed on my cock or balls, her face serious and determined. “Faster, you dirty old man,” she would groan and then get up from her seat to come closer. I have also noticed that her pussy has grown darker and more menacing — probably, she has grown vaginal muscles from her repeated daily orgasms and the muscles have changed the complexion and physiology of the vaginal area. In any case, there is no doubt that her pussy is now a much stronger animal: when she comes while my penis is inside of her, her contractions are much more powerful than they used to and my penis gets squeezed much harder than in olden days.
But if only her demand was to have me masturbate in front of her or penetrate her. That would have been fine and I would have been able to easily live with it. But she asked for far more. She has also taken to sporting a small strap on dildo and once in a while, putting on a fake mustache and affecting a low voice, she fucks me in my ass. Which I have now grown accustomed to, but the first few days, I felt a little humiliated and abused — especially when she kept repeating, “I am fucking you, Mister homosexual. I am fucking your ass!” More than that: she now regularly spends at least $100 a month on pornographic material — from DVDs to dildos to pictures of men and women making love, to small provocative artifacts. Just the DVDs I counted the other day surpassed two hundred, tackling all aspects of sex, from orgies, to bukkake, to double penetrations, to grannies, to midgets, to ladyboys, to lactating mothers, to just name a few. She is subscribed to Playgirl Magazine and often reads it in the bathroom while taking a dump. Sometimes, when her sexual obsession grips her, she expresses strange cravings — like a craving pregnant woman — that sometimes scare me. Once, she craved the smell of ass and so had us eat black beans, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and chicken three days in a row. Needless to say, after the first day, the house was bathing in the strong, trenchant aroma of ass that she was looking for. Another time, she had me abstain from ejaculating for a whole week, and then she had me ejaculate six times within a 24 hour period — once every four hours on the hour — (to the point where my sides were hurting) and preserved the semen that I ejaculated into a small glass bottle. The second day, she made us salad and used my semen as dressing (though she mixed it with oil and vinegar to give it body).
With other men, she is becoming ridiculous. If they are men we know, she flirts with them openly, never crossing the line, but coming very close to it. If they are strangers, she ogles them aggressively, shamelessly, staring at them intently in the eyes and then in their crotch area without.
I’ve tried to snap her out of her madness by reminding her that she is a respectable Chinese grandmother, that she is not expected to behave like she was behaving, and that she could get us in real trouble if one day a man would take her to bed and fuck her old, dark pussy. But to no avail. She can’t help it.
A few times, I have considered in my desperation gathering five or six men and bringing them home to her and have them spend a few hours with her in our bedroom, penetrating her and ejaculating in her and on her. Perhaps that would get her over the hump, I thought. But then again, I thought again: she might enjoy it so much that she would turn THAT into her habit. I’ve read that is exactly what has happened to other women who could not return to regular monogamous sex once they had the experience of having sex with several men at the same time.
Now, my thinking is to find a young, handsome, health, good-natured unmarried man — perhaps a college boy in his early twenties — who has an inflamed libido and who would be more than happy to penetrate a pussy on a regular basis, at no monetary or emotional charge, and even get involved in the kinky activities that she likes. To be sure, she will want me to be part of the sessions, and I would oblige. But having the burden of keeping my wild woman satisfied would be such a blessing. In any case, I must do something or one day, her powerful vagina will break my penis in two and suck my testicles completely dry of the meager drops of semen they somehow still manage to generate every day. It is time to act before it’s too late.

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