Still feeling a bit self conscious about my writing so I’d love any feedback! 💗


I wake up to my “sensual” playlist playing and my silk sleep mask covering my eyes. Strange, I don’t remember putting it on. I go to pull it off and realize my hands are tied above my head. Squirming against my restraints, I realize my ankles are tied too, my legs spread. I’m wearing what feels like my favorite little sheer burgundy corset. It holds my enormous breasts beautifully and makes me feel like a goddess. Wiggling around a bit, I realize I’m not wearing underwear, so my pussy is completely exposed.

Is Dani still here? Did you dress me together? My stomach flutters at the thought.

My questions are answered as I hear you and Dani talking. “Ooh she’s waking up,” you say excitedly.

“She looks so fucking hot in that corset, all tied up and ready to be used,” Dani says, sending tingles all through my body.

The thought of both of you ravaging my helpless body is making my pussy throb. I giggle as you both climb into bed, you kissing my neck sensually while you grope my breasts and Dani running her fingers through my hair and whispering in my ear that she’s aching to taste me again. I’m already panting, my senses on fire.

“Mmmm what are you going to do to me?” I ask, and suddenly something cold and hard teases my slick pussy lips before penetrating me, making me gasp.

“I found your pretty crystal dildo, dirty girl,” Dani growls as she slides it in and out of me, pushing it in so deep I yelp. You rip my corset down roughly, massaging my breasts, then sucking and biting them. Dani swirls her soft tongue over my clit as she continues to fuck me with my crystal dildo, and I cum within seconds, screaming and bucking against my restraints.

I’m panting and whimpering after one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had, and you and Dani giggle.

“It sounds like she wants her mouth filled,” Dani says, smirking, and you agree. You straddle my head, asking me if I want my mouth used too.

“Yes, please baby, I want to suck your cock,” I say between breaths. You caress my face for a moment, then push a finger in my mouth, and I suck on it, moaning. You put your tip to my lips, and I lick it hungrily and then open my mouth, inviting you in. You groan as I suck your dick with intensity, my tongue making its way all around your shaft. Dani fondles my breasts, kissing and sucking them.

Then Dani gets up and slips one leg under mine, lining up our throbbing, wet clits, and grinds into me.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” I groan, with you still in my mouth. Dani’s sexy little hips move so deliciously into my pussy, quickly picking up speed. I suck and lick you harder and faster as I feel another orgasm building.

“Fuckkkkk yes I’m cumming!,” Dani squeals, sending me over the edge too as we cum together, our bodies tensing and shuddering. You’re thrusting in and out of my mouth now, and you cum down my throat moments later.

You release my wrists and ankles from their restraints, and I pull off my blindfold, biting my lip as I take in the sight of you and Dani, naked and aroused. I grab Dani and push her onto her back, climbing on top of her with one of my legs between hers. I kiss her passionately, my hand on her face and my tongue invading her mouth. She wraps her arms around me, grinding herself into my leg and moaning into my mouth.

Behind us, you grab my hips and slide your cock into me, your thrusts deep and slow.

“Let me see you eat her pussy,” you direct me. I continue kissing her urgently and messily a few moments before pulling away, backing up into you and grabbing Dani’s thighs. I take a moment to enjoy you penetrating me so deeply, and then turn my attention to Dani’s pussy. I lick her slit up and down, my tongue dipping in and out of her entrance, then focusing on her clit. I grab my crystal dildo and penetrate her hard, as she moans loudly and grinds into my tongue. I fuck her with the crystal dildo and continue licking and sucking her clit as you fuck me from behind, slamming me into you by grabbing and pulling my hips so hard you leave finger-shaped bruises. Dani is moaning and panting, and explodes into a long, intense orgasm. Moments later, you’re cumming too, throwing your head back and moaning.

We collapse in bed together again, panting. After a while, Dani gets up and pulls on her dress, leaving her panties on the floor. She grabs my face and kisses me hard.

“Call me, beautiful. I’d love to fuck you both again. In the meantime, keep my panties,” she says with a wink. She leaves, and we both agree this was the hottest weekend of our lives. We will definitely be calling Dani again.