It’s the soft breeze wafting through the window that first rouses you. Out here in the islands, the air hits different. You first noticed it when you stepped out of the airport terminal to the view of the swaying palm trees and cloud-topped mountains. It’s a sensation that pictures can never recreate.

You bat your eyes open to see the first rays of morning sunshine pour through. You feel that breeze through every inch of your body. Down your back. In your chest. Between your legs. Especially between your legs. There’s just something magical about vacation sex. It’s a reason why you’ve been anticipating this trip with me for so long. We live our regular adult lives back home, generally happy but neglected in the bedroom. When you and I connected we discovered a kind of intimate connection that we hadn’t had for so long at home. It took a long time, but we made it happen. And now you’re laying in bed next to me. I’m still asleep.

You look around the room and view the evidence of that first wild night of passion. Your floral dress and my button-up shirt are right by the bedroom door. They were the first things to go. One stiletto pump lays on its side by the dresser. The other is near the foot of the bed, a good three feet away. You don’t quite recall how they ended up so far apart but it makes you giggle to yourself.

A tiny loop of lacy black fabric sits right beside the shoe by the bed. You’re fully aware of how that happened. You’d been waiting so long to get that off, soaked by hours of sexual tension as we spent our evening out. By the time we made out on a secluded section of the beach path after dinner and you felt my bulge as you tasted my lips, you were practically dripping. Those pheromones still hang in the air of the bedroom the morning after, mixed with the salty air breezing through.

You look to your left and see me still fast asleep, my chest gently rising and falling underneath the sheet. Gently, you roll the sheet back until my manhood springs free, pointed straight up, hard as a rod. We had chatted before about how much we loved morning sex. Now you can see why I do. The first glance instantly takes you back to last night, and how extraordinary it felt that first moment I entered you. I tried to warn you about my abnormal thickness beforehand, but you laughed it off. You weren’t laughing that moment I pushed your vaginal walls to an extent they’d never been during sex. It was more of a loud gasp of shock. No words necessary. You said all you needed to.

You gently stroke it, not wanting to wake me just yet. Fuck, is it even bigger than it was last night? You grasp your hand on it and can feel my pulse through the steady throbbing. There’s a Pavlovian response in your slit. It instantly moistens. You know what it needs and you’re not about to waste any more time.

You position yourself atop me and guide my stiff cock to your lips. You keep it there for just a moment, letting it brush up against your stiff clit. We guys aren’t the only ones who get morning wood, you know. Then you let yourself be taken by the sensation of my thick head forcing your pussy lips apart. You wince and let out a deep breath. Your facial expression is one of ecstasy mixed with disbelief.

Do you know what I love probably most of all about entering a lover’s pussy? It’s the warmth. Yes, the tightness and friction is the main draw, and feeling your wetness tells me just how much you want me. But no, it’s the warmth. Being inside you makes me feel like I’ve come home into a cocoon of bliss. It almost seems maternal. The female body nurturing life. The very point at which we began our lives. A sacred space. You know that feeling where you slip into a hot bath and the temperature is just perfect? It’s like that. Times two. No, times ten. That’s the power you possess over us men.

My eyes are now wide open, a huge smile on my face rounds out into an “O” as I moan so loudly that anyone passing by on the beach below can hear. Let ‘em hear it.

It’s at this moment, as you bob up and down on me, nice and slow, my tip massaging your G-spot, me giving your clit a nice little circular rub with my index finger and thumb, making your walls contract, coaxing my seed out of me as we share a simultaneous explosive orgasm, that we can finally leave all the troubles of our lives behind. All the secrecy. All the hurdles. And we can simply be a man and a woman.