Every two months I am contractually obliged to be examined by a gynecologist. For some reason a lot of people think it’s a nice and fun procedure and many girls go for it with pleasure. Not really, I do not really like this process, especially since gynecologists are sometimes not very gentle. And rightly so, they look at different vaginas every day for 100 times and they are not surprised.

But this time something completely different happened to me. I sat in the chair as usual, spread my legs, closed eyes and just waited for this nice girl to finish examination. Suddenly I loved the way she gently touched my pussy, asking questions in a very calm and gentle voice. She was doing all the same things that all gynecologists do, but this time I really felt sexually aroused.

She inserted the vaginal speculum into me so gently and carefully and began to move it apart gently stroking my thigh. It was very cool. I felt my pussy lips swell up and got wet. I was really turned on and she knew it, but she didn’t say a word, just looked at me mysteriously. Although she was wearing a mask, I realized that she smiled at me and understood everything.

The examination was over and I went home horny with a wet pussy and with the firm intention to fuck my husband. By the way, she asked me not to have sex for 3-4 days before my visit to the gynecologist… If I do, I’ll probably cum the next time she examines me as soon as she touches my pussy… because if I don’t have sex for 4 days, I’ll go crazy.

[And this is just my photo](https://i.imgur.com/hnEhvVe.jpg)

mostly I wear this kind of dress to visit gynecologist, very easy access and no need to undress.