have posted a few stories on here and this is by far the one that gives me the most shame…

So I’m half Swedish and when I was a kid my family and I would visit once every couple of years. We would go to stay at my Grandparent’s place, see all the family, the usual stuff.

Every time we used to go over I would always end up hanging out with my first cousin Marie (Dad’s niece). She is a couple of years older than me (when I was 10, she would have been 12). We would be inseparable. I don’t speak Swedish at all and she was learning English which helped. We would do everything together. Watch Movies, play soccer, go fishing….We always got on quite well. We were into the same stuff.

Once I turned 16 I stopped going on holiday with my parents and thus ended my trips to Sweden. I fell out of contact with everyone over there, which was a shame. Life happened I guess.

A few years ago, we got the sad news that my Grandmother had passed away. We had to travel over to pay our respects. My Dad was organising everything funeral wise. It was my first time back in 10 years.

I had arranged a flight for myself from London to Sweden and agreed to meet my parents there (they went over a few days before me). When I arrived I turned my Data on and my Dad had left me a message….my cousin Marie would be collecting me from the airport.

I went to a café near arrivals and waited. I was 26 at this stage and Marie and I hadn’t seen or spoken to each other in years. I didn’t know if I would recognise her…After about 20 minutes my Dad called me and said that she was waiting for me at outside Subway. I looked over and my jaw dropped…..

There she was….but the feeling was different now. She had grown up. She smiled as I approached, “Look at how tall you are!”…..she gave me a kiss on each cheek.

Marie was now about 5’9, slim, blonde hair, heavily tattooed and I could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra….her left nipple piercing showed nicely through her cotton top. We walked to her car.

My family are from a fairly secluded part of Sweden so it took us quite a while to get to her place. It was like we never stopped. We continued the conversation as if we saw each other last week, laughing and joking, listening to music….it was great. Once we arrived at her apartment she dropped the bombshell on me….the only hotel in the town was booked solid for the funeral. I was staying at hers…

That night the two of us sat in her dining room chatting about the last decade, what we did, adventures we went on etc…over a couple of bottles of wine of course. I have always felt a brother and sister relationship between us, so we felt really comfortable with each other.

As the night went on, things shifted. We were both a little tipsy and the conversation was getting more and more interesting. She was making fun of me…”You were such a little nerdy chubster back in the day, thank God you’ve had a glow up! You’re looking well boy”….I laughed, and responded…

“Well, thanks for the compliment I guess, but I think we both know who’s had the glow up….just look at you…wow”.

She went red. “Thanks, I guess we now both know where we stand”…..

Marie leaned over the table and our lips met in the middle. We stood up, hugged and made out….It was amazing. “This stays here”, she said under her breath as she led me to the bedroom….

My cousin pushed me onto the bed and slowly took her clothes off. What an amazing body she had and even more tattoos. She kneeled down and edged closer to me…”Shall I?”….I nodded.

She slowly undid my jeans and revealed my boxer shorts. She made eye contact with me, hesitated and then pulled them down to reveal my cock. I was as hard as I’ve ever been….she kissed it once and then began to suck. She moaned softly as her mouth stroked my cock up and down at a nice steady pace…it felt amazing. She had her left hand stroking it simultaneously. After a while I noticed that she was playing with herself at the same time.

After a few minutes she stood up and dropped her yellow thong to reveal a beautiful shaved tight pussy….”I like missionary…..you OK to do this?”…I nodded frantically.

So there she was…my BFF cousin, after all these years….lying on her bed infront of me, naked, legs spread and smiling. I walked closer, grabbed my cock and went to put on a condom….”Nope, why would we use that?”…she took my hand and rubbed it over her arm. The implant.

I slowly crawled onto the bed, pushed my hips forward, rubbed my head on her clit for a sec and then slowly inched my dripping wet cock into her tight, warm pussy.

I started slowly….it was the most romantic sex that I had up to this point. We were quiet and peaceful, hugging as we fucked. Her arms around me felt amazing and her perfume was intoxicating. I started getting a rhythm going and her little squeaks and moans let me know that she was happy. I kept saying that it felt amazing….she started talking in Swedish which was sooooo fucking hot….I was close….She came on my dick without warning….I felt her cream dripping down onto my balls…it tickled.

I whispered in her ear that I was close….”Do it, just do it, who cares”….I came hard and balls deep inside…five or six solid shots and I was a trembling mess….She looked at me and said “not bad for a chubby nerd, you fucked me so good I forgot how to speak English”…..we laughed.

The next morning we went and met the family. Every now and then our eyes met and we had a little giggle….imagine if they all knew that we had woken up naked in each others arms.

I flew home a few days later and had a postcard when I arrived….”was great to see you cousin, don’t be a stranger, Marie xx”.

I still feel dirty after this years later…my first cousin. The sex was amazing and still nobody knows. I would never have thought in a million years that I would ever do something incestuous….I was wrong.