“Damnit.” Pixie mumbles to herself as she tunes up her guitar for the fourth time in the last 10 minutes, this old weathered down guitar of hers was on its last legs and at this point it was causing her to play worst. Which was bad since her band had a big gig to play next week, she needed a new guitar but can’t afford one.

Pixie sighed as packed up her things and started heading home now that school was over, Tyreen’s challenge still on her mind. She had no strong feelings against or for incest to her it was just one of the taboo topics she never gave any thought.

Pixie had a father but he wasn’t really her type and besides he’s probably too spineless to dick her down anyway, no brother, but she did have an uncle. An uncle who was visiting.

“Hey there little rocker!” Rick called out to her from the drive way of her house.

Pixie smiled as she walked up to him and leaned against his car. “Hey uncle Rick, how’s the ride?”

“Still a piece of shit but what am I going to do about?” Rick said as he closed the hood. “You go on and get inside now, it’s too hot for you to be standing around, I’ll be right behind you in a few minutes.”

“Good, I could use some help dyeing my hair again. It’s starting to fade.” Pixie said, her hair a fiery red with streaks of her original black hair showing.

“Sure, I’ll help but why don’t you ask your dad to do it?” Rick asked as he started to put away his tools.

“He’s too scared to do it, he thinks he’s somehow mess it up, clumsy bastard.” Pixie explained as she walked into the garage to get inside, not noticing her uncle’s gaze on her petite ass.

Pixie set her things down, she could hear her meek father working up in his office. She sighed as it seems her own opinion is to convince her uncle to fuck her, she’s slept with her band mates before so she wasn’t exactly nervous due to inexperience but she was nervous to bring up a topic such as this with a family member.

But it’s fine, just flirt with him, very obvious throw herself at him and get it done. It’ll probably only take 5 minutes.

Rick walked in a few minutes later and immediately went to the kitchen to join Pixie. “Hey Rick, I have a gig next Saturday at the local club, I was wondering if you would come?” She asked.

“I don’t know, I love your music but I might be gone by then.” Rick said, cracking open a beer.

“Well that’s a shame, I was planning on playing nude and I really wanted you to see.” Pixie said as she ran her hand down Rick’s arm.

“That’s a smart idea, you’ll pack that place if you show off that rocking body.” Rick answer, not even phased. “But I recommend you at least wear some lingerie, something black or red.”

Pixie sighed and rolled her eyes. “Okay, I don’t like to flirt, I’m much more direct so me-you-here. Understand.”

Rick looks her up and down before nodding. “Yeah, sure.” He agrees.

“Really? Just like that? You’re not turned off by incest?” Pixie asked, not sure if she should be creeped out that he agreed so fast or proud that he agreed so fast.

“Incest? You’re my niece, I’m your uncle. That’s not incest, hell now-a-days it’s hardly even taboo.” Rick chuckled slightly as he reached around Pixie and gripped her ass causing her to jump slightly.

“Why do all guys go for the butt?” Pixie smirks as she drops to her knees, unzipping Rick’s jeans and pulled out his flaccid cock and starts stroking it for a few seconds before licking his shaft from the base to the tip.

Rick smiles and pets Pixie’s head, running his fingers through her hair as his dick slowly grows bigger and bigger until it’s fully erected. Pixie holds up her forearm next to it and her eyes widen in suprise as they matched in length.

“Satan, where did you get this monster? My band mates are hardly half your size.” She said, excited to try a dick of this length.

Rick chuckles and grabs the back of Pixie’s head. “Good genes I guess.” He said as he suddenly shoves his whole dick into Pixie’s mouth.

She immediately gaps and chokes slightly as she takes it all the way down to its base. Pixie looks up into Rick’s eyes and smirk as she starts to sucking, only briefly caught off by the forced deep throat.

She bobbled her head back and forth, her tongue circling around his massive dick making it wetter and wetter. Pixie unfastened her own jeans as her head sinks into her panties and teases her clit.

Rick smiles and thrust into her mouth, savoring the feeling of her mouth. Pixie was far from being called an extra, her only experience being on the boys in her school, half as which were nothing to write home about, despite this she was still talented with her mouth. Able to take and simulate his cock while choking and barely able to breath. Her eye liner running down her face like black tears.

Rick pulls his wet dick out and Pixie takes the chance to take a deep breath. “Good girl, you’re even better cocksucker than your aunt was at your age.” Rick chuckles.

“Wait what?” Pixie asked confused as Rick picks her up and sets her down on the kitchen table. Immediately ripping her red top open down the middle, exposing her perky breast; Pixie doesn’t bother to wear bras as her boobs are firm enough to not need support.

Pixie smiles wickedly as she felt her pants and underwear being pulled down to her knees, she lifts her legs up and hugs them close against her chest as Rick rubs his tip against her wet slit.

Rick grips her hips firmly and rams his cock into his niece’s snatch, not all the way as he hits her cervix wall before fitting his whole length. Rick gripped her hips tighter and slammed his dick in, breaking through her cervix and fucking her womb directly.

Pixie’s eyes widen in shock, pain, and pleasure, her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out as she cums immediately, moaning hard. Rick felt her cum on his dick and smiles as he wildly thrust in and out of her roughly as she moans heavily as Rick leans in close and the two lock lips, passionately kissing each other as they fuck like rabbits.

Rick spins Pixie around on her chest, her legs dangling off the edge of the table as he pulls out  and presses his tip against her butthole.

“Wa-wait, not there. I-I’ll ket you cum inside of you go ba-” Pixie’s cut off as Rick suddenly drives his dick into her tight virgin asshole.

Pixie screams in agony as her ass stretches and threatens to break. She screamed and groaned in pain, tears falling from her eyes as her ass felt like it was on fire. It hurt and she loved, she loved the rough treatment she was receiving, her face twisted in pain and pleasure as she pants heavily.

“F-fuck, look at you little rocker, you’re acting like a dog in heat. Bark Doggy.” Rick smirked as he slapped her ass cheek.

Pixie instinctly let out a loud bark in response as Rick picks her up into a full nelson. Her jeans that were still wrapped around her knees, split in two as her legs were forced apart. Pixie moaned and barked as the depths of her ass were pierced by his cock.

“Hey, guys I-I just trying to work so, if it’s not a problem, please keep it down.” Adam, Pixie’s dad, enters the kitchen and looks in shock at the sight before him of his younger brother fucking his daughter into a sweaty mess.

Pixie tried to speak but all that came out were uncontrollable moans as her father walked closer and unzipped his pants.

“W-wh-what? Da-ahhh!” Pixie moans as she felt her pussy penetrated by another dick, her father’s. It wasn’t as big as Rick’s but still pretty large compared to most men. Pixie screamed in orgasmic ecstasy as she was getting fucked in both holes.

“Damn, you feel just like your aunt Jesse.” Adam moans.

Her eyes rolled up as her tongue jumped up out of her mouth. “F-fuck, fuck, FUCK! Sh-shit! I-I’m cumming, I can’t st-stop! I’m I-I’m-I’m going to pass out!” She thought as the last thing she felt was her holes filling with warm cum as the rocker chick fell into a deep slumber.

She awoke a few hours later, now in her bed but covered in cum. Her body so exhausted she couldn’t move an inch. “Damnit to hell…I owe Cecilia an apology…I can see why she’s obsessed with incest.”