Cecilia sat at the kitchen table, browsing away on her phone as she waits for her older sister and caretaker, Britney, to finish cooking breakfast.

Her older brother, Sam, sat across the table from her on his own phone. Cecilia smiled a little as she discreetly watched him, playing around with her neck length hair that was dyed platinum with other multi colord highlights. Her tank top and short shorts that service as her pajamas hugged her body tightly and showed off her average but perky breast.

Brittany shut off the stove and took off her apron, revealing her much larger tits that were noticeable even under her shirt. She left the kitchen to let Sam and Cecilia service themselves.

Cecilia watch her leave and immediately set her phone down, lifting her socked foot up onto Sam’s lap.

“Really? Now, while she’s still here.” Sam gives her a questionable look as she starts to massage his crotch with her foot.

“It’ll be fine, she’s just going to masturbate in her bathroom for 20 minutes. We have the time.” Cecilia stated as she stands up and leans across the table, Sam also standing up and meeting her half way, kissing each other as Cecilia’s hands wrap around Sam.

Sam immediately went for her breast, cupping them firmly and rub her already hard nipples, causing Cecilia to moan into his mouth. She pulls away and climbs up on the table, pulling her shorts off and throwing them to the side.

She laid in her back and spread her legs open, revealing her bare wet pussy to Sam. “Fuck, I can’t wait. Do it quickly before Brittany comes back.” She whispered, bitting her lips slightly.

Sam smirk, liking the sight of his sister all horned up. He kneed down and hungrily licked her wet slit as Cecilia covers her mouth, trying to muffle her moans as to not tip off Brittany. She wrapped her legs around Sam’s head and ran her hands through his blonde hair.

“Hey! Hey! Stop that!” Brittany suddenly storms into the kitchen as Cecilia did a very poor job at silencing her moans. Brittany glared as she grabbed a spray bottle and starts spraying the them. The siblings break away, Cecilia looking for her shorts.

“I’m sick of this, this is why mom and dad kicked you two out. Now stop fucking, eat your breakfast and go to school.” Brittany said, glaring at the pair as they sign and follow her orders.


“And then she just sprayed us and we couldn’t continue.” Cecilia sighed as she sat outside during lunch, surround by her usual friend group. “We haven’t had sex ever since we moved in with her, god, she totally sucks.”

“Yeah, poor you. I guess you’ll just have to have sex with someone other than your brother.” Pixie spoke up in a sarcastic manner as she pulled off her headphones, loud rock music playing out.

“Or just fuck outside of her house. I see a lot of discreet spots in the park during my morning runs and the gym’s completely empty in the morning.”  Liz spoke up from next to Cecilia.

Cecilia shook her head and sighed. “Sam doesn’t want to do it in the park, he’s scared something will crawl up his weiner and I’m not waking up extra early to fuck in the gym when I can sleep in instead.”

“Listen, Cecilia, I love you like a sister but I swear to Satan if I have to hear you talk about having sex with your brother again, I’m going to kill you.” Pixie said, annoyed that the only subject Cecilia wishes to discuss is her sexual relates with her family. “Seriously, I didn’t see why you’re so obsessed with this. It’s just incest.” She adds.

“Incest is hot, it’s like that forbidden fruit of the taboo world.” Cecilia’s friend Tyreen interrupted with a small smile.

“Yeah, and incest is a very common source of power in the witching world.” Theodosia said, closing her thick book of witch craft.

Tyreen looks around at the table of girls and smiles as an idea creeps into her head and she loudly clears her throat. “I have something to say, I’ve known everyone of you for years and over those years you all told me a lot of things, so trust me when I say that I know more than half of you are interested in sleeping with a family member.”

The girls look at each other in shock, so far only Cecilia was the only one that was open about her experience and thoughts on the subject.

“So here’s what I’m thinking, I have a challenge for each of you, myself included. You have until the end of the week to sleep with a family member, any member of your choice. Do this and I’ll pay you 500 dollars. ” Tyreen stated.

“B-bullshit, that’s 500 times all six of us. You didn’t have that kind of money.” Pixie said, a slight almost unnoticeable blush on her cheeks.

Tyreen smiles smugly and digs through her bag before pulling out a stack of hundred dollar bills and sets it down in the middle of the table. “My onlyfans account really took off recently.”

There’s a silence at the table as each girl looks at the money and back to each other, neither wanting to be the first person to agree. Until, surprisingly, Ari; the quietest of the group, spoke.

“I-I’ll do it.” She whispered, looking at the ground. Slowly the others start to nod, silently agreeing to the challenge.

“Great and don’t think about lying, I’ll know for real if you did it.” Tyreen smiles as she stands up and looks at each of the girls in her friend group. “Okay, the challenge starts now.”