A bit of context before you begin to read this. This story takes place in a dystopian future United States called Nevia. You will begin to learn more about Nevia as you read through the stories. Anyway, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I haven’t had the same motivation that I did for writing. I’m hoping that this story will help me get back into it. Warning: This story does not have any NSFW content, but is rather a lead up to the eventual future parts.


“Andy!! Are you almost ready?! It’s career selection day!”

Career selection day is a big deal in Nevia. On the 25th of January the year after one’s 18th birthday, they must go to a huge event in which the government assigns every 18-year-old a career that they must be in for the rest of their life. I turned 18 last June, and this was my day to be assigned a career.

“I’ll be down in a minute, mom!” The clock ticked in the background as I rushed to put on a casual outfit: jeans and a simple graphic t-shirt. As I rushed downstairs, I saw my mom waiting for me, staring deep into my soul.

“Get in the car, we’re gonna be late!” Her voice pierced deeper than her glare. My mom is not exactly the greatest mother. She’s always been very strict and stern with my younger sister and me, and sometimes her methods don’t seem to be the kindest. Regardless, we have to do as she says. My mom and I climbed into the car to begin the 40 minute drive to the arena where the selection ceremony is being held.

This is how the ceremony works. Each person gets in a line and waits for roughly 30 minutes. When they get to the front of the line, an AI analyzes their desires and assigns them the appropriate job while also factoring in the community’s needs. I, along with every other 18-year-old there, was extremely anxious to learn what my career would be.

After 37 minutes of waiting, I finally reached the front of the line. I had heard many others talking about their careers as they walked out. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, comedians, musicians, teachers, and astronauts had all been selected.

“Analyzing desires of… Andrew King.” There was a slight pause by the AI as an infrared scanner scanned over my body. “You have been assigned the career of… adult actor. Please report to the official review table to submit your career.” A slip of paper printed out of the robot, with my full name and the words “adult actor.” What did this mean? Was I just assigned to be a porn star? I walked out silently and made my way to the official review table.

“Papers please.” The lady at the table appeared to be about 50 years old and she must’ve had the life sucked right out of her. I silently laid my paper down on the table. She placed the slip into some sort of machine that I’m guessing entered the information into the system. After a few moments, she gave me another paper. This one read “XXX Adult Films” and had an address. “Please report to this address tomorrow to begin your career. Next!!”

All I could think about was the idea of working for a porn company. I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I quietly made my way back to my mom’s car, where she had been waiting for me.

“So… what did you get?” My face flushed at the question, and I could feel myself getting light-headed.

“Uh… I got ‘Adult Actor.’” My mom’s face turned from anticipation to excitement, which greatly surprised me.

“My boy’s gonna be a porn star!!!” I was genuinely confused. I didn’t understand what was making her so excited. I sunk down in my seat as we drove back home, thinking only about what was to come when I reported the next day.


To be continued…