You walk in from work, I have a bag packed. You have a perplexed look on your face. You ask me “what’s that for?”

“You told me that you had not had an entire evening dedicated to just your desires.” “So, tonight is going to be about you, and ensuring your sexual appetite is met.”

“I have booked us a room, couples massages tomorrow morning, and mani, pedis after that.” “But tonight, I bet I will make you cum so many times your will actually tell me to stop.” I reply.

The look on your face told me everything I need to know. That smile brightened up and you could see it through your eyes. They were sparkling like stars on a clear night. You ran to me jumped into my arms as I grabbed you hand held you under your ass. You kissed me, probably one of the most passionate kisses you had to that point. Your stopped looked my dead in my eyes, and playfully asked what fun things did you pack.

I responded to you, “I went and grabbed a few extras for tonight.” “It’s a surprise”

You smile back and grab the suite case and head to the car. You look back and see me just grinning ear to ear.

We arrive at the hotel, check in, and make our way to the elevator. We are holding hands and you pull my hand down as you pull me into you. You start to kiss me. It is a passionate kiss. Your tongue twisting into and with mine. We actually don’t stop until the elevator stops. You get out first. I stop, pull you back, grab you and pick you up and then you wrap your legs around my body. I carry you to our room. You have the key card stop kissing me for just a moment, as you unlock the door. I use my one hand open the door while still holding you up. I kick the door open with my foot and grab the bag as I wheel it in carrying you. You are getting really turned on by seeing how strong I actually am. The door shuts behind us, as I place your back against the wall and continue to kiss you.

I take you and turn walk towards the bed as I gently bring you down. I unbutton your jeans, unzip them, as you flip off your shoes. I pull your jeans down, along with your panties as you sit up and take off your shirt and your bra. I come back in for a kiss, and start to work your neck with my mouth and tongue. I continue this for a a few moments as I work my way down to your breasts. I suck on your nipples as you you lean your head back. As I go down in between your legs, I remind you, you have to tell me when to stop.

I go down, and gently glide my fingers around your lips, as I do this I spread them out exposing your clit. I lick my lips and wrap them around your clit as I start to suck on it. You just lay back, but the anticipation of tonight on the car ride over, you cum in a matter of minutes. You don’t stop me but I feel your body flinch some. I continue, working my tongue down into your vulva, and back up. I place my lips around your clit again and begin humming on it. I work my tongue around with my humming and you begin to grab the sheets. I place a couple of fingers inside of you and start to work you over twisting and moving them back and forth up and down. After a couple of minutes of this you cum again. I get up, position my body after taking off my shoes and socks. I start to finger you as you are so wet. I play with your clit, and start to finger you a little harder, as you guide me to the pace you desire. This goes on for less than a minute, I can feel the buildup, you squirt for what would be the first time for tonight.

I don’t wait a moment, as I go down on you as soon as you are nearly done, you wiggle and squirm for a moment as I get a taste of you, you cum again, as I make my way up for a kiss.

We kiss for a few moments, and I remove my shirt and my pants. I go back down on you, but you say stop, as you ask me to lay down. My dick is already had as a rock. You climb up on top of me. You are so wet and aroused I slide right in. You start off by just grinding on me for just a few minutes, as you feel yourself wanting to cum again so you switch it up and as me to take you from behind. This is when I go to our bag and grab the anal plug and some lube. I squirt the lube on it and work it around. I start to loose my erection. You notice this. And grab my dick and start to work it again. As your doing this I work the anal plug in your ass. I am hard again, and you tell me do what you did last time and play with it. So I comply, as I am fucking you, I can’t help myself, I pull out and tell you to swallow it. You come around and I start to exploded you get the second push of cum into your mouth. Swallow it. I start to finger you and work the plug. You move into a strange position as you start to work your clit at the same time. You cum again. I start to go down on you again. You tell me to stop…. Your breathing is super heavy. I get up and grab you a bottle of water. I come back over I kiss you, and say let me know when you are rested again, as I hand you the bottle of water.

I remind you of something I said, “I told you once that I would be a millionaire, if I got paid to eat your pussy.”

To be continued…