The date ended sooner than expected, leaving me with a bad taste for the online scene. My “match” was just as pretty and friendly as she’d led me to believe, but was part of a married couple looking for their plus 1, not something I’m interested in. Especially as I’m just getting back into the dating process after finally convincing myself it’s what my late wife would have wanted.

I return home with a confusing mix of disappointment and relief, prepared to work out the pent up frustrations by myself after checking on my kids and dismissing the babysitter, Andrea. Both kids are in bed, sleeping soundly as they usually are when I get back from whatever distracting adventure I may be on, Andrea greeting me from the living room with a start. She hadn’t expected me back so soon, probably thought someone was breaking in. Poor thing. Not that she’d be completely defenseless in that situation, I reckon she could take down most intruders.

Andrea is an extraordinary girl, if I may say so. She’s just over 5 feet tall, fiery red hair cascading down to her shoulders in shiney curls, sparkling emerald eyes, freckles scattered across her fair skin. Her cheeks blush and nose crinkles when she smiles, an expression that brightens up any room (or mood). I’ve noticed her figure as well, though I try to avoid dwelling on it too much. Despite her usual attire, loose fitting sweatshirt and matching pants when she babysits, I’ve caught glimpses of her bending over or stretching to get something just out of reach. She has pleasant curves under those layers, something even more apparent when she asks for help retrieving an object, and forgets to step back. Her body has accidentally pressed against mine on more than one occasion, leading to more than one cold shower later on.

The outfit she wore today is a little more snug, apparently she came over right after a yoga class. Her green leggings match her eyes compliment her hair, but are stretched so thin across her wide hips and thick thighs they’re practically translucent. Above her leggings is an uncovered portion of her belly, my eyes lingering on the shimmering piercing in her navel beneath the waves of her loose sweater. Seems to defeat the purpose of a sweatshirt to have half of it cut off, but the gray attire with her university’s logo looks cozy, otherwise. 

“Mr. Neufield, you’re home early!” she said in her usual, sing-song voice.

“Yeah,” I replied with a laugh/sigh, “my date and I weren’t in the same book, let alone the same page.”

She frowned, but her voice sounded chipper as ever, “I’m sorry to hear that.” 

Not that it was her job to cheer me up, but I don’t need feigned pity. Her cheeks flushed again as she walked to me, hips swaying as though she’d pulled something. I smiled at her as she took my hands in hers, those big, emerald eyes looking up at me.

“I’m sure the right girl is closer than you think,” she said before giving me a warm hug. 

I hugged her back, appreciating the sentiment. Her face rubbed into my chest, and I absolutely felt her breasts as we embraced, but tried to shift my body so as to avoid an embarrassing encounter. My manhood ached for attention, pressing firmly against my pants, and I dreaded her reaction if-

“Oh,” she chimed, her hip rubbing directly against the rigid lump straining beneath my pants. “Feels like someone is happy.”

I could feel my cheeks burn red with embarrassment as the one thing I had tried to avoid just happened. But before I could try to explain, her hands drifted from behind me, fingers trailing along the outline of my covered erection. She moaned softly as her slender fingers traced my member, then looked back up into my eyes. A coy smile grew along her full lips.

“I could help with that,” she said. The cheer was nearly gone from her voice, replaced almost entirely by airy seduction. I simply looked back at her, mouth agape and stammering. Her hands slowly began tugging at the belt closed around my tan trousers, unclasping it and pulling it free from the loops before sending it to the floor.

My mind was trying to catch up with this sudden turn of events when my pants fell along my legs, leaving nothing but red briefs between this young, attractive woman on her knees, and my throbbing hardness. My cock stiffened further, pushing against the thin fabric of my underwear. It slid along the edge of my briefs, the thick, mushroom-like head poking out. She gasped and pulled my briefs down, exposing my full member before her. Her hand wrapped around my trunk, fingers barely touching her thumb on the other side as she stared at it, wide eyed and mouth agape. I groaned as she began working her hand up and down, my orgasm already drawing near. Didn’t take long for pearly beads of precum to bubble at my tip, her tongue lapping out and licking it up before swirling across my bulbous head. I subconsciously grasped her head in one hand, silky strands of red hair covering my fingers as they reached her scalp. She took that as her cue, opening her mouth wide and sliding my girth into her warm, hungry mouth. Her soft, wet tongue slid along the underside of my cock as it disappeared between her lips, teeth grazing across my hardened flesh as her mouth struggled to take my size. She began sucking, her head bobbing back before falling forward, taking me deeper each time. 

Andrea gagged against me as I pressed against the back of her throat, but simply continued sucking and bobbing at the half protruding from her face. Her hand worked at the exposed shaft, pumping along feverishly as I helped guide her head back and forth. I was in total bliss, hardly paying attention to anything apart from my rapidly building orgasm until I felt another hand grope my dangling balls. The hand massaging my testicles was notably wet, smearing slick fluid across my skin, the fingers soggy from searching out her own release. I look down and see plump lips wrapped around my saliva coated cock, fingers stroking back and forth between my pelvis and her suckling mouth. Her sweatshirt has been pulled up, hardened nipples poking out under the crumpled fabric on her impressive breasts.

The sights and sensations threw me over the edge, and I grunted as I held her head steady. Strong pulses surge along my cock as I begin unleashing a torrent of cum into her throat. She slurped and gulped as hot, sticky ropes spurted forth, each pulse eliciting another throaty grunt from me. Her hand continued massaging my balls while the other stayed motionless on my throbbing shaft, thumb stroking the underside as I drained into her. I released my suddenly too firm grip in her hair as my orgasm subsided, and she slowly, tantalizingly pulled away. Her lips remained locked around my shaft as it withdrew, the suction increasing as her mouth emptied. My eyes rolled at the sensation of her tongue dancing under my tender pole, and she squeezed every last drop from my manhood before letting it pop free. She looked up at me, still on her knees, and swallowed the last of my load while taking deep breaths. 

“I’ve wanted to do that for a _long_ time,” she whispered, flashing me a beautiful smile. “Didn’t think you’d been picking up my clues.”

I chuckled a bit, my half hard member still wrapped in her fingers. “I honestly had no idea, _fuck_.”

“Absolutely!” she exclaimed, hopping to her feet, “but only if you promise to pull out, I’m not on any birth control.”

“What?” I asked dumbly, still trying to catch up from her initial revelation. 

“Just cum on my tits or belly, or something,” she added, not really clarifying anything as she led me by the rapidly returning erection. 

“I, uh,” was all I could really work up, my mind completely flustered this whole night. Something finally clicked when we reached the couch, “I have condoms upstairs.” It came out as more of a lame statement than anything else, and I worried I’d killed the mood.

“Great, lead the way.”

I don’t know how we got up the stairs, but it was doubtlessly in record time. I’d pulled my pants up, holding them at the waist until we were in the master bedroom, then proceeded to kick off my shoes and step out of my trousers. Andrea hopped onto the bed, pulling her sweatshirt up and over her head before throwing it to me, gesturing me to the bed with a curling finger. My briefs joined the pants on my way, socks and shirt forming a trail to the king-sized bed. I climbed up onto the mattress, shaking in anticipation as the space between us closed.

Our lips met, tongues swirling together as we moaned our hungry passion. I grasped one of her breasts in my hand, pinching and twisting the stiff nipple softly as she lay back with my body on top of her. Our kiss deepened, her hands reaching, groping, exploring me while I toyed with her ample bosom and slowly worked her leggings down. Eventually I broke our kiss, both hands now focused on the elastic material covering her lower half. I moved down, leaving a trail of kisses along her chest, sucking and nibbling the nipples atop each grapefruit sized breast, licking and kissing further down over her smooth stomach. Her bellybutton piercing floated up before my eyes as I slid closer to her legs, the scent of her sex driving me more intently, more urgently down. 

The leggings fell from the bed as I found myself between her open thighs, her delicate flower slightly parted inches from my face. I brought a hand up, fingers lightly sliding over the small curtains of flesh draped on either side of her inner pink. She exhaled sharply when I applied more pressure, parting my fingers around the budding clit atop her juicy pussy. My heart thundered in my chest as I leaned forward, tongue sliding between my fingers as they spread wider, tasting her nectar before devouring her to climax. I sucked the upper portion of her sex into my mouth, sliding my tongue against her clitorous as my fingers slipped up and down her vulva. Her fingers dug into the short hair on my head as she tried to contain a squeal, her legs tightening around my shoulders at the stimulation. My base desires took over, shaking my head against her body as I slid a finger into her narrow tunnel. Another finger joined, then a third as I sucked and tongue lashed the girl into ecstasy, her moans growing louder as the fluids escaping between her legs increased. I probed and curled my fingers inside her, tossing her deeper into the agony of delight, until she began pulling at my head.

“_Stop_,” she breathlessly pleaded, spasming and twitching on the sheets. I ascended her body, my hands pressing into the mattress over her shoulders. She sent a shaky hand to my chest as she rode out the crashing waves of climax, her other arm draped over her eyes. My erection had become stronger than ever with her flavor stuck to my tongue, and the sight of her naked, glistening body spasming beneath me. I pushed off the bed and kneeled at her feet, watching her slowly recover.

“Ok,” she breathed, seemingly ready to continue. I reached out and took each of her legs in one hand, then pulled her to me. 

“Wait, the condom,” she reminded me.

I blinked through my primal urges and nodded. With the dexterity of an acrobat I rolled off the bed and found my footing by the nightstand. An overeager hand nearly pulled the drawer completely out, but managed to retrieve a foil package. “They’re a little old,” I said, turning back to her.

Andrea looked from the wrapper in my hand to the solid ten inches of meat pointing at her, “I don’t fucking care. Just put it on and _fuck me_.”

I tore the foil open and pulled out the thin latex condom. Pinching the tip and positioning at the end of my cock made me realize it was backwards, so I turned it around and tried again. The condom rolled down my length, clinging to my girth almost too tightly as I tossed the wrapper aside. 

“Please, _take me_,” she pleaded as I climbed back between her legs. Her urgency fueled my desire as I guided the wrapped meat down with one hand, holding her at the hip with the other. My thick head pushed against her narrow opening, and slowly sunk in, spreading her lips wide around it. She groaned at the penetration, sheets clenched firmly in her hands as inch after inch split into her. Her back arched, tremendous breasts rising from the bed as my manhood spread her tender interior. Shallow breaths struggled into her lungs as my pelvis pushed against hers, my full length enveloped within her body.

The condom made these sensations a bit dull for me, which was admittedly disappointing. It would surely have been wonderful to experience the warmth and constricting tightness of her unprotected pussy, but the initial penetration was astonishing regardless. I pulled her up onto my knees, her breast at my chest and our lips once again merging as I allowed her time to accommodate my size. Her lips left mine when I slowly lifted her, and I nibbled the nape of her neck as I brought her back down. My hips rocked back and forth with each motion, and before long we were really going at it.

She rode my lap until I decided we were ready for another position, and I brought her back to a lying position. Her ankles barely reached my shoulders, ass slightly elevated as I began pounding into her. I smiled at her “O” face, climax sweeping over her as I found her deepest reaches, my thumb rubbing her clit as I thrusted. Her toes curled, chest flushing as red as her face, eyes rolling, and mouth widening into a near grimace as her orgasm consumed her, and I sent long, hard thrusts into her. Every inward thrust hesitated before withdrawing, and I made sure to jiggle my hips against her before pulling away. I took mercy eventually, and plunged fully inside until the orgasm subsided, busying my hands with her breasts, nipples, and neck while waiting. She jerked against me when my tongue circled around her nipple, and I smiled as I took that as instruction to __stop__.

After a few moments of breathing heavily and more full body spasms, she was ready for more. I guided her onto all fours and came up behind her, pulling the condom firmly onto my cock before sliding back inside. My hands grasped her hips as I thrust from behind, my balls swinging up against her sex with every forward motion. She was falling apart, on the verge of climax again within seconds, her arms giving out and upper body dropping back to the bed. Long, deep moans rolled from her mouth as I pounded into elevated pussy, using my arms to guide her away with each backwards movement, and slamming her back onto me every time my hips shot forward. The bed creaked and groaned beneath us, headboard scratching against the wall, and she came with a shriek which was fortunately muffled by a pillow she’d managed to grab. 

I felt the restrictive latex cover break around my plunging meat as she came. Her warm, wet, constricting walls taking the place of the condom as my cock was greeted by the eye rolling pleasure of flesh on flesh contact. She was too lost in ecstasy to notice the thin layer of protection fail, and I was now all too near climax to possess enough cognitive ability to pull out. Instead, the only thought, only instinct, was to _breed_. I held her firmly against me, my hips pushing forward and lifting her knees off the bed as my buried cock erupted into her now unprotected pussy. Her shriek of climax grew higher when she felt my thickness pulsate within her, and I groaned as what felt like gallons of potent sperm flooded into her young body.

The climax we shared began to subside, and she relaxed onto the bed, my spent cock sliding from her. Her body slumped to the mattress, where she lay contentedly. I looked at my manhood, softening after truly incredible sex, and stared at the torn, shriveled condom still clinging to the ring around the base of my cock. Semen drooled from my tip, and juices coated her inner thighs. “We, uh,” I started, unsure how to finish. She rolled lazily to me, hazy eyes looking into my face. “We had a little accident,” I continued, pulling the broken condom off. 

Her eyes widened for a brief moment as realization hit, then seemed to shrug it off. “Guess we won’t have to bother being careful next time, then,” she replied, beckoning me to her with a curling finger. I complied happily, laying over her as our lips locked once more. At least I know she’s good with kids.