She’s cackling and she’s going on her monologue. Seriously, if supervillains can just not monologue there would be more villains winning.

But damn, do I love watching her talk.

Serynthia is the mastermind of the Bastard Lions, a supervillain group with her at the helm and a bunch of no-face minions. She’s been stealing from banks, jewelry stores, and everywhere that money can be had. Oddly enough, she’s not going after grocery stores and such.

She likes to wear a body suit that hugs her tightly, stopping at the thighs, and I’m guessing she also doesn’t like wearing undergarments because she has some awesome camel toe action going on. She also wears a half-hoody where the midriff is cut off. All in all, for a super villain she dresses like a damn teenager. She’s well built, I mean, how else would you become a supervillain? Her arms are nice and toned, her ass is plump and juicy, her thighs are thick and ripped. That black bodysuit really doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Her hair is long and red, she keeps it in a sort of pigtail, and she’s so goddamn pretty. Seriously, the first time I fought her I instantly fell in love. Since then, I’ve been keeping tabs on her and thwarting all of her evil doing.

“So, therefore, I’m going to melt the earth’s core unless the world gives me 120 trillion dollars!”

Oooh, she’s planning on destroying earth! Wow, how original. I mean, if she does, she’ll kill herself too. Politicians are idiots and they’re actually thinking of giving in on her demand. In the background is a big ass drill machine pointing on the ground, probably to show them that she does, indeed, have the means to do what she’s saying she’ll do.

Serynthia has a very powerful superpower: She can control minds with her pheromones. This allows her to have her minions and she’s a very dangerous foe because she can also control most superhero’s minds. There’s not a lot of people that can stand up to her.

Except me. I have super strength, durability, enhanced regeneration and stamina. I also have a couple of secret power that I’ve not told anybody, mainly Teleportation, I can withstand extreme heat and cold, and I can survive in the vacuum of space. I also age at a much slower rate than regular people. I’m actually 120 years old yet I look not a day over 20.

But I can’t fly, which sucks.

So, I’m probably the most powerful superhero around, but I’m not a part of any superhero group or chapter. I’m strictly independent because I don’t need anyone telling me what to do. Now this means I have flexibility; independence and I can refuse to do any sort of “job” that’s thrown at me. On the downside, I basically fund my entire operation, which isn’t a big deal. Whenever I take down a group, I make it a habit to steal from them. It’s not ethical or morally correct, but there’s none alive that can tell me off.

Now I’ve come to find out that I’m, somehow, immune to Serynthia’s mind controlling prowess. This also means that if there is a call to action involving her, my phone would basically blow up and I get to charge the corporations or institutions backing whatever group calling for aid a fee. So, I became Serynthia’s arch-nemesis and every time I apprehend her, I always cop a feel of her thick ass or her large tits.

Yes, I’m a creep but frankly, no one can do anything about it. I only do it to her, though, I’m not a molester or anything jeez.

Which brings us to now. I’m sitting here strapped down with rope peppered with some black rock. I could easily get out of it, but I don’t want to because I wanted to see how this would play out. So how did powerful me got himself in this predicament. Well, Serynthia somehow got it in her head that I’m weak to this space rock, and she purchased a lot of these things. A lot. I mean, Serynthia is an intelligent woman, but she did not even do any sort of test to see if it works, nor did she question how the seller know how I’m weak to these rocks, let alone how they acquired a large amount of “space rock” in the first place.

Are they even space rocks!?

So, when she attacked me, I was shopping to make dinner, she just started tossing these rocks at me expecting me to keel over and faint. Of course, I did not, and when she asks why I’m not fainting or dying, I just start pretending to and she bought it. Seriously, how is she falling for these antics?

“Have the money ready by tomorrow, or face decimation!”

Some of the world leaders were calling out for her to reduce the money, others demanded for her to stop and see reason. The rest didn’t feel like doing anything because they think that there’s no reasoning with her. That once she has the money, she’ll do it anyway.

But I know Serynthia doesn’t really want to blow up the planet.

“Sarah, you know that 120 trillion doesn’t exist right?” I said and she immediately turned to regard me.

“How… How do you know my name?” She said as she stomped her way towards me, her heels clicking loudly on the pavement. She has one of those cat’s eye make up with smoky eye shadow, and her lips are wearing some hot pink lipstick.

“Come on, I know you, Sarah. Sarah Thomas, daughter to Will and Janet Thomas born on December 18th, 1990. Has a brother, Cameron Thomas and a younger sister Annabelle Thomas. Still single and a virgin.”

She instantly blushed but then she shook that away. I can see her fuming but then an *ah-ha* moment entered her mind as she held up a black rock in front of my face.

“Shut up or I’ll shove this up your ass,” she said with a grin as she twirled the rock between her fingers.

“Hmm, how about I shove something else up that pretty ass of yours?”

I tore my rope apart and grabbed her hip and pulled her over my pelvis. Instantly she’s batting me away, emitting her pheromones to try and control my mind, but it didn’t work. I buried my face on her thick chest and my hands pawed at her plump ass. She tried to press the stone onto my skin, but it didn’t do anything.

“Guh, Get off me! Get off!” she yelled, and her minions has started to close in on us. They aimed their guns, but she held out her hands. “That won’t work, and we’ll probably die… Just… stand down!”

“Tell them to leave, Sarah,” I told her, and she shooed them away with a wave of her hand. Her minions funneled out of the chamber and shut the door promptly behind them.

“You! This rock is supposed to be your weakness!” she growled at me, but when I tore her body suit open with my teeth, she changed her tune.

“Hmm? My weakness? Who told you that?” I smirked. My hand tightened around her tight ass, while I tore off more of her body suit. “I don’t have a lot of weakness, my dear.”

“St-Stop! What are you trying to do!?” She cried out.

“Simple. I’m going to fuck your brains out,” I said.

She let out more of her pheromones and I just inhaled it all, “Hmmm, you smell really nice. A little musky, but I like it.”

“How are you still immune to my powers!” she glowered, “How!?”

“I told you, I don’t have a lot of weakness. I do have one, though, it’s that I like sex.”

I finally freed her breast, licking up all of her salty sweat off her glistening skin. “Hmm, you’ve been wearing this all day, haven’t you? That’s how you make your pheromones extra strong,”

“Stop!” she begged, “Please, stop!”

“Just enjoy it baby, you’ve got nothing to do anyway. Besides, aren’t you waiting for the world leader’s response?”

I took a nipple into my mouth and gently sucked on it, causing her to moan. I could feel her crotch grind against me, “See, just let your body do what it wants to do. Just enjoy it, alright?”

She nods at me while removing her hoody, letting her crimson red hair drop. I reached up and gently caressed her face, then brought her over and gave her a kiss. “You taste just like nectar,” I told her, “sweet and fragrant.”

I reached down and ripped the crotch part of her body suit, releasing her built up juices flowing down onto my lap. Immediately my nose is overtaken by her scent, her beautiful smell, and I could feel her pheromone’s starting to, very little, take effect. But I shook it away and regained my senses.

“Be a good girl and get on your knees,” I said and she nodded willingly. She reached over and undid my jeans, unzipping it and pulling it down, revealing my manhood for her.

“Oh my, it’s quite large,” she gasped, “I’m not sure it’ll fit.”

“Oh, it’ll fit, believe me,” I told her. She reached up and gently began stroking my shaft, letting her thumb rub against the underside of my penis.

She rubbed it and tugged it, letting a built up of precum accumulate at the tip. She then took her tongue and wrapped it under the head, gently dragging it up and licking up the fluid. “Mmm, that taste wonderful,” she droned. She then began kissing my dickhead all over until finally wrapping her lip around it.

“Don’t force yourself now,” I said, “just enjoy it.”

Her previous awkwardness is gone, replaced by this sultry maiden obviously sexually famished. Her inexperience, however, is showing because she would gag when she tries to take on more than she could handle.

“Don’t rush. You can get used to this,” I said while rubbing her cheeks and slipping a thumb inside her mouth. She sucked on it sensually while stroking me, moaning softly.

“Now, let me get a taste of your honey,” I grinned as I easily lift her up, spun her over and held her crotch over my face. I held onto her hips while my tongue dug itself down into her, allowing me to taste her sweetness.

Which is weird because all the other pussy juice I’ve had had a sort of metallic flavor. Hers is sweet, similar to how her saliva is also slightly sweet. This must be connected to her powers.

Serynthia moaned softly while I ate her out, while she sucked on my bulbous head. Now, I might like sex but I don’t go out and get it as often as I would like. Because of Serynthia, most of my days are off foiling her plan. So I’m also sexually frustrated.

I’m not used to holding myself back, sexually, because before she came along I had sex often. Since she came into the supervillain scene, well, she unintentionally cock blocked me. Our first meeting, she charmed the brothel I frequented with her powers and made them her cronies. In my frustration, I went after her but not before her newfound small regiment was dispatched by some local superheroes and sent off to the hospital, or worse: dead.

So needless to say, I started feeling myself get close to it. I set her down and made her kneel, and let her suck on the head before unloading my first load into her waiting mouth. She protested and grunted as my cum envelops and coats her throat and tongue with years worth of backed up sperm.

“Don’t you dare spit it out! Swallow it, swallow all of it,” I growled as I looked at her widened, surprised eyes. Each grunt sent mouthful after mouthful of semen, and she swallowed it all like a trooper.

“Taste… strong!” She said while wiping her lips, “you… you don’t masturbate much do you?”

“I’m not done with you yet, Sarah,” I said as I place her onto my set, with her knees down and facing the back of the chair. I slapped her ass and watched it jiggle in her body suit before ripping a hole.

“You owe me a body suit!” She yelled at me and I just laughed heartily. I pressed down on her back softly, making her arch her butt towards me, and I spat on my hand and rubbed it all over the head.

“Relax a little, alright?” I told her and she nodded bitterly, shooting some dangerous glares towards me.

“Not like I can do anything! Just go ahead and do it,” she protested. “I might as well enjoy myself.”

“That’s the spirit, good girl,” I chuckled. I’ve had plenty of lovers, but the relationship never lasted. They grew older while I stayed young, resulting in them resenting me. She’ll probably be the same, so I’ll just enjoy her.

I ran my hand against her plump ass, wondering what she did to achieve such a dump truck. I gave it a nice slap and watched the little ass-tsunami. “You’ve got a really fat ass,” I told her and she scoffed.

“I didn’t know you were such a creep,” she said.

“A creep? Hardly. I don’t use my x-ray visions on showers to spy on women. I don’t use my super strength to get what I want. I just don’t give a shit about what people think of me.”

I leaned in close, close enough for my breath to brush against her ears. “I mean, what can they do to me?”

I slapped her ass again and rubbed them. She moaned softly while I reach around to find her big tits, with her erect nipples just wanting to get pinched and tweaked. “And you don’t even wear underwear under all of that? You must like it when people look at you.”

“Shut up,” she said but I could tell that I was right.

I reached down and played with her sopping wet pussy for a little bit while softly kissing the back of her neck. She started purring softly, reaching for my hand but not pushing it away.

I pressed my cock right behind her. Between her cheeks and I rubbed that cleavage, letting my precum spread all over between her cheeks. I noticed that she has a nice tan, the remnants of a thong it looks like, so my cum rightfully disappeared in it.

But she’s caramel all over. Which begs the question: when does she have the time to tan? And where is her bodysuit’s tan? As far as I can tell, she only has that thong-like tan, and that’s it!

“Put it in. Stop teasing me god damn it!” She hissed as she squeezed my forearm. “I can’t take it anymore!”

“For a virgin, you’re pretty impatient,” I chuckled as I started rubbing my cockhead against her lovely petals. A better man would definitely go down on a lady, but I’ve been celibate ever since she stole my favorite brothel away from me. Her frustration is sweet music to my ears.

“Fuck! You’re such an asshole! First, you made me think those rocks worked on you! Then, you forced me to do this!”

“Ah-ah-ah! I didn’t force you to do anything. Well, the second thing, but that was going to happen.”

I laughed while she hissed and groaned at my advances, but honestly I couldn’t wait anymore. I pulled her back towards me, just enough that her pussy hung over the seat, and slowly slid it in.

She moaned greatly, and loudly, and I felt her tightness hug me. I hit a barricade, her hymen I assume, and stopped there for a second. “Take a deep breath, baby,” I said and she nodded.

“It’s too big. You’re too big! It’s not going to fit, it’s not!” She whimpered but I gently shushed her.

“It’ll fit, don’t worry,” I said soothingly. Then, I pierced through and she yelped in pain.

“Fuck, that hurts!” She complained. “Take it out! Take it out now!”

Well I couldn’t just take it out. Her tightness is there, and she’s just starting to loosen up for me. “Give it time baby, you’ll like it soon,” I said but her little pushes didn’t deter me any. I slid it in slowly and pulled myself back, letting my cock become slick with her juices. Eventually her pained groans turned into moans of pleasure and she stopped trying to stop me. “See, there you go baby. You know I wouldn’t hurt you.”

“Fuck, that feels so good! Oh fuck, yes! Your cock feels so good inside of me,” she hissed as she leaned back. She twisted her torso so she could look at me, and I got a good look at her pleasure laden face. “Yes! Oh that feels amazing. Keep going, keep going!”

She’s a yeller and a howler, that’s for sure. Every time I thrust in her she would holler and I would pull back slowly and she would inhale and gasp. It’s only worse because we’re in her command center, which is a fairly large room with a giant monitor. There’s a bunch of gadgets and whatever’s blipping and spinning and doing all sorts of things, but the thing I care about, currently, is the little chair she’s on. How it squeaks and I can hear metal grinding. So I carried her up, which is really easy, and she just about melted on my arms. I threw her on the sofa and she looked at me with forlorn eyes and pouty lips.

“Why’d you stop!?” Came her irate question, a little bit of begging and a little bit of her sassy attitude. “I didn’t tell you to stop!”

“Relax,” I said as I approached her. I grabbed her hair and held her in place, with my pecker right up on her face.

She let her tongue out like a red carpet and welcomed me. I didn’t go in hard, no, I know better than to immediately go for a deepthroat. She sucked it like an amateur, taking only half of the head into her mouth and her brows are scrunched up.

“Don’t act like you hate it,” I scolded and she spat on my dick. Not sexy like, but with disgust. “See, now you’ve done it.”

I grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock down to the back of her mouth. She started gagging and coughing, which is expected of a virgin.

“Fucking disgusting,” she groaned. I rubbed my shaft all over her lips, my balls all over it as well and she groaned with disgust. I took my head and smeared her saliva all over her cheeks and chin.

“Oh you swallowed my spunk earlier, don’t act like you hated it,” I laughed and she shot me a glare, “yes, I like that look.”

“You’re going to love giving blowjobs soon enough,” I growled at her. That’s in time, though, I don’t want to turn her off to the idea. Even though she dislike it, she still sucked on my balls and smeared her pink lipstick all over it and my shaft. I think she secretly likes it.

I need her pussy again. I got her on her butt, slightly angled and she’s holding herself up, and I slowly entered her lovely place with her watching my meat go in. “*Hanh*… fuck! God that’s so good!” She howled as her head shot back, “fuck that’s so good!”

Then, suddenly, the monitor blipped on. Thankfully, the couch is off to the side and we’re out of their view.

“Serynthia? Serynthia, are you there!? Answer us you heartless bitch!” Said one of the world leaders. I can’t be bothered remembering their voices.

“I’m here!” Came her half-moan, half-shout, “what the fuck do you want!?”

“What the, what!? — we’re back from considering your demands!”

“I’m busy right now! I’ll call you later!” She shouted, “go away!” I started rubbing her clit and she gave a high-pitched squeal as she clenched her eyes closed.

“What the fuck…” I heard him grumble, “what’s so important that you can’t put it aside!?”

“I said I’m busy!!” She roared fiercely but then it turned into little squeaks and squeals of pleasure when I thrusted into her a little faster, a little harder. “Go away, for fucks sake!”

“Where’s Diamond Soul? Where is he!?” Said another of the leaders, a female. This one I recognized, as she’s one of my supporters.

“Go away or I’ll really fucking – *ahhh -* drop a bomb in the earth’s core!”

I leaned down and sucked on her bountiful tits, letting her legs wrap around me. “Harder, fuck me harder!” she begged and I obliged.

“Serynthia, what are you doing!? What’s with all the noises back there, and what happened to Diamond Soul!?”

“Fuck off, god damn it! Computer, shut down!”

I hear the *blip* and the sound of the computer powering down.

“Uppity bastards aren’t they?” I laughed as I continued to shove my dick into her sopping wet pussy.

“Fucking shut up,” she grumbled as she groaned and grabbed at my shirt, “shut the fuck up and just…. just fuck me!”

I watched her tits bounce from my effort, how her pussy would clench from time to time and she would squeal and shout. “Fucking, cumming!!!” she howled as I felt her pussy squeeze me tightly. Her back arched and I felt her fluids rush out from her pussy and coat me with it. “Fuck! So fucking good!” She continued to moan softly, grabbing at empty air while she helplessly looked at me ravage her.

“Fuck you, Diamond Soul!” She growled at me, “fuck you!”

I leaned down to meet her face to face, grinning at her. “Tell me you’re enjoying yourself,” I said following the grin. She couldn’t answer, and the only thing she could do is grab my face and pull me in for a kiss. Her saliva tasted like sweet nectar, and I couldn’t help but be lost in the romance.

“You motherfucker,” she sighed softly, “I hope you die!”

Her pussy has been squeezing me nonstop, trying to milk my cock and free my sperm from my balls. She grabbed my back and tightened her legs around me.

“I’m close baby,” I said.

“No! Don’t you dare cum inside me! I’m not on the pill! I’m not on birth control!”

But her legs didn’t let go. Her hands didn’t push me away. Instead, they tightened themselves. Her mouth didn’t want me to inseminate her, but her body wanted me to.

“Sorry, babe, I don’t pull out. It’s fine, my semen can’t get anyone pregnant anyway.”

It’s true. As far as I know, in all the relationships I’ve had, I have not gotten a single girl pregnant. If I did, my oldest kid would be at least 100 by now. As far as I know, I have no kids.

“No! Don’t!” she begged, but again her legs only tightened around my waist.

I let it loose inside of her. A sudden thrust, burrying my cock all the way to the hilt, and my balls tensed up and released some more pent up cum inside of her. It felt glorious, and satisfying, and the fact that her thristy cunt lapped it all up, squeezing me tightly as it milked me for all I’m worth made it feel even more impressive. I watched her shocked face, how her mouth widened in horror. How her eyes opened up, shocked to find my cum gushing into her.

“No…” she softly said, but I just kissed her and she returned it, “I told you not to cum inside of me…”

“We’re not done yet, baby,” I said. I have years, YEARS, of frustrations and stress on a backlog all because of her, and I aim to make her pay for it. “I’m fucking you until I’m satisfied.”

“Fuck… and I’m supposed to be the villain,” she softly mumbled, but she only kissed me back.