I wrote this really quickly and hope you enjoy it and it fits right in. I might do a few of Blake adventures if you guys like it thought next time it will be proofread + will be a bit shorter haha. I do think it fits all the rules, so anyway please have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Blake held his sword tightly, still cloaked in its sheathe. It was a precious gift from his ancestor and a heriloom passed down through his family for generations.

An heirloom he had just lost.

“Come on, pass the sword over!”

On the opposite side of the table sat a beautiful and buxom blonde woman. Between were two sets of playing cards, one a pair of twos and the other a royal flush. Unfortunately the flush was not on Blake’s side.

How did he get into this situation? Like many people in need for glory or money Blake set out on an adventure. His goal to become a great hero, even greater than his ancestors. That was the plan, but on the first day he arrived at a new town he was quickly accosted by a woman who lead him into a packed tavern and sat him down at the nearest table.

The woman said her name was Tamberlynn and she was new in town as well. She wore tight clothes made of a mixture of spandex and lightly armoured pads which strategically left parts of her female form exposed. Tamberlynn said that she had little to no money and that she would appreciate a chance to win some in a game of poker.

“You are so tall and handsome! Would you like to play some poker with me?” Tamberlynn asked. “Oh but I have no money! In fact I have nothing to bet besides the clothes upon my body!

Tamberlynn blushed and Blake began to turn red at the idea of her stripping down.

“Well I mean we can play a couple of games, but are you sure you want to strip in such a packed place?” Blake asked.

“That is part of the fun though, wouldn’t you say?” Tamberlynn replied with a sly smile.

Blake swallowed his spit and began to play, but quickly he found himself out matched. Every hand seemed to be either junk or just slightly worse than what she played. Quickly Blake found himself without money so he bet his shield and then he bet his sword. The only thing to bet left would be the armour upon his body.

“Fine, take my blade!” Blake said chucking it across the table.

Tamberlynn smiled and unsheathed the sword. It was a red blade and was incredibly well-made. Supposedly the sword was made from a dragon’s tooth, though Blake could hardly verify that as fact. Tamberlynn smiled and offered another hand for his helmet or armour, but before Blake could sit down he was grabbed.

“Tamberlynn, so you are scamming another one!”

Blake turned to face the voice. It belonged to a young woman slightly older than Blake. She had long brown hair, deep green eyes and she was short and slight and dressed in purple robes.

“Oh so you are back Aria?” Tamberlynn laughed. “Was taking your dignity not enough to stop you from returning?”

The rest of the tavern burst out laughing. It was loud and quickly caused Aria to shrink back and flush bright red. Aria wrapped her arms around Blake’s and dragged him out the tavern and quickly pulled him across the street and into a nearby building.

“That awful cow!” Aria yelled whilst letting Blake go. “I will show her!”

Blake stared at the girl for a moment before opening his mouth, “what did she mean your dignity wasn’t enough?”

Aria paused and her cheeks began to flare up. She avoided making eye contact and started to walk towards the stairs.

“The woman you were playing poker with was Tamberlynn the gambler. You may not know this because nobody in this town usually helps anybody new, but she likes to pick up newbie adventurers and take them to that tavern. She then plays a few games of poker and steals everything they have of value,” Aria replied.

“Wait! She played me!?” Blake yelled out.

“Yes, she played you like she plays everybody, but you were lucky.”

“What do you mean lucky?” Blake asked.

“When she plays the men she takes all of their money and valuable weapons and armour. With the women she takes all of that plus the clothes upon your body.”

Blake thought about it for a second before he realised what she meant, “are you saying that you played her and lost?”

Aria turned red and nodded. “I was asked if I wanted to join her party. I thought it would be nice, a couple of girls working together. Then she roped me into the game and every round I wanted to leave, but she found some way of manipulating me into staying,” Aria paused for a moment before continuing. “And before I knew it I lost everything, even my knickers. Have you ever been left completely naked in front of forty leering and chuckling men wearing nothing but a stupid smile? I keep hearing in my nightmares ‘carpet matches the drapes’ or ‘would love to eat off that ass!'”

Blake bit his lip. He was super jealous that such a pretty girl could be left in such a situation. Aria was on the verge of tears however, so he held back.

“Not as bad as last week though, two girls lost the bet. One was super chesty and she had to spend the next hour hopping up and down and just letting them jiggle,” Aria added.

“That bitch!” Blake cried out.

Aria opened her eyes and looked at Blake with a slight smile. It seemed Blake gave the correct response, but what Aria didn’t realise is it was just envy getting to him.

“So anyway, I just hang around and sometimes help out people who are about to be humiliated. Well, I say sometimes, but today was the first day, took a lot of courage to come back you see,” Aria gave a sigh. “Too bad I didn’t save your sword though.”

Blake placed his hand against his chin. He had lost all of his money and even his sword. Blake knew he had no chance as an adventurer without it. He then noticed from the window of the building she had dragged him into (the building was some kind of inn,) that Tamberlynn was walking out of the tavern and into the streets.

“Miss Aria, it appears that Tamberlynn is leaving the tavern. We should follow her,” Blake said.

“We should?” Aria asked.

“Yes, if we find out where she lives maybe we can ge back at her.”

Aria’s eyes flared up, “like burn her house down?”

“Or like find out a weakness or two?”

Aria looked a bit sullen after his reply. The two then wandered out of the inn and followed their prey. Tamberlynn was cautious though and moved quickly through the town. Blake however, had stamina like a horse and followed, but Aria struggled to keep up. Soon however, in a small corner on the other end of the town they found Tamberlynn near a small dirty farm house sitting in front of an empty field.

Tamberlynn stood by some trees outside the field. She ducked down into some bushes and soon hopped out a well-dressed woman with short black hair. She wandered up to the farm and knocked on the door. A little boy answered and jumped into her arms as did an older, sick-looking gentleman.

“What is this?” Blake asked.

Aria and Blake moved closer to the bushes and ducked down. There they found a set of clothes matching what Tamberlynn wore and a long blonde wig. Aria stood up and pulled out a telescope from her pocket. She then started to read the lips of the people inside the farm.

“The boy said ‘mama you are back!’ The man also added ‘honey how was work?'” Aria said.

“She’s a mother? But Tamberlynn looked my age and I only just turned twenty-two!” Blake added.

“Yeah, she does look quite young, but that might be make-up. It appears that her husband thinks she is making money as a seamstress? He also keeps saying the name Amber, so maybe Tamberlynn is a fake name?”

Blake began to think when he noticed beneath the clothing was a set of blank playing cards. He held them up and quickly they gained an image of of an ace. He then held up another and it also took shape into another ace but this time of a different suite.

“I see! Magic playing cards, so that is how she keeps beating people!”

Aria put down the telescope and grabbed one of the cards. She examined before chanting something that Blake couldn’t understand.

“These cards are a deck of mischief,” Aria said whilst looking at them. “They are programmed to switch into whatever the holder wants them to be. If she had these then she could win games easily, especially if she dealt you cards that would lose no matter what.”

“Aria, you have the gift of magic?”

“I do, but I am still in training. In fact I started my journey to learn more spells and become an arch-witch.”

An arch-witch was one of the most powerful spellcasters in the world and only ten existed at any one time. Even Blake from a small village in the middle of nowhere knew of such a place.

“I see, that is amazing!” Blake cried out.

Aria turned red and had a smile upon her lips. It was clear that it was one of pride.

“I think I just got a plan to get back at Tamberlynn!” Blake said with a smile. “Learn these three spells and hack these cards, we will give her a taste of her own medicine!”

Over the next two days the tavern was filled with laughter, but no Tamberlynn. The pair however, spent the days sharing a room and planning their strategy out. Then the moment arrived and Tamberlynn brought with her a beautiful slight girl of barely twenty who was her next victim.

“Time to go, Blake!” Aria called out.

“Wait, you said she strips girls right? Maybe we should wait a bit?”

Aria scoffed. Blake then sighed and made his way downstairs and out of the inn. He walked into the tavern and noticed the girl had already lost her hat, gloves and boots. Blake placed his hands on the table confidently and sat down in an empty chair at the same table.

“Still bullying newbies Tamberlynn?” Blake asked.

Tamberlynn scoffed and the girl got up and ran out of the tavern as quickly as she could even still barefoot as she was.

“I want my sword back, Tamberlynn!” Blake said angrily.

“Is that so?” Tamberlynn asked arrogantly. “You do know I already sold it right?”


Tamberlyn scoffed, “it was only worth a couple hundred gold coins anyway!”

Blake almost screamed. He knew the sword was one-of-a-kind and worth much more than just a couple hundred gold.

“Well then I want the gold,” Blake replied. “I need to buy it back.’

“How about nah?” She replied shortly. “I already beat you so I am not playing you again.”

“Quitting whilst you are ahead? Cowardly move, but you’ll play.”

Tamberlynn perked up curiously, “what makes you think I will play?”

“Because I have something you want, this armour.”

Blake knew that a couple of days ago she wanted the armour and that was his best bet to get another chance at the game. Tamberlynn thought for a second before smiling.

“Sure but if you lose even one hand then I am taking both,” she smiled.

Blake scoffed in reply.

“My game, my rules,” she said confidently.

“Sure, we play until I lose a hand or your lose all of your clothes.”

Tamberlynn agreed and started to deal the cards, but what she and the other tavern goers didn’t realise is there was another patron. Standing completely naked and invisible, Aria had cast a spell of transparency upon herself. It made her unable to been seen, but only works on people.

“My nightmare is all over again,” she thought, standing completely naked in the tavern only this time they couldn’t see her.

The plan was simple, Aria and Blake were using a spell of telepathy to talk without speaking, alongside that Aria has transparency so she could hide behind Tamberlynn and read her cards. Blake was surprised Aria could use two spells in a row on top of each other like that, but she could.

The lynchpin however, was that the deck was hacked by Aria days prior so as to allow another phrase to override them. The phrase Aria had picked was ‘Tamberlynn sucks,’ and thankful she could utter it without worry in the loud and crowded tavern.

The first hand was played but before the reveal Aria uttered the phrase. The cards shifted as they were played and Tamberlynn’s hand changed from a flush to junk. Blake on the other hand had a two-pair.

“You lost the hand,” Blake smiled.

Tamberlynn froze completely unsure of what had happened. The tavern was filled with loud murmurs instead of the usual japes and cheers.

“Tamberlynn, it is time to show some skin,” Blake laughed.

Tamberlynn snapped to life and quickly began eyeing Blake. She pulled off one of her gloves and threw it to him. She was watching him furiously now, wondering what just happened.

“How did you beat me?” Tamberlynn asked.

“I guess I just got lucky!” Blake laughed again.

Tamberlynn knew that luck had nothing to do with it, but she couldn’t say anything in front of the tavern folk. They hated many things and cheaters were near the top of that list.

The next hand was played and likewise Blake won and Tamberlynn lost her other glove. Then again she lost her boot, then her other boot, then her shoulder pads and soon she was left in tight-fitting black spandex and nothing else.

“This game is almost over,” Blake said proudly.

Tamberlynn had started to sweat furiously. She was looking around, still unsure of what was happening. The next hand would play, but Tamberlynn froze up, she didn’t want to do the reveal as she knew she would lose, but when she waited something else that she couldn’t see threw her hand down.

“What!?” Tamberlynn cried out.

The tavern saw her lose again and then went silent. They knew next was either her going topless of bottomless. Blake just enjoyed the situation.

“Come on Tamberlynn,” he laughed arrogantly. “Show us the goods.”

Tamberlynn stuttered and stood up. She looked to be thinking about what to remove next, whether it was her top or her bottoms. Unbeknownst to everybody however, what came to her mind was her family. She began to think what would they think of her showing her parts to people?

“Can we stop?” Tamberlynn asked.

“No, we have to finish.”

Tamberlynn scoffed and ripped her shirt off. Two perky, sweaty, creamy breasts popped out and bounced around like pudding. The nipples stood like pink towers and were quickly met with wolf whistles and cheers all around the tavern.

“Last game, Tamberlynn,” Blake added.

The game continued and Tamberlynn quickly tried to cover herself with one arm and play with the other. They both drew cards and played their hands, Blake had won.

Tamberlynn stood up and started to cry before uttering, “sorry John and sorry Jack.”

Tamberlynn pulled her spandex off revealing her tight ass and a thick mound of black hair covering sweaty, pink lips. Her face was flushed and the people around the tavern jumped into louder cheers than ever before. Her body which only her husband had seen was now shown to the world.

“I guess the carpet doesn’t match the drapes!” Blake called out with laughter.

Tamberlynn pulled out a bag of money and threw it to Blake before turning around and running out of the tavern. She ran so quickly that she didn’t even realise she bumped into Aria on the way out, ending her invisibility.

Aria jumped up excitedly, not realising that her now naked form was exposed to the tavern. Blake’s eyes widened as he stared at two slight mounds on her chest with two pink nipples standing on end and a thick mound of brown hair between her legs hiding a pair of shy pink lips.

The tavern broke out into an even louder cheer. The place was crazy and then Aria realised what was happening but instead of sprinting off she stood still, with a bright red, awkward smile upon her face.

Then tears streamed down her cheeks.

Then she ran out of the tavern screaming “NOT AGAIN!”

Blake thanked the gods. He didn’t realise just yet however, that he would not be seeing his sword anytime soon.