My wife and I have a close couple that we hang out with regularly. They live walking distance from us, and we’ve known each other for for years.

A couple years ago, we began to play with them…sexually. The story of how that happened is a bit of a long one for another day. But suffice to say, since then we’ve often hung out as we always have, and other times our get togethers get a bit more spicy.

A few weeks ago they invited us over for a game night. We never know what might happen with them, so just in case, my wife wore her sexy, lacy panties, and I cleaned myself up a bit (my wife teases me saying I don’t need to trim the bushes to make the tree look longer, but I like it anyways).

Anyways, we got over there around 8pm, ate some light snacks and got started. We always have fun playing things like Mario Kart, Ticket to Ride, Mario Party, etc. All four of us are super competitive, which either ends in us having a great time gaming or an absolutely horrible time.

We were playing Mario Kart and I was in the lead on the last lap of a race. Those who play MK know how stressful being in the lead like that is. All of a sudden I got that beeping notification and, just as I expected, a blue shell came and smashed me out of the lead.

Like I said, I’m competitive. We all are. I jokingly yelled out, “FUCK! Whoever sent that can suck my dick!” while my wife cruised past me to win.

My friend’s wife, Naomi, sheepishly replied, “Promise?”

I looked over at her, and asked, “It was you?”

She didn’t say anything in response. She got up, walked over to me, and without any teasing or warning, put her palm right on my crotch. Needless to say, my mood immediately shifted and my dick started to get hard.

She looked up in my eyes and said, “Let me make it up to you” as she unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening dick. Without much fanfare, she opened her mouth and took it all in. Now, she’s given me BJs before. We’ve done much more than that, even. But the immediate jump from gaming to sucking me within moments was something else. I was hard as a rock from the eroticism of the moment.

I looked at my wife who was sitting next to me and she leaned in and kissed me before standing up and walking over to the other couch where Naomi’s husband was. She said something about not wanting to leave him out (to be honest, I wasn’t paying much attention to her of course) before similarly reaching into his pants, pulling out his dick, and taking him into her mouth.

Naomi is an amazing dick sucker. She knows just how to vary the tempo, how to alternate what she’s doing, and use her hands. It wasn’t long before I was close to bursting. I told her so, but that just made her more determined. She was stroking me with two hands while she sucked and licked my head when I burst, filling up her mouth as I spasmed.

After a few moments of catching my breath, she swallowed my load and got up on the couch next to me. We sat watching our spouses, where my wife was similarly determined to make Naomi’s husband cum. Naomi leaned in and whispered in my ear, “By the way, it wasn’t me who sent that blue shell, it was your wife.”

I wasn’t about to complain.