Mara bursts into her room, ‘God today was hell!’ Her husband Connor follows closely behind, ’It certainly could’ve gone better.’ She unbuckles her sword belt and flops on the bed. All her limbs, even her long thin devil’s tail gone limp, ‘Like who needs that many skeleton minions?! It’s mad!’ ‘It was definitely a lot but we got through them.’ Connor reassures her, taking off his furred cloak then sitting next to her.

Mara sits up next to him, ‘Hrmph, I’m so fucking wired right now it’s not even funny.’ Connor throws his arm around her, pulling her close and kissing her cheek. He brings his mouth up face, whispering into her long, elf-like ear, ‘I’m sure I’ve got ways to fix that.’ His voice shivers down Mara’s body as she gets a devious grin on her face, ‘Oh yeah?’ She excitedly laughs as she runs her hand gently down his thigh, ‘What do you have in mind for me?’ She grips his cock through his pant leg. His impressive girth fills her palm and her tail flicks in anticipation. Connors grip on her shoulder loosens and he caresses her collar bone gently. His fingers drift under the fabric of her low cut shirt, feeling the warmth of her soft, freckled chest. ‘Tell me. What do you want to do to me, big boy?’ She strokes his shaft gently, his cock throbs in excitement. Connor grabs her tit. Squeezing lightly with his strong hand. ‘Well, I was thinking…that I could take out my big cock.’

He guides her hand to his belt buckle and helps her lose it. ‘And we could see just how deep you can take it before you choke.’ He laughs. Mara’s hand reaches in and pulls out his cock. She strokes his throbbing shaft slowly. She takes her time, running her soft palm up his entire 13 inch length and teasing his tip. Their lips meet and they moan into each other’s mouths as they feel each other. She lightly taps the tip of his cock. The stimulus makes it grow harder. She bites gently on his lips, careful not to cut him with her sharp fangs. Her strokes grow faster and Connor becomes agitated. He grabs her head and pushes her down to his dick.

Mara licks up his shaft. His tough skin gives her an enjoyable sensation on her tongue and his precum gives it an even better sweetness. She bobes on his tip, licking up all the precum he has to offer. He groans as she takes him deeper, poking out her cheek. Mara gets off the bed, kneeling between his legs. Her mouth wraps tight around his cock as she bobes up and down on him. Connor cups the back of her head as she goes. Pushing himself slightly deeper each time she goes down. His tip grazes the back of her throat but is just shy if her gagging point. Mara isn’t contempt with this. She speeds up her bobes, the wet pops of her lips smacking off his shaft arouse Connor intensely. She opens her throat, taking his full length to the base. The hairs at the base tickle her nose as her eyes begin to water. Mara moans deeply as he goes in. The vibration in her throat stimulates him over the edge. Connor grunts in deep sexy voice as he cums down her throat, ‘Mmh fuck.’ Mara takes the load and slowly pulls up from him. His tip drops out with a wet pop. Mara looks up at him. Tongue hanging out with a stupid grin, fangs showing and spit dripping down her chin.

Mara sits up on him. Legs on either side of his body. Planting a strong kiss on his open mouth, winding her tongue around his. They fall back on the bed, Connor grabs her ass tight and Mara rubs his chest.

He rolls over with her, laying on top of her. As he lifts her shirt he kisses and licks her stomach. She rolls the shirt off and tosses it away. She hugs his head as his mouth explores her plentiful chest. He smells her cleavage, the sweet aroma, a mix of her perfume she puts on every morning and the sweat she worked up over the day, flooding his mind and making him throb even more. Her hands creep down his shirt’s collar hole. Feeling his muscular body, his back covered in the scars one would expect for such a reckless team tank like him. He unhooks her bra and takes off the straps. His lips wrap around her nipple while his fingers tease the other.

His lips trace her collar bone, kissing, licking and sucking her neck and chin. She moans excitedly as he grows more agitated. ‘God I wanna fuck you so bad.’ Connor mumbles through his moans. His cock is aching, pressed against her thigh. Her tail coils around his leg to pull him closer. ‘Why don’t you then?’ Mara laughs in acknowledgment.

Mara separates herself by pushing him up. She lays on the bed, presenting her ass in the air. Swaying it side to side with her tail flicking excitedly. Connor rubs her gently. Her big round ass squeezed into tight green jeans. He unbuttons and pulls down her pants with her underwear. Without hesitation he shoves his face into her exposed pussy. Licking and pleasing her from behind. Once she’s ready he kneels up on the bed behind her, pressing his cock into her lips. She doesn’t have long to prepare as his cook rams into her full force. She lets out an involuntary ‘Fuuuuuck.’ as she feels him pull out then slam back in.

Connor instinctively grabs her waist as he moves his hips back and forth. Their hips collide, making a satisfying clap in the room. Mara’s body is on autopilot, moving her hips back each time he moves forward for maximum penetration. She gasps and swears under her breath in a high pitched tone. Her tail wraps itself around his neck and pulls him down a bit. He smiles as he pounds harder. The only time he lets go is to slap her hard. Sending ripples through her cheeks. He cums deep inside her. Each big pump feels like it’s burning in her stomach.

He pulls out, leaving her gaping pussy to leak out his load. The trembling Mara composes herself and turns to her husband laughing, ‘Hope you’re not done yet handsome. Get on the bed.’ Connor smiles and complies, sitting with his back on the headboard. Mara sits on top of him. Connor smiles deviously as he fills his big palms with her heavy breast. He nuzzles between them, hugging her close with his throbbing cock in between her ass cheeks.

Mara laughs hornily as he kisses and licks her soft skin. She grinds into his pelvis, stroking his cock with her tail. Mara feels him up the same. Rolling up his shirt and rubbing his muscular stomach and hairy chest. She lifts her hips up and uses her tail to place his cock into her pussy. She moans deeply as her hips shakily move up and down. She moves faster and Connor starts thrusting up to meet her. Mara leans back, throwing her arm behind her head. Her stomach pokes out from his erection as she moves. She doesn’t last long in this position. Cumming and shaking on his cock and telling him so under her breath. They pause for a moment, panting and caressing each other.

Connor isn’t done with her yet though. He grabs her shoulders and shoves her forward onto her back. Mara is taken aback by his sudden dominance but is all for it. He holds her leg on his shoulder and shoves his cock into her. Her deep moan is cut off by him pounding her without warning. Mara struggles to wrap her head around the pleasure surging through her body. Pulling the sheets and scratching his chest for support.

‘You like this cock don’t you?’ He speeds up his pace, being followed by the unmistakable metallic twang of the bed springs snapping. ‘You like it ramming you like no one else can.’ Mara laughs in the heat of the moment. ‘I love your cock so much! It hits me so deep. I never want you to stop!’ He speeds up even more somehow, spurred on by Maras hormonal cries. Her cum makes his hips clap even louder as they ram into her with enough force to shake the bed. His own sweat flies from his body as he finishes inside her.

He yanks out his still cumming cock. Stroking it fiercely to shoot his hot load all over Mars’s stomach. Slapping his tip against her wet pussy lips. Mara is left covered in both of their sweat and cum. She rubs her stomach and licks her fingers. Moaning as she sucks up the cum left on them.

‘You feeling better now?’ Connor smirks. Mara laughs tiredly, ‘Yeah. Much better.’ She unwraps her legs from around him. They instantly start to ache as the pounding catches up to her. ‘Mmh I’m gonna feel that in the morning.’ She kneels up in front of him. Her wobbly lags give out and she starts falling but Connor catches her. Holding her carefully and lovingly. A passionate kiss seals her satisfaction.