Well seeing how Mia made her choice might as well make the best of it and give her sister’s a show.

You know as they say go *big* or go home.

I looked at Mia and her sister’s as *they* waited for **my** answer to essentially fuck **their** sister in front of them like I auditioning to be their future sexual partner’s or something.

I looked at each one, “Fine but I’m *only* fucking Mia None of you.”

Becky smiled, “Why is that?”

Geri looked at her sister, “Because you’re not part of his relationship.”

Geri looked at me, “Am I right?”

I looked at her and nodded happy at least one of them listened and understood what Mia told them about my relationship status. I was beginning to like the Olympian more than I already did though I didn’t follow gymnastics let alone the Olympics but I knew her name as her face as all over the news and her face was plastered all over during the last Olympics.

Becky looked between her twin and myself before she huffed, “Fine! Just get it over with *Mr Marathon Man*,” as she smiled at the last part while she looked me up and down like she was undressing me with her eyes after seeing my dick.

I ignored her and looked at Geri, “Deal?”

Geri smiled and held up her hands, “No complaints out of me.”

I looked at Moira as she smiled and spoke, “Fine with me.”

I looked at Mia who simply shrugged as she was getting dick for the third time today.

I rolled my eyes as I stood up and unzipped my pants. I opened the pants and literally rolled down the custom underwear letting my sleeping member out of his confines.

I would have simply reached through the hole of the boxers but in the customization of the boxers the tailor had to seal the easy access point in order to strength the fabric and confine my member so it couldn’t stand.

Then I sat down letting my dick just hang out like it was casual all while I kept my clothes on.

I looked at the trio as their stares were on my flaccid member as they hungrily eyed it waiting to see how tall it stood. I looked at each one watching them imagine what my thing could do to them and possibly what *price* they’d be willing to pay for a chance at it.

I turned my attention to Mia, “Well come over here.”

Becky spoke, “Yeah sis show us how you tamed that beast.”

I smiled as I knew Becky had just made yet another jab at her sister but thought *oh you’d sing the same tune as your sister is about to if you were her*. But I kept that thought to myself.

Mia gulped but looked at me then at her sister’s before she made her decision and moved over to me.

She moved over and straddled me but I stopped her and turned her to face her sister’s instead of facing towards me. Then I made her sit down in my lap as I spoke letting my dominant side run free, “Now raise your dress to show your sister’s your willingness to comply.”

I felt Mia follow my instructions as I reached around grabbing my dick to smack it against Mia’s exposed front as I woke the sleeping monster as if telling my flesh *wake up I have pussy for you to feed on*.

With each smack against Mia’s front side as it also smacked her pussy and pelvic region the monster in my hand slowly woke up as it began lengthening until the pussy devourer woke up ready to dominate and stretch out the same pussy yet again.

Becky immediately spoke once I was fully erect, “Holy shit it’s bigger than I thought.”

I leaned aside as I smiled, “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

That made all three girl’s sitting on the couch blink as they looked at me. I smiled at them as I smacked Mia’s ass and commanded, “Go ahead show them!”

I lightly heard Mia growl at me before I *helped* her as my hands slipped under her bony ass and legs lifting her from her position to hover her over my dick.

I commanded again never taking my attention off the girls, “Now guide me in.”

I watched as the girls slack jawed watch Mia follow my orders before I lowered her down and felt my dick touch her wet opening and slowly lowered her down to impale her pussy on my dick as I felt my dick slightly bend as her opening, though fucked twice already, was still tight not giving my dick any chance to simply slip in before my dick’s strength won against her opening and started sliding in.

The girl’s were transfixed as they watched Mia’s small body and small pussy slowly accept my, in comparison to Mia, extra large cock.

Mia for herself lightly moaned as she felt her pussy stretch to accept my cock.

Still I kept my focus on the trio while they were glued to the scene unfolding before them.

I smiled at them when I felt Mia’s shallow pussy hit it’s full status though she still had more to *accept* and purposely held Mia in place as I spoke to my audience, “Just so you know your little sister’s pussy is completely full now.”

They looked from my half covered cock to look at me as I continued, “And you know what I enjoy hearing from your sister?”

I waited to let my *audience* form their question as I let go of *their* sister letting gravity push her down as her pussy suddenly stretched very quickly causing Mia to let out a high pitched shrill before she groaned and gripped my thighs as she leaned forward as her body underwent an orgasm.

I smiled at my *audience* as their eyes were wide and jaws hanging on the ground at what they just witnessed, “That.”

Eventually when Mia’s orgasm subsided I spanked her rear and commanded, “Now start fucking.”

My *audience* blinked at my obvious handling of their sister before Mia rose herself up and put herself back down but only by half.

I reached around Mia grabbing her breasts and pinching her nipples and tugging forward causing Mia to stop her stride as she moaned out loudly with obvious pain. I commanded once again, “Fully take me with every bounce *slave*.”

Mia nodded as I let go and she resumed bouncing this time being sure to fully take my cock into her pussy causing an obvious slapping sound.

I leaned to the side letting to trio watch me manhandle their sister like she was an object all while Mia obeyed.

They were transfixed never blinking as they watched what was happened before them.

I was doing this to hopefully scare all three from even thinking of wanting a chance at my dick just so I can avoid the headache.

I spoke indifferent as to what was happening in my lap as the tiny girl bounced herself up and down on my dick fully, “So Geri what’s it like to be an Olympian?”

I was creating small talk to show them each like what was happening meant nothing to me *helping* prove Mia’s statement of me being a marathon man was true.

Geri blinked as she realized she was being asked a question though she was watching her sister fuck me. She stuttered, “I-it’s co-ool I gu-uess.”

I smiled, “It’s more than cool you’re one of America’s sweethearts at the Olympics,” I thought about my statement as just about every single Olympian was glorified for representing America before I shrugged, “At least when it comes to gymnastics.”

About that time Mia, who had been bouncing up and down on my dick was going shallower and shallower until she was back to accepting half my dick again, without breaking contact with Geri’s vision I reached up grabbing Mia’s long hair and pulling back causing Mia to moan lightly and making her stop once again. I spoke clearly, “I said fuck my cock fully. Am I clear?”

Mia mildly shook her head, “Yes Gabe.”

I let go and smacked her ass, “Well get to it!”

Mia moaned loudly but resumed bouncing up and down making sure her ass smacked against my groin as my dick fully went in her.

I looked at Geri, “I’m so sorry. Where were we?”

I looked to see all of them looked at me wide eyed as I watched Moira lean over and hear her whisper to Becky, “Is it bad I wish I was her right now?”

Becky for her part whispered back, “No Because even *I’m* jealous of her right now.”

I chuckled as I showed them I heard them changing my focus from Geri to Becky and Moira, “What are you talking about?”

Both of them shut up and turned a little red as I clearly caught them making me smile and making Moira avert her gaze away from the scene happening in front of your eyes.

Just then Mia leaned forward grasping my thighs as she breathed heavily and groaned as I felt her body and pussy undergo another one of **her** orgasms.

I spoke to the girl’s, “Say while I have you three here and what not now that you know your sister’s status.”

The three looked from their sister to me, “I was thinking of having your sister branded so everyone knows that she is mine but I can’t quite figure out how to do it.”

I grabbed Mia’s hair and pulled causing Mia to moan but followed where I pulled her making her lean all the way back to where her body was against mine….all while my dick was inside her.

Mia moaned and lightly growled but stopped as I whispered, “Just go with it,” so low that I was sure her sisters could hear me whisper to Mia so this was the first form of me talking to her.

I reached around and grabbed her dress lifting it up as it had fallen when I forced her to lean back. I spoke, “I was thinking of having Mia tattoo *Gabe’s property* but can’t decide if I should have it here,” I ran my finger along Mia pelvic region, “or here?” my finger going lower and ran in an arch….right above Mia’s pussy lips as if circling along the flesh clearly indicating what I was saying was mine.

This caused Mia to moan more as I purposely pushed down and circled her clit as I spoke, “What do you three think?”

I continued as I reached up grabbing Mia’s dress and pulling it down to expose Mia’s still small tits to her sister’s, “I mean I could put it here,” I ran my finger around Mia’s left nipple that was fully erect begging for attention, “or here,” I reached over and did the same to her right nipple, “but I thought down here,” I arched along her pussy, “was the best option showing that she was **my** property.”

I looked at them as Geri’s mouth hanged open in complete shock. Same with Becky who was lightly trailing her finger in her mouth as she imagined what I was talking about before she shook her head. All while Moira was doing her damndest to look in every direction but us as her face was completely red as she bit her lip and was actively rubbing her legs together.

I smiled as identified my target, “Moira what do you think?”

Moira for her part turned beat red and remained silent as she turned her body not looking towards *us*.

I looked over at Becky, “Well what do you think?”

Becky looked at me and spoke softly, “Please don’t brand my sister!”

I looked at her and raised my eyebrow, “What was that?”

Becky looked at me and spoke more closely, “Please don’t brand her.”

I looked at Becky a little surprised that after **all** the shit I watched her give Mia she still cared about her sister to not get branded.

I lifted Mia’s light form off me letting my dick slip out of her causing her to moan and groan until she was completely off me. I stood up while still holding Mia and turned to set her down on the chair I was using like she weighed nothing.

I walked over to the trio as they each watched my dick move side to side and sat down on the table to face them, “So you don’t want me to brand your little sister?”

I looked at Moira who was beat red still staring at my dick but eventually looked at me and shook her head, “No.”

I turned my attention to Becky who looked at me like she was trying to judge me not sure of how to judge me but she looked at me as she spoke clearly, “No.”

I turned my attention to Geri who looked from me to her sister’s then back at me as she shook her head, “No.”

I raised my eyebrow, “Though she’s my *slave*? My *cock sleeve*? You don’t want me to brand her to show to the world she’s mine?”

Each demoralization I used to describe *their* sister I saw i mixture of emotions. Emotions such as doubt and shame coming from Moira. Defiance and fire coming from Becky. And unsure and indecision coming from Geri.

I looked at them, more specifically Becky, “But **you’re** willing to destroy **your** relationship with **your** sister when *you* think *you* can steal any man you want? How is what I’m doing any different than you?”

Becky turned beat red as she looked *pissed* at me but she obviously heard my words as she deflated and whispered, “I do it out of love,” she looked up at me with a renewed fire and spoke clearly, “You’re doing it out of fucking spite.”

I smiled at her and shrugged, “Actually no. I did it to show you your little rivalry is stupid thinking you’re better than her. I *made* you think that I *thought* **she** was a play thing because that’s what you showed me.”

I stood up and rolled up my underwear as I tucked my hardened member into the sleeve and zipped myself up.

I turned, “No if you shall excuse me I’ll be leaving now.”

I stopped next to Mia, “I’ll be waiting in the car while you talk to your sister’s. Don’t be too long, yeah?”

I looked down at her while she panted before she nodded.

And I left.