What should have been a simple dinner with Mia’s family while I *pretended* to be Mia’s ‘friend’ though with obvious hidden intention that *I* was boyfriend material just so Mia’s family can quote *leave her alone* unquote while hiding the facts that I have a weird unique relationship with so many girls, I’m a Online Influencer…..and I have a big dick for fear of what her sister’s *might* do has turned into anything but simple.

I mean up until now the day was somewhat enjoyable. I got a coffee. I fucked Mia out of her slumber, that’s if she was asleep. She took me to get a massage where Morgan works and got a blowjob from Morgan as part of the *calming* package. I fucked Mia again in the sauna.

It was a relatively nice day….then the idea of dinner with her family came out and it went downhill from there.

I should have just taken her home when she asked but stupid me I had to play the *friend* card and doubled down with the *nice guy* card which normally was a death sentence in any other situation.

I was half right as it being a *death* sentence but at the same time completely off as that combo spelled the *WTF* combo as we *tried* to come up with a game plan to prep for dinner by coming up with a believable story and going as far as getting a tailor to create a pair of underwear that not only could hide my dick but keep him down when standing at full attention.

Then we get to her parent’s house where I meet the family and actually have a nice dinner. The dinner was relatively good and the overall atmosphere was homey.

Dinner wrapped up and I thought I was in the clear and our ruse was nearly complete. All we had to do was leave and count our lucky stars.

Did we do that?

Fuck no.

The parents retired downstairs and that’s when the *fuckery* began.

Imagine my irritation when **all** of that work that was done was completely undone with one simple action and a complete 180 happened when Mia was bickering with her siblings in their unique dynamic that probably rivaled any sibling rivalry.

Sure as fuck beat all the fights I had with Kel growing up.

So not only did she spill the beans on my unique relationship status with her sister’s but she also spilled the beans on my fucking dick costing me $450 in my attempt to *hide* my monster between my legs from her sister’s in the world’s most expensive boxer briefs ever made.

And to make matters *worse* she goes and defends herself **and** me ***then*** she fucking boasts not only am I big cocked female destroyer *but* I’m also a fucking *marathon man*.

I’m sure any guy would love to be in *my* shoes and they would gladly pay any price put before them to be in **my** shoes.

Well if you want to be me go right ahead.

Go on.

I’ll gladly let you be me right now and see how you juggle so much.

I swear my life is stupid.

Sure it was great in the beginning as I was fucking two girl’s. But the more we added the more my life got not only chaotic but fucking complicated.

It just felt like I was living the longest *WTF* moments just to entertain some deity I *possibly* pissed off just so they can watch my train wreck of a life because they’re bored and **I** was their best form of entertainment better than any television show or ‘reality tv’.

Gabe seems to be handling life really well right now with his two girl’s he got lucky with Let’s throw two more girls at him.

Oh he’s handling that well. Let’s throw his lover’s fucking *pet* into the mix.

Looks like that worked in his favor *Let’s* have him fuck his mom to see if he goes insane.


Ok let’s offer him a opportunity for him and his lover’s to change for a ridiculous amount of money.

They accepted?

Let’s have them befriend a fucking man hater and see how they can convert her.

Hey that was comical.

Let’s have him go insane because he can’t fucking cum now that his dick is nearly the length of a newborn baby and has the endurance of a incubus.

Oh shit he figured out how to cum. Let’s throw his sister into porn.

Oh he got her out of it…….and he recruited eight girls???

Not only did he recruit them but he fucked them?

Wow respect! Sure as fuck didn’t see that coming.

Now let’s have him try to figure out how to help these girls from becoming porn drop outs.

Oh shit he figured it out. And he’s building a website to help them.

Let’s throw three new girls his way and see how he handles it. Oh and they’re the sister’s of his current fuck buddy.

Yeah I’m sure whatever deity is watching over my life and throwing everything except the kitchen sink is a fucking prick. All while the deity in question kicks back and eats their popcorn or whatever it is they are snacking on at the moment.

So as my moment got more and more awkward as the biggest *slut* of the sister’s was challenging her sister to prove her boast about **my** performance I *tried* to get out of it by mentioning that their parent’s could catch us.

Yeah that failed miserably as they pretty much confirmed that their parent’s were pretty much downstairs doing the exact same thing that was about to happen upstairs.

I have three words for you…..Fuck my life!!!

So I have a few options before me.

One, I could tell them that *their* sister doesn’t have to prove anything to them.

Two, I can simply leave and not partake of this weird rivalry whether Mia leaves with me or stays is her prerogative.

Or three, say fuck it and show this trio what I’m capable of.

I looked at Mia hoping she would choose either of the two first options and not the last.

Yes I was really *really* hoping she’d take the first two options. I didn’t want to demonstrate my fucking endurance to an Olympian with a weird fetish that I had no idea about, a fucking ballerina with a man stealing obsession, and a no shit breeder.

This just spelled trouble no matter how I looked at it.

For *if* I did fuck Mia and it was guaranteed that not only would I prove that I was a marathon man, which I’m used to. But just like all day, as long as I focused, I wouldn’t cum….or at least not *on purpose* would I cum as that right has now been deemed and demanded by both Kel and Summer as they’re bodies were the rightful receptacles for my *cum*.

Just another rule I was beginning to get used to. Sure I’m allowed to cum if it happens *naturally* through endurance and prolonged exposure to any of the other girl’s orifices but if I could hold off I was supposed to hold off before cumming.

So in one fatal move Summer had more or less put me back on the edging path.

With them I was *allowed* to use my *trick*, if not flat out demanded I use my *trick*, to help myself orgasm faster but with anyone else I wasn’t *allowed* to use my *trick*.

Though the rule was new I was slowly adjusting to my nuts hurting constantly but was accustomed to Summer’s unique way to always edge me.

So me fucking Mia wasn’t the *big* issue. It was *possibly* gaining the attention of Mia’s man stealing sister that was guaranteed to be a **huge** ass problem as I’m sure that would certainly piss off Summer and Kel as they would make sure that would never happen though they didn’t have to worry as even *IF* Mia’s sister Becky had a pussy made out of gold and was guaranteed to make me cum every time I stick my dick in her she had two things going against her…. Summer and Kel….and my feelings for them….and that their bodies was made for me and felt like home to me.

The **huge** problem was gaining the attention of Mia’s other sister Moira ….the breeder. Her profession went against our *oops* rule.

I wasn’t sure of the other sister’s *kink* so I didn’t know if it clashed with our life style or not.

But come on if the other two sister’s *known* kinks obviously clashed with our lifestyle I could only imagine Geri’s *kink* was just as bad if not worse.

Hell for all I knew it could be tame but the fact Geri and Becky were fucking twins it would be easy for Becky to slip in and say she’s Geri **if** Geri *was* to be attracted **and** took part in our *circle*.

I looked at Mia and waited for her answer and I desperately hoped she took either of the first two options.

But as she looked at me I *knew* that she wasn’t going to be sensible and take the fucking high road. Nope in that look I *knew* she was going to ask me to fuck her in front of sister’s just to prove that she was right.

I’ll say it again….Fuck my life!!!