A girl can get used to this as I didn’t think I would enjoy this nearly as much as I have so far.

I made this idle thought to myself after the *large* amounts of fun I had just experienced….and the multitude of orgasms I had experienced over the course of time we took.

I could see why guys are always trying to convince their girl to either play with another girl or have another join in on the fun.

Granted I had *let* a plethora of girl’s join our rather unique *circle* letting Gabe get his rocks off on the variety of flesh that frequents *our* bed.

I had initially called every girl who was either already part of the *circle of fun* or wanting to become part of the *circle of fun* as I had explained why each girl was there.

Naturally Karinna and Morgan were game to some good ole fun, along with Kelly was as well.

But the rest were against it as they were natural cockivores preferring a dick over pussy for their level of enjoyment.

Couldn’t blame them as I was as well **BUT** each of these bitches needed to know their place in this *circle of fun*.

They needed to know I was top bitch in this *circle* and that Gabe was **MINE**…….ok Kelly and mine. But the point was still the same.

I told each girl to remove their clothing so the *fun* could begin.

Once again Karinna, Morgan and Kelly quickly stripped their clothing like this was a natural occurrence. The rest….not so much.

Heidi and Bonnie removed their clothes out of curiosity as they voiced their excitement as the loaded balls had dissolved in their pussies and they were itching for attention.

Felicity and Anita followed suit after seeing the willingness of Heidi and Bonnie willing to strip for whatever was about to happen.

The defiant one’s were Sabrina and Jaime. Sabrina was most hesitant because she was still self conscious of her body….and was still shaming the girl’s for their willingness to remove their clothes so quickly.

Jaime was equally vocal as she said “I gave up dick for this?” And was clearly ready to leave.

But after telling her, and Sabrina, they’re more than welcome to leave and not be welcomed to the *circle* or Gabe’s cock did they change their minds and removed their clothing.

With everyone clothes fully removed and seeing the differences I *could* make comparisons that even *I* could appreciate.

Stuff like, though Heidi and Jaime on purpose made their tattoos and piercing’s identical, Heidi had a much better body and her doll like complexion was hard to not ignore. It was like this girl on purpose wore a body corset to get her small waist to look like the way it did.

Or Felicity near alabaster skin was near glowing I didn’t want to mark it.

Or Anita’s hair looked silky and shiny.

Each girl had qualities that I *had* to appreciate.

But shit needed to get done if I was going to enjoy this and the pussy ball’s and Lilith’s elixir was step one.

Step two was hard as I needed everyone to agree to what was about to happen.

Time to move onto step three….bondage.

I decided that my most difficult needed the most attention so I convinced Jaime and Sabrina to be placed in a spreader bar while their ankles and wrists were strapped to the bar…..and a gag ball just to shut them up.

That task wasn’t easy but with the help of Heidi holding down her sister and the promise that Gabe would be fucking her soon she was properly contained.

Sabrina, though difficult, just a simple command and a soft reassurance was all it took to get her in a spreader bar.

The next to be put in a spreader bar combo was Anita and Bonnie.

And the last was the willing Heidi.

Seeing how I only had enough spreader bars for the five and I had one girl out we kind of improvised with ropes and cuffs putting Felicity into the same position as the rest.

With all six girl’s essentially immobilized pretty much laying face down with their asses up in the air I had to take care of my remaining victim’s.

I smiled at the remaining girl’s and smiled, “Want to have some fun?”

Kelly, Morgan and Karinna smiled as they nodded.

With my new *helpers* it was time to humiliate and torment.

I instructed Morgan and Karinna to take Bonnie and Anita as I handed them each a bottle of lube, a butt plug, a vibrator and a packet of pussy flavor strips.

I gave Kelly the same items and told her to take Felicity and Heidi.

I had the troublesome duo.

With their asses in the air I put a dissolving pussy strip inside their pussy lips which would change their flavor profile from pussy to….looks like kiwi strawberry will be their first flavor.

I had used these multiple time’s especially when Gabe went down on me and they are awesome….if you want your guy to go down on you longer than ten seconds that is.

What you do is pretty simple just apply the strip along your inner labia and your natural *juiciness* will dissolve the strip within a minute or so leaving a film of the flavor on your pussy until licked off.

Between your pussy juices and the strip it leaves a semi thick film inside your labia that a guy can lick it off either fairly fast, if he’s crazy or doesn’t like the act he’ll be quick, or take his time letting the film mix and mingle with his saliva making the eat out session longer.

Just think of those breath strips you buy at the store to cover up your nasty breath. Only it’s not minty or over powering….and less burning. Ok maybe *one* of the flavors is mint. But there’s peach, kiwi strawberry, banana nut, coconut, mocha, blue moon (which was a mixture that tasted like blueberry and strawberry), cotton candy, monkey bananza (which was a mixture of bananas, strawberry’s, kiwi, and vanilla), milk and honey, and custard (which tastes like a custard pie I guess).

I’m not the one who created the flavor’s but I have used most of them.

Gabe likes the custard for some odd reason *wink*. I find his lack of wanting other flavor’s weird and find that his obsession with custard kind of disturbing. But it is what he likes so I use it more than the others.

Well that and he can eat his way to my heart *any* time. Just as long as the fucker remains on a healthy dosage of Nutters.

With the film on them already beginning to dissolve I then applied a healthy amount of lube to the butt plugs and inserted them into my intended *victims*.

Jaime’s plug went in pretty easily so I assumed she has used a plug once or twice….that or she’s into anal.

Sabrina, however, was damn near impossible to stick the stupid plug into her ass as she instantly squirmed trying to get away from the object that I was introducing to her rear as she squealed through her gag.

I smiled at Sabrina happy I had gagged her stupid ass as she would probably spitting out some nonsense of consent or something like that.

I spoke softly and reassuringly telling her this would make everything feel so much better if she only let me plug her ass.

After some more consoling and some sweet loving lies did she relax enough for the plug to slide in.

I looked at my *helpers* to see how they were doing with their individual *subjects* and was a little disappointed that not only had they applied the strips and plug like I had but they were holding up the vibrators waiting for me to do the same.

I sighed and did the same to my subject’s putting the last thing in them but not turning on the vibrators.

I stood up smiling at my *subjects* as they looked ready for the next step.

I had all my *new* subjects ready to start *my* treatment to start my *dominance* while I still had some stragglers….my little *helpers*.

I lightly played with the idea of reinforcing my current dominance on the three….mainly Morgan.  But I remained to make them my little *helpers*…..for the time being at least.

I handed my trio of *helpers* handing them each the little whips that I had while I kept the nine of cat tails whip.

I looked down at my *troublesome duo* while I addressed all five, “So now that you are here you are freely accepting your role.”

All five girl’s looked up at me with mixed emotions.  Happiness was clearly coming from Heidi.  Anxiousness was coming from Bonnie and Felicity.  I looked down and saw the clear defiance from my *duo* of Sabrina and Jaime.

I smiled knowing that neither girl was going to out rightly *obey* though Sabrina was quickly becoming subservient to us, “Oh don’t worry if you don’t want be part of us you can simply get up and leave just say the word and I’ll gladly untie you and let you leave.”

I waited as I heard crickets from my five.

The three girl’s quickly gathered my attention was on Jaime and Sabrina.

I spoke, “Well seeing how you all need to understand.  And that is I’m queen in this *circle*.”

I looked at the five but once again I was looking at my *troublesome duo*.

I smiled as I saw two different fires from my *duo*.  One was laced with her own *dominance* as she had up until this moment was the queen of her own fate.  The other was that of indecision as to which way *she* was going to *choose* her out look on life.

I looked at my *helpers* and nodded as I spoke, “Turn them on.”

I watched as my *trio* of helpers leaned down and turned on the devices lodged in their relative pussy’s start humming causing the owners to start moaning as their faces turned into glee.

I looked down at my *duo* and spoke, “See they have already accepted me in their own way as *they* were obedient enough to follow simple instructions.”

I kneeled down at the *duo* to see their faces turn red at the prospect that they wouldn’t be accepting any form of teasing….yet.

I saw in their eyes that same ‘*fire*’ as they each resisted but their faces were becoming flush and red as they *heard* their fellow females squeal and moan in delight as they received their current ‘*teasing*’.

I smiled wickedly at my *duo*, “Would you like to be like them?  Start having **your** pussy’s teased with what is inside you?”

Sabrina was the first to moan through her gag and obviously nod as her face was completely flush.

Jaime looked at me and I could tell in her head she had a list of names she wanted to call me.

I smiled as I leaned into her and whispered ‘*Remember honey Gabe is mine!  You want him you have to submit to me.*’

I leaned back to see the look on her face as she blushed red and looked at me.

While I sat there looking at Jaime I felt it…..myself…..I felt…..*turned on*.

I reached down to *pet* myself and felt exactly how *wet* I was.

I smiled at myself looking down exactly how much *wetness* there was on my finger tips.

I thought to myself *Oh Yes I’m **enjoying** this*’.

I stood up and smiled at my *duo* knowing full well I’m going to enjoy this.  I looked at my *helpers* as they each held their own whips.

I nodded to them and began lashing at my *duo* as each girl received their own version of *acceptance* into the *circle*.

After a few lashes, and as my *duo* cried out through their individual gags, I noticed that one person in particular was making their whips sound louder than mine….Morgan.

I looked at my *pet*, “Why does it sound like your whip is louder?”

Morgan looked at me confused before whatever dawned on her as she spoke, “You mean this?”

She flicked her wrist and the whip cracked out on Felicity’s ass causing the girl to mildly scream out for half a second.

I nodded and Morgan smiled, “Oh it’s a trick that Gabe’s mom showed me.”


I looked at Morgan confused as she walked up to me, “Here I’ll show you Mistress.”

She walked the could of feet and spoke, “Hold out your arm.”

I looked at her confused but held out my arm as she spoke, “The real pain is the sound while the whip does hardly any real pain.  All you need to do is flick your wrist and make sure the end licks the skin shallowly….like so.”

Morgan sent the miniature whip at my arm and like each time so far the **CRACK** was loud as hell especially next to my ear but the pain so minimal…..hardly any.  I think I winced more in shock **because** of the sound compared to the actual pain.

I looked at her, “Is there any way to make the same sound but cause actual pain.”

Morgan smiled and nodded, “Sure just need to snap it harder at the end really.”

I grabbed Morgan and turned her around forcing her over and asked, “Like this?”

Using my cat I used the same technique that Morgan showed but pulled harder at the end as the nine lashes smacked against Morgan’s ass causing her to jump as she exclaimed ‘*IEEE!!!*’

I watched as Morgan nearly jumped so hard that she *almost* jumped to the roof but somehow stayed in place as she looked back with a low guttural moan, “Yes Mistress just like that.”

I smiled and spoke, “Perfect!”  Then looked at my *duo* with my wicked smile.

I bent down and turned on the devices in each of my *duo* as I started the tease making both girl’s start moaning lightly on their gag.

Now that I knew that they were being turned on it was time to up the ante as I spoke, “So who is Gabe’s main squeeze?”

Mumbling is the answer I got.

I smiled knowing full well they couldn’t answer as I swung my cat letting it lick across each girl’s left butt cheek causing them to yell on their gag causing their scream to be muffled.

I smiled, “What?  Cat got your tongue?”

I flicked my wrist letting the cat lick on their right cheek causing the *duo* to jump but their gag muffled a lot of what was happening.

I spoke, “Oh right I forgot.”

I leaned down and helped remove each girl’s *gag* and a torrent of words flew from both girl’s mouths.

It was that moment I got two different answers.

Sabrina yelled out, “Fine **YOU’RE** Queen bitch got it!”

Jaime looked at me and growled, “When You untie me and you will I’m going to fuck You up!”

I looked at my *duo* fully expecting a variety of these answers but not *these* answer’s specifically.

Actually I’m surprised Sabrina fully accepted it though not *really* surprised she was still defiant.

Jaime’s answer I fully expected…though she was clearly more forceful of her answer.

I smiled, “Oh I’m sure you’ll be singing a different tune shortly.”

Jaime looked at me defiantly, “I fucking doubt….”

She quickly ran off her words as her mind misfired as one of my *helpers*, Kel to be specific, turned her vibrator setting causing Jaime to moan….***loudly***.

I smiled as I knew that turning on Jaime would cause her anger to falter.

I got distracted when I one of my *helpers*, Karinna, spoke, “So what do you want us to do?”

I looked over at my *helpers* to see Karinna standing next to Anita and Bonnie while Morgan was standing next to Heidi and Felicity.

I smiled at them, “Go ahead and have fun.”

Karinna eyed me, “Meaning you want us to….”

She trailed off not wanting to use the words.

I smiled and nodded, “I sure do. Make them squeal until they agree to **my** terms.”

I caught a glimpse of Morgan actually smiling as she looked down at Heidi and Felicity but it so brief I wasn’t too sure.

Morgan didn’t have to be told twice as she kneeled down and started playing with the girls individual vibrators while Karinna simply looked at her two and stood there looking dumb.

Kelly saved me as she looked at Karinna, “For fucks sake just eat them out until they’re off in orgasm land have them eat you. She said **HAVE FUN** meaning do whatever you want.”

She turned her attention to me and winked.

I smiled at my friend thankful she is who she is.

I returned my attention to my *troublesome duo* finding Kelly was still toying with Jaime’s vibrator as she teased Jaime causing her to moan.

I smiled at both Sabrina and Jaime as a Wicked idea popped into my head causing Sabrina to gulp as she saw my look.

I looked at Kelly, “Hey Kelly, want to play a game?”

Kelly looked up at me as she heard my pitch, “What’s up?”

I smiled, “Want to see who can make who moan the loudest?”

Kelly looked down at both girls and caught on to my meaning as she looked up at me and nodded.

I smiled, “Want to make a bet?”

Kelly chuckled before she spoke, “What’s the bet?”

I looked at her straight faced, “Alone time with Gabe.”

Kelly looked at me, “For how long?”

I looked at equally straight faced, “The day.”

Kelly thought about it then looked at me, “And I can redeem it at any time?”

I smiled knowing where she was going with her questioning as I answered, “Including during *our* trip.”

Kelly instantly smiled and held out her hand, “Deal.”

I reached out and shook her hand, “So which one you want?”

Kelly looked down at Sabrina as her *freaky* smile showed on her face as she clearly had a bone to pick with this little girl.

I laughed happy with the choice as I had my own *bone* to pick with the girl who rubbed me the wrong way…. Jaime.

I got up and rounded behind Jaime as I pushed Kelly out of the way to simply sit down in front of my *victim*.

I watched Kelly do the same as I spoke, “Ready?”

Kelly nodded with her vindictive smile.

I got close to the proffered rear of Jaime who was currently panting from having her pussy played with a vibrator letting my hot breath dance on her ass as I spoke, “Set?”

I didn’t look at Kelly as I spoke, “Go!”

And I dove in wrapped my mouth around Jaime’s pussy lips causing the lightly elder girl gasp as I *kissed* her pussy and got my first taste of what the strips do as a light hint of strawberry graced my tastebuds.

I heard Sabrina groan as Kelly obviously did more than *kiss* Sabrina’s pussy as imagined Kelly went full on pussy munching to her the desired effect.

Not me.

I knew from experience, as Kelly should also be very well aware of, that yes the strip’s do help flavor a girl’s pussy leaving a nice, almost semi thick, film along the pussy as whatever the material that dissolved inside one’s pussy was meant to be spread around. Mix it up more so the flavor lasts longer.

Not meant to be licked up quickly as it ruins the purpose of the strip’s that still reminds me of those breath savor strips…. Without the burn.

I’m speaking from experience as Gabe has more than once *spread* that film in **our** pussy’s as he eats his way to our hearts leaving us in big pile of goo.

Though this was my **first** experience being on the giving end as I tasted the pussy flavor film for the first time I still knew what to do. And that was use my tongue to lightly mix the film and massage it into the labia careful to not use much force and allow my saliva to drool into Jaime’s pussy as an aid to mix it more.

The entire time I fought the urge to put that pressure as the semi sweet film’s taste was dancing along my tongue begging to be licked up.

Hell I even rolled the film onto Jaime’s clit and rolled it around causing Jaime to moan and begging as she gave me *instructions* to ‘*push harder*’, ‘*eat me*’, and ‘*please give my clit more attention*’.

I didn’t listen I just continued to ignore her while I spread the flavor around in Jaime’s pussy as both it and her begged to be eaten more.

I knew the more I spread it around and let the flavor absorb into Jaime’s pussy the longer I knew I could eat her pussy.

I stopped for a moment to catch Kelly grab Sabrina and flip her around so she could mount Sabrina forcing Sabrina to eat Kelly while Kelly ate Sabrina.

I smiled think *amateur you’re defeating the purpose*.

Then I thought maybe, just maybe, Kelly did it for a reason.

And that reason was quickly answered when Kelly loudly smacked Sabrina’s raised ass and commanded, “Eat me bitch!”

Yep there it was.

I went back to my new *meal* and thought *fuck it Kelly has the right idea*.

I got up and grabbed a pussy film to quickly slap in my pussy already feeling it dissolve in between my lips in the short movement due to exactly how wet I was as I had drool running down both of my inner thighs.

I flipped Jaime over and propped her up to mount her finding it much more difficult than how Kelly did it. Granted Sabrina’s chest was much smaller than Jaime’s but was able to manage it barely.

I performed the same move as Kelly had on Jaime as I smacked her ass but before I could command Jaime to eat me she was already kissing my pussy and feeling exactly how wet I was quickly slipping a tongue in me to lap up my juices.

I quickly thought *oh shit she’s done this a time or two* before I moaned out as her tongue quickly darting to my clit and proceeded to do this movement causing me to shudder and moan out loud.

I experienced a flood of emotions in the short time Jaime was eating me out before I experienced an orgasm that nearly rivaled what Gabe could make me experience….*nearly* being the key word.

After my eyes fluttered and realized that this little bitch made me cum and fast too, I dove back in with gusto not to be done in so quickly as I lightly cursed my stupid sensitive body for allowing a girl to make me cum so fast and not Gabe.

Just then I heard Kelly moan loudly and grunt and I caught in time to see her lift her body as her special ability activated and a torrent of fluid sprayed at a high rate…. Straight into Sabrina’s face catching her off guard as she gurgled and moved her head side to side trying to get away and not drown.

Then I heard a joyous moan to see that Karinna and Anita were sitting on the ground scissoring one another while Morgan, Heidi, Felicity and Bonnie were in a circle eating one another.

Every where I looked was pure sapphic carnal displays and it seemed I was the only one to look around and not dive in.

With one final look at what I had brought I smiled as I knew I had guaranteed each girl into the *circle* which made me even more happy to present to my *love* his new holes to fuck.

I looked down at Jaime who had already stuck her tongue into my pussy as the next series of events became a blur of sapphic moments that tested the boundaries of my sexuality as I had never been a *lesbian* though I appreciated the female form.

The events made me realize that there was more than cock, there was a shared knowledge of how to get each other off.

After which made me understand how girl’s, in my opinion, can go down the dark side and only be with women because of that shared knowledge.

Though I hadn’t faced what I had become tonight as I teetered on the fence of becoming a bi-sexual female though leaning heavily towards cock…. One cock to be specific…. Gabe’s cock.

For that man I would do anything to please him as I bowed and worshipped the idiot for the simple fact I’m ad*dick*ted to him for I *loved* him and wanted him to be happy.

I would do anything for the stupid head that gave me butterflies and made me melt with one simple touch.

I laid there panting in my circle as we laid sprawled along each other after our weird combo we took part of before our eventual collapse I smiled in euphoric bliss. I only had one thought that remained in my mind….