One of the twins, Becky, as I have learned that Becky was wearing less clothing to cover up or hide parts of her body compared to Geri, exclaimed as she pointed to Mia.

We had just broken from the family dinner as Mia’s dad excused himself after dinner to go down to his *man cave* and their mom had gone down to join him.

Once the *”rents* excused themselves and the girl’s helped one another clean up the mess while I got to sit down in the living room while my wait time was relatively short.

Mia had sat down as Becky had blurted out her exclamation.

Mia quickly retorted, “I’m not a slut!”

Becky smiled at her, “Then why did I just catch you without panties?”

Mia blushed as she quickly spoke, “I am too wearing panties!”

The other sisters looked at Becky and then at Mia as they went through their separate reactions.

Geri just looked at Becky, “That’s enough Becky.”

Moira looked between her two sister’s but turned her attention to me as she spoke but was interrupted as their *fight* continued.  Becky smiled, “Then stand up and lift your dress?”

Mia quickly spoke, “I will not!”

Becky pointed at Mia, “HA! You’re admitting to it!”

Moira looked at the two bickering sisters, “SHUT IT!!!”

Both Becky and Mia looked at Moira but before they could start again Moira spoke again, “I said *SHUT IT!*”

Becky looked at Moira but Moira held up her hand and spoke, “I’m not wearing any either.  Neither are you so shut it!”

Becky quickly spoke, “But **you** or **I** aren’t wearing a fucking dress sis!”

Moira smiled, “I’m well aware of that.  She’s not 12, Becky.  She’s 19.”

Becky sputtered but Moira rolled her eyes and addressed me, “You’ll have to excuse Becky, she’s a little flamboyant.”

Becky retorted, “OOOO *Flamboyant*!  Did we learn that at college miss fucking breeder!”

I instantly dropped my jaw at the level of airing out each other’s dirty laundry as these girl’s level of fighting made my arguments with Kel look somewhat tame…..somewhat being the key word.  I still have a scar on my eyebrow from Kel elbowing me from one of our fights…..but that was…..fuck six years ago.

I know I know I said me and Kel got along since Samantha and Jasmine were born…..but we do have our *off* moments and really fight….and by fight I mean throw down.

I never did call out Kel’s eccentricities in front of Samantha or Jasmine…..of course they are much younger than us so there is that.

Moira smiled at Becky and spoke, “At least I don’t have a certain British spy complex trying to steal men from their other half’s.  Or would you like me to continue.”

Becky opened her mouth and then quickly closed it.

Moira smiled instantly like she had won the argument.

Point to Moira.

Being smug she turned her attention to me, “Excuse us.  So Gabe not to get too frank but did you *know* our esteemed little sister isn’t wearing any underwear?”

Mia blushed instantly but spoke, “FINE!!!!”  She stood up and pulled up her dress showing her bare underside before sitting down and huffing as she folded her arms.

Looks like I now knew where Mia got her attitude from….her sisters.

Becky immediately smiled, “Knew it!”

I for the most part remained quiet as this was their dynamic and I dared not step in.  Though I will admit I did blush….heavily…..as I smiled at their bickering.


It was comical….and made me think any siblings do fight.

Moira smiled at Mia, “But did he know?”

Mia blushed so hard her olive complexion was nearly red as she spoke, “Yes he knows.”

Moira smiled as Mia continued, “And yes I’m fucking him ok!”  She looked at Becky and pointed, “Meaning he’s *COMPLETELY* **OFF** ***LIMITS***.”

Becky held up her hands as she smiled, “You know the rules sis.”

Moira looked at Becky, “I think due to the current dynamic sis he isn’t fair game.”

Becky squinted and huffed, completely deflated, “Fine!”

She pointed to Mia, “You’re lucky I already have a man waiting for me back at home!”

Geri laughed, “Like that has ever stopped you?”

Becky immediately looked at her sister, “Fuck you too sis.”

Though Becky did smile, “Ok there was that one time.”

Both Geri and Moira looked at Becky long enough to where Becky sighed, “Ok twice.”

They continued looking at her as Becky sighed even deeper, “OK!  A lot!”

Both Moira and Geri smiled.

Moira looked back at me, “So now we’ve established your *actual* relationship.  Tell us Gabe, what is your intention with **our** sister?”

I looked over at Mia realizing that in one swoop they, I mean she, found out everything.  Them finding out wasn’t the issue as I had, up until this moment meant to keep my promise but that was out the windows as Mia had spilled the beans so freely.

Mia sighed and shrugged, “Might as well tell them.  They will find out eventually.”

I looked at her, “You might as well tell them not me.  If you’re *so* willing to give it up.”

I stood up a little irritated, “And if you’re going to give everything up you owe me $450.”

Moira looked at us confused, “Why would *my* sister owe **you** $450?”

I looked at Moira and then Mia.  Mia sighed, “Might as well show them as Becky will sniff it out eventually.”

She looked at Becky, “And by sniffing it out she’s going to snoop on you while you change.”

Becky smiled, “Yup!.”

I rolled my eyes and reached my hand into my sweats and pulled my snake out of it’s pocket dimension and let him hang out and I got to see every girl’s mouth drop open.

The first one to recover from my *show* was Becky, “Holy hell that’s a **BIIIGGGG** ***COCK***!”

I looked over to see Mia was smiling proudly at my *show and tell* before she chuckled, “That’s right.”

Looks like the rivalry between her and her sisters still ran deep.

The other two finally overcame their shock as Geri looked at Moira, “Hey Moira, have you ever been bred by a cock that big?”

Moira looked at Geri as she slowly shook her head, “Nope.”

Geri laughed.

With my *show and tell* done I snaked my flesh back into its pocket and was about to leave before one of them spoke, “Where are you going?”

I looked back at the trio, “To remove this stupid underwear now that you all know as it is pointless.”

Moira smiled, “You can remove it here if you want.”

Mia nearly flipped out, “Moira!”

Moira blinked at Mia, “What?”

Mia sputtered, “Really?  Of all people to hit on Gabe.”

Moira looked at Mia, “You did say you two were friends.  What’s wrong with a little hitting on?”

Becky added, “With a cock like that anything is fair game.”  She smiled at Mia, “Isn’t that right sis?”

Mia shook her head, “No.  **NONE** of you are allowed to touch him.”

Becky folded her arms, “Why not?  **You** admitted you are just friends meaning he is **fair game**.”

Mia shook her head, “NO.  I’m telling you *right* **now** that **he** is **off** ***limits***.”

Becky leaned back smiling, “And what makes **you** think that *he* is as you say *off limits*?”

Geri spoke, “You’re making it sound like you *two* are in fact dating?”

Mia blushed, “Well technically, no *we’re* not dating but *he* is **taken**.”

Becky smiled, “You little bitch.  I didn’t know you had the guts to steal another man.  I’m proud of you.”

Mia fumbled her words for a moment as if stealing a man was something to be proud of.  But Becky was proud.

She looked at me obviously in distress at her current situation.  I sighed and rolled my hand at her, “Might as well tell all.”

I was tired of this back and forth.  I was tired of *trying* to keep my promise to Mia when all along Mia and her sisters would bicker so much and *rival* so much that she would naturally break it at the end.

Yes I was still irritated that I had wasted so much money to hide something that would be shown after all the trouble.

If I *knew* this would happen I would say fuck it and walk in with a tent just to spite everything that transpired.

Mia frowned when she saw my look but ultimately looked at her sister’s as she spoke, “Gabe…..is…….in a……..”

She looked back at me one more time like asking for help.  Like the next words was going to be hard to say.

She bowed her head, “Open relationship.”

I watched Geri’s mouth hang open again at her sister’s admission.

Becky smiled.

And Moria just looked at Mia in pure disbelief.

Becky chuckled.  The more she chuckled the more Mia blushed and that just made Becky laugh more.  When Mia’s face was nearly red from embarrassment Becky spoke, “So my little sister is this guy’s plaything?”

Mia muttered, “Yes.”

Moira spoke, “And you’re in a relationship with him?”

Mia muttered again with her head bowed, “Sort of….yes.”

Geri spoke, “Is it just you?”

Mia never looked up but shook her head, “No it’s me and a few other girl’s.”

Geri spoke, “How many?”

Mia, never looking up, shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Geri looked at me, “Gabe?”

I looked at Geri and ran my fingers through my hair, “Currently there’s eight including your sister.”

Becky blinked at my admission, a little shocked as she repeated my number, “Eight?”

I nodded.

Becky turned to her sister, “You *little* **slut**!”

Mia looked up at her sister, “Like you’re any better!”

Becky scoffed, “Please I’ve never *let* myself be in a circle that **large** without intentionally stealing the man for my own until I get bored.”

Mia was beginning to get her fire back, “And when was the last time you were with a marathon man?”

Becky raised her eyebrow at her sister, “Marathon man?”

Mia nodded, “You heard me.  Huh sis?  When was the last time **you** were with a marathon man?”

Becky looked at her sister before she looked at me and smiled.  She returned her gaze to her sister, “Please like a man truly exists.”  She looked at me, “No offense.”

I shrugged and decided to sit down instead of getting rid of these boxers as the current conversation was beginning to get interesting.

Mia looked at Becky, “Trust me when I saw Gabe here is not just a simple cock.  He’s a marathon man.”

Becky scoffed, “Yeah I doubt that.”

Mia pointed to me, “*If* you don’t believe it.  I’ll prove it.”

I looked around and held up my hands, “Woah woah woah.  What about your folks?”

All the girls looked at me, “Mom and dad?”

I nodded.

Moira was the first to speak, “Please once dad goes down to his man cave it’ll take an act of god to get him to come out.”

Ok that took care of the dad, but……

Geri spoke, “And once mom goes down there with dad.  Good luck on them coming out before morning.”

Becky scoffed, “They’re probably doing what we’re trying to do right now.”

Moira winced, “Please don’t put that image in my head sis.”

Becky laughed as she looked at her sister, “Sorry.”

Geri didn’t listen, “Don’t worry about getting caught.  Just know you’re safe for the time being.”

I looked at Geri kind of surprised she was all for this.

Becky spoke, “So Gabe you up to the challenge our dear sister says you can do?”

I looked at the girls and thought *Summer’s going to be pissed at me for this*.