We pulled up on a nice house that I was surprised to find we were in the same nice neighborhood as Dr. Braxter as we went through the security gate to start going up the hill of *the* most secluded area of our fair city.

The house, much like Dr. Braxter’s, looked gorgeous on the outside.  I looked at Mia at the house and she kindly reminded me that between Moira, Becky, and Geri each pitched in to help pay off this house that their dad purchased some time back.  Mainly Geri and Moira were the ones to pay off the house.

We sat outside the house as Mia looked at me, “You ready?”

I shrugged thinking we had done everything we could to prepare for this.

After Mia realized her original plan to present me to her parents that I was her boyfriend for some odd reason, possibly to get her parents off her back for something.  Then she realized that her plans would be messed up on one person….specifically her sister Becky who would try to *steal* me from her.  When she realized that she basically broke down wanting to be taken home and simply cancel everything.

I tried to help her in order to prepare by going to the one place I least expected….a tailor.

The reason was **I** needed to hide the fact that my big dick would immediately gain the attention of her sister’s the moment they find it.  And I guessed Becky has a sixth sense of those with a pussy-destroyer that I have hiding between my legs.

And I needed to hide it…..unless I wanted to add more girl’s to my little weird *circle of fun* and because of Mia’s dilemma I wanted to avoid this.  I mean I didn’t want to add more girl’s to my weird slice of life….yes I know that sounds weird.  But it’s true I don’t want that as I feel like everything is happening too fast and I’m constantly afraid that I’ll lose the main people in my life that has made this happen….Summer and Kel.

I mean I could *lose* just about every girl in my *circle of fun* and would be content of that…..as long as I don’t lose Summer or Kel.  Mainly Summer was my main concern.

So we went to a tailor to see if there was a way to hide my johnson as up until the tailor all our efforts to *hide* my jack in the box.

After $450 I got myself the most expensive pair of boxers in my closet I will probably ever have for the rest of my life.  

The tailor took a pair of designer boxer’s that normally cost $100, still have never paid for boxers for this much let alone *one* pair as my underwear purchases are usually about $30 for a pack of 3 at the least 5 at the most, and then altered the boxers.  He put in a special sleeve inside the boxers to snake my dick in near the waist band.  Then he used a mix of elastic fabric and spandex…..and possibly some type of hardened fabric, to keep my dick in place.  Then he lined the inside of the *sleeve* with something soft and supposedly absorbent that almost felt like velvet.

That cost the extra $350 with the fabric his price and fast turn around.

So the boxers felt like any of my normal boxers but some obvious differences like the extra tightness around the waist to about mid groin.  The sleeve. And it was weird but the boxers felt like there was tightness around my butt, maybe he used to tightness to help keep my front against my flesh.

I was thankful it didn’t pinch off the boys as they felt loose…..well more loose than my stick.

With my new boxers and my sweats I was wearing we tested the new fabric, after the tailor of course, as Mia pulled me out and played with me as I was beginning to get hard before putting me back in.  We watched to see the boxers did their job though my dick looked like it was going to break the seams….barely.  But the boxers held.  Between the boxers and my loose sweats it would be hard from any of the girls to know if I popped a boner….especially Becky.

I looked at Mia and nodded.

We got out of my vehicle into the freezing cold as we walked passed the filled driveway as Mia pointed out each car to me who was who.  The cheap rental being Moira possibly.  The high end rental being Becky most likely.  The used Honda Civic being Geri most likely.  And the truck and modern sedan being her parents.

We got to the door and Mia looked at me, “Remember we’re just friends.”

I nodded and Mia opened the door to be greeted by a cacophony of sounds.

We walked in and I heard female squeals as three females spoke in unison, “There’s the baby!”  Before they started laughing.

Mia instantly frowned but looked at me like she was ready to leave.

I was content in leaving….and getting out of these damned boxers.

Still we walked in and I got to see the family.

In the living room, much like Dr. Braxter’s drop dead gorgeous house, looked like a nice modest living room.

On the couch sat three females each looking nearly a like while two of them looked like an almost copy of each other.  There sat Mia’s sisters.  The twins were Geri and Becky as seeing how they looked nearly identical I couldn’t tell which was the Olympian and who the man stealing Ballerina was.  Though the older semi looking female was obviously Moira.

All three looked at Mia and instantly looked, almost hungrily, at me.

I instantly thought that our prepping for this might have been in vain as the hungry looks I got.  Just the looks alone made me think that my dick was going to give my near reenforced underwear was going to be tested to the fullest extent that they could be tested.

One of the twins spoke, I imagine it was Becky as she said, “Who is your *friend* sis?”

Mia looked at her sister with obvious disdain, “This is my friend Gabe Newman.”

The other twin, “How come that name sounds familiar?”

Uh oh.

Mia didn’t answer but simply introduced me, “Gabe these are my sisters.”

She pointed to the oldest one, “This is Moira.”

Moira looked a lot like Mia and the twins as they all shared some common facial features….and other attributes.  Like Mia’s small frame.  Moira’s frame is equally small though obviously more seasoned with her age.  If I had to guess she was either of the same height if not just a little bit taller but not by much.  Her frame was petite and feminine.  Her hips though not rail thin like Mia’s had flared out but once again it wasn’t much.  She shared Mia’s complexion, hair color, and eyes.  But then obvious differences like she wasn’t part of the itty bitty titty committee.  And what looked like some unique tattooing on her body.

Mia pointed to one of the twins, the one who said my name sounded familiar, “That is Geri.”

Geri had the same genetic makeup as Mia being small bodied, for a gymnast I imagined that was par for the course.  Her hair was up and she sat straight up as she nodded to her introduction like she was used to the introduction if not more.  If I had to guess, if I remembered her stats from her last appearance at the Olympics last year, she stood 5’2″, 107lbs, brown hair, brown eyes.  And extremely flexible.

I wondered if her flexibility was part of her *kink*.

Mia pointed to the other twin, I had obviously guessed right in my assumption, “This is Becky.”

Becky looked at me hungrily as she looked me up and down while licking her lips.  Becky, much like Geri, looked completely alike….well maybe some differences here and there.  The height, hair, eyes, and facial looked nearly identical.  But there was some differences….like the bust.  And makeup.

Geri looked regal and proper.

Becky, though she looked proper, she carried a different ambiance in her posture.

A female stood up as Mia continued, “This is my mother Asuna.”

Asuna looked me up and down as if gauging her *acceptance* of me.  She much like her daughters was short and I could tell where they got their Asian features from as most of her daughter’s features were dominant in each of the girl’s…..including Mia.  At least that explained Mia’s resting bitch face.

Asuna stood at 5′ nothing and looked like a twig much like her daughters as she bestowed them with her tiny frame.

I could tell this woman was very judgy as it took her a long moment before she extended her hand for me to shake and her smile softened from her choice, “Charmed to meet you Gabe.”

A man stood up from his chair and walked over to me as Mia spoke, “And this is my father Javier.”

Javier smiled at me as he immediately extended his hand to shake mine, “Glad to meet a friend of my daughter.”

Both Javier and Asuna looked at Mia but Asuna spoke first, “And this is the man you plan to marry?”

I scoffed as Javier started laughing.  

Mia immediately defended herself with a high pitched whine, “MOM!!!!  We’re just friends!!”