“This has been a fun night out,” Joe said to Stacy as they rode the elevator to their tenth floor apartment. Taking her hand, he pulled her in for a quick kiss.

“Mmmmmm, yes, we should check out the local burlesque scene more often,” Stacy replied, wrapping her arms around his neck and deepening the kiss.

Joe’s hands slid down her back, and were about to cup her lovely jean-clad ass cheeks, when suddenly the elevator doors opened.

“Hold on Tiger,” Stacy whispered to her lover. “We have the rest of the night ahead of us.”

Joe admired his girlfriend as she sauntered down the hall to their apartment. Her tight jeans made her ass look incredible, and the high heeled boots she was wearing added a sway to her walk that was hypnotic.

As they walked through the door, Stacy turned to Joe. “ Would you mind taking care of the pets before coming to bed? I have something I need to take care of.”

“Of course Honey,” Joe agreed willingly, knowing whatever she had planned would be worth the wait. So, he checked on the cats and made sure their food and water bowls were full. Just as he was finishing putting away the cat treats, he heard Stacy call to him.

“Alright dear. I’m ready for you now.”

When Joe enters the room he sees she’s wearing a black floor-length nightgown. It’s sheer with just enough lace to preserve some of the mystery of her body. The low cut showcases her amazing breasts, but only enough to tease him, to make him yearn to see more. Her long auburn hair is down, draped across her shoulder, revealing her long, oh so kissable neck to his gaze.

She’s standing at the foot of the bed, waiting for him. Reveling in the look of pure lust she sees on his face.

Not wasting any more time, Joe walked up to her. Slowly he caresses her cheek with his hand. Then he runs the back of his hand down her neck; across her collarbone to her shoulder

“You were inspired by the dancers tonight, weren’t you?” he asked in his deep voice as he grasped both of her shoulders in his hands and pulled her in for a kiss.

As their lips and tongues danced together, he ran his hands down her arms. He moved his hands to her lace-clad hips and began a journey upward. First stroking her waist; then her rib cage before finally alighting on the curves of her breasts encased in that mesmerizing shear black and lace material. It was so sheer he could clearly see her pink nipples through it. He felt her shiver in pleasure as he ran his thumbs over her pert, firm nipples through the material. She moaned into his mouth as he continued stroking her with the lightest of touches.

Joe knew Stacy’s body better than he knew his own. He knew how sensitive her nipples were, and that he could bring her to the brink of orgasm without moving his hands beneath her waist. He also knew he wanted a better view of his gorgeous lover in that sheer wisp of a garment. Reluctantly he slid his hands back down to her hips and pushed her slightly back away from him while breaking their kiss.

Stepping back he let his eyes roam over her body. He could not believe how lucky he was to have her in his life. Finally he raised his eyes to meet hers. “I love that you put this on for me,” he growled in that way that drove her crazy. “I need to see you better. Please step over there where the light is better,” he added with a gesture of his arm.

Knowing that indulging this simple request would lead to even more pleasure later, Stacy walked around Joe and over to the area by the window that looked over their balcony. Normally, at this time of day, their curtains would be drawn. In her rush to tease Joe with her new nightgown, she had completely forgotten to close them. Standing where he had gestured would put her in full view of anyone who happened to look in their window. The chances of this happening on the tenth floor were slim, but not impossible. In any case, someone looking from that distance would not be able to see through the dress. She’d be exposing her fantastic figure, but that would be all.

As she moved into position, Joe turned on the lamp next to the reading chair. He directed the shade so the light cascaded over her body, her pale skin now glowing beneath the sheer material. An involuntary groan escaped his lips as he drank in the site before him. Her red hair was curled and arranged to fall over one shoulder. Spaghetti straps connected to the bodice, which strained against her perfectly formed breasts. The maddening lace, which hid portions of her body from view, only served to enhance her curves, showing off her hourglass figure as she stood there before him. Her hands reached down to grasp the sides of the completely sheer skirt, pulling it apart to reveal the slit in the front that extended from the floor all the way to her…she was completely naked beneath the nightgown!

Unable to contain himself any longer, Joe quickly closed the gap between them. Wrapping his arms around her, his momentum carried them back until they pressed against the balcony window. Their lips met again, only this time the intensity of the kiss increased tenfold by their increasing lust for each other.

As they continued to kiss passionately, Joe reached one hand downward. Finding the slit in the skirt, he slid his hand inside until his fingers found her pussy. He could tell she was aroused, and ready for him to take her. He broke the kiss, and looking her in the eyes he gently massaged her pussy lips and clit. Satisfied that she was sufficiently wet for him, he inserted one finger into her and began rubbing her clit with his thumb. Soon he was able to insert another finger, and she began to ride his hand, encouraging him deeper with every moaning breath that escaped her lips.

“Please, please, don’t stop what you’re doing to me,” Stacy managed to get out in between gasps of pleasure.

Joe had no intention of stopping until his beautiful companion was thoroughly and utterly satisfied. His lips moved to her neck where he nibbled and applied soft bites, just strong enough to make her feel as if he were marking her as his.

The combination of sensations on her neck, pussy, and clit were enough to get her to the edge of what promised to be an overpowering orgasm. Sensing she was right there, Joe growled into her sensitive neck. The vibrations of the growl mixed with everything else she was experiencing at that moment pushed her over the edge, and with a cry, she came…hard.

Joe held her as she rode out the spasms of the best orgasm she’d had in weeks. When he felt she could stand on her own, he straightened up, then turned her to face away from him and toward the window. In the light of the room, the window acted as a floor to ceiling mirror. Looking into her eyes in the reflection, Joe raised his hands to the straps on her shoulders. Grasping the straps, his hands slide them off her shoulders and then along her arms, rolling the top of the nightgown down with the lowering straps. The material caught, for a moment, as it strained against her heaving breasts and hardened nipples. Soon he was rewarded with the sight of her perfectly formed breasts as the material finally, achingly slowly, pulled away and down to the curve of her hips.

Pulling her arms free of the shoulder straps, he grabbed her wrists. Leaning forward while raising her hands, he placed her palms firmly against the cool glass of the window. Quickly he moved his hands to his belt which he unfastened quickly. He tore down his zipper then pushed his pants and boxer briefs to the floor in one fluid motion.

He grabbed the material of the skirt and began to inch it higher, exposing her shapely thighs and curvy yet firm ass to his view. Bent forward as she was, Stacy knew her sex was totally exposed to Joe’s gaze, and this somehow made her even wetter. Not wanting to wait any longer she looked over her shoulder at her lover.

“Please, fuck me.” she pleaded.

“Your wish is my command,” he replied.

As wet and ready as she was, he slid in easily. His hard cock filled her as only he could. Each time he pulled back, her pussy lips gripped him. Each time he thrust forward, she thrust back to meet him.

Soon they were fucking, hard and fast. Exulting in the feel of their joining. Their moans grew louder as they raced toward their finish.

“Stace, you feel so good around me,” Joe groaned. “I don’t know how much longer I can last.”

“Come for me Joe,” Stacy told him. “Fill me up. I want to feel you explode inside me.”

Upon hearing those words, Joe gave one last thrust and emptied himself into her. This triggered Stacy’s second orgasm of the night as they moved against each other, eventually slowing down until both were spent.

Joe kicked off the rest of his clothing, then picked up Stacy and carried her to the bedroom where they wrapped themselves around each other and enjoyed their closeness.