So, after receiving that video of Danny with my friend, things have been a bit awkward. I haven’t really talked with Bree, and have been trying to avoid Danny. That being said, he hasn’t stopped with his guests, if anything he’s bringing more of them around. I also think I’ve found out which of his recurring guests is the former landlord’s wife. When talking with Danny’s mother, she had referred to them as Mr. and Mrs. ‘insert middle eastern name here’ (not really, but I’m trying to be vague) and had said she was tall. Out of Danny’s “repeat customers”, only one fit the description, and good lord was she a looker. I had made it a point to set up the camera to notify me of any movement in the backyard, originally as a way to look out for Bree, but I did notice that one evening he brought his former landlord’s wife over.

I debated doing what I ended up doing, but my damn hormones got the better of me. It had only been a few minutes since I got the notification of them going back, so I gave them some time to get into it, and I snuck back there. Danny has stopped blaring the music to help drown out the various noises that are made, I think he stopped doing that to screw with me even more. Anyway, I make my way out there and it’s quiet to begin with, but when I get up to one of the windows I hear Danny, exclaiming his utter surprise at something. Upon peaking through the window, I too was equally surprised. This woman, who looked so proper & uptight on the camera video, had her head in his lap, and his dick in her throat. She had deepthroated him completely, a seemingly impossible task. She pulled her head back and his dick popped out of her mouth, trails of saliva & drool still connecting the two. She looked up at him and asked if she was a “good girl”, which he replied with “Let me show you how good”.

Danny picked her up and brought her into the bedroom, which meant that I had to sneak to another window and pray that the drapes weren’t fully closed either. By the time I made it around I could hear her before I could see them. She was splayed out on the bed with Danny “returning the favor” with his head up her dress between her legs. She was reaching down and grabbing at his head, trying to push him down into her even more, before she gave up on that and started grabbing for the sheets. She then opted for squeezing his head between her toned thighs, locking his head in place, even though there was no reason to think he’d stop. Once Danny managed to add a few fingers to the mix, it wasn’t long until she was brought to a screaming orgasm of her own. When her climax started, Danny lifted his head up and was just working her over with his fingers, and as she got louder she started squirting, like a lot, she really made a mess, and Danny just had his mouth open trying to get as much in his mouth as he could. When she finally stopped squirming and was just trying to catch her breath, he leaned down and gave her a deep kiss, seeming trying to let her taste herself on his lips. He then helped her out of her dress and the surprisingly sexy lingerie underneath, laying her down on the bed on her back.


I couldn’t help but notice she’s fully shaved down there, I haven’t really kept on top of such things since the divorce, should I go get waxed before I take things to the next level with him?


In one long stroke Danny plunged himself into her, eliciting a loud moan from her as he filled her up. He then leaned down and whispered something in her ear before really getting started. He grabbed her legs and put them up over his shoulders and grabbed her hips to get some leverage. He was fucking her at an almost machine-like pace, her breasts bouncing around out of control. Just as suddenly he stopped and held himself in her as deep as he could as she came on his dick again. I thought maybe he came too, but it was just her. He started and stopped a few times whenever he felt her climaxing, each time seemed bigger than the last. This whole time I not only felt myself getting wet down there, but felt my wand wander down my pants & start playing with myself. Eventually I thought he had finally came himself, but he pulled out and told her to flip over for some doggy, which despite how out of breath she was, she did eagerly with a giddy smile on her face.

She turned around and “*presented herself*” to him, on her elbows & knees, face down, ass up, wiggling for him to come and take it. I had to get even lower because now they were both facing the window (well, her face was in a pillow, but still), and the last thing I wanted was to be spotted. I thought he was rough before, but this was purely animalistic on a whole other level. Her womanly moans of pleasure were replaced with deep, purely animal-like grunts. Danny didn’t stop and let he climax when he felt her getting close, he just kept going, often adding a spank or two to push her over the edge. She was reaching out, trying to grab something for support, but eventually just stopped and gave in and took it. Then, my worst fears were realized. I was so focused on her and her reactions, I didn’t notice that Danny was **staring right at me.** My mouth just hung agape while the rest of me froze in place like a deer in the headlights. A positively evil smile crept across his face before he winked at me. The next time she climaxed he let go of her hips, letting her fall down onto her stomach and almost off of the bed. Lucky for me she was so out of it she didn’t notice me, still frozen in place.

He then pulled her back up onto the bed and positioned her so she was facing the head of the bed, so I’d be watching them from the side. He then leaned down and, I’m 95% sure he was loud enough for me to hear on purpose, asked her “Why don’t you remind me why you’re still coming around here?”. She reached into the bedside table and grabbed a little bottle to hand to him. He squirted a liberal amount onto his throbbing dick, and an equally liberal amount onto her ass, working it around with a finger. He then was teasing her for a moment with his finger before he lined his dick up with her ass. I was thinking “no, that thing’s too big, it’d break her, rip something probably”, but my thoughts were put to rest when Danny shoved his dick into her ass. He wasn’t nearly as rough with her ass, he began to slowly probe her, each stroke going deeper and deeper until he managed to stretch her enough to, some how, (probably using dark magic), fit his entire dick into her backdoor. When he made that long stroke he held her in place, making sure she could get used to the sensation. Eventually, he picked up the pace, getting faster with his strokes, his balls coming up and slapping her pussy with the deep ones. He’d even occasionally add more lube to make sure things were still ok. Once he got going at a good pace he reached down and grabbed her hair, lifting her head up off of the pillow so her screams wouldn’t be muffled (idk if he did this because she liked it, or so I could hear, either way it was a pleasant surprise).

I was too caught up in the action again to notice that A: my hand was back down my pants, B: I was soaked, and C: Danny was looking over at me again. We made eye contact and he winked at me again before spanking her again, eliciting a yelp. He then picked up his pace to an almost erratic pace, causing her to scream something in another language, but I’m pretty sure was along the lines of “*Harder*”, or “*Fuck my ass*”. Then Danny made a few final long strokes before he held her in place, cumming in her ass. He didn’t force her down all the way, but made sure there was enough outside so I could see him throbbing and pulsing as he filled her ass with cum. It seemed like he was cumming forever, I can only imagine how long it felt for them, but eventually he stopped and he let go of her, letting he fall over again. Danny then laid down next to her, between her and the window, and moved her ass over so it was facing me. She had a very nice little ass, which was now gaping and dripping his cum all over my sheets.

After a quick thought about how many times they’ve likely done this, and how I’d need new sheets for the guest house, I regained the ability to walk and made my way back to the house. I went straight for my bed and got out my handy toy and got busy with myself, imagining I was the one who was face down, ass up, being fucked into next Tuesday. I got so carried away I fell asleep like that, again. When I woke up the next morning I found my phone in the living room with a single text from him, telling me not to worry about the sheets, he always cleans them after she comes over. While I was waiting for my coffee I checked the security app on my phone to see when she left, and apparently she spent the night and left about an hour before I got up. I couldn’t help but notice that she was walking a bit funnily too…