My wife and I were taking in some of the clothing optional resorts in Colorado. One on the western slope is nestled in the middle of the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We were only going to stay for the day, but some of the activities encouraged us to spend the night.

Mid-afternoon my wife and I were sunning on the grass. We laid out some towels and plopped down on our stomachs to let the sun warm our back sides. After a few minutes, I noticed a couple engaged in a little play. The other woman was a small oriental woman laying on her stomach with her feet toward us. Her partner was fairly tall European descent. He started with rubbing sun lotion on her back, butt, and legs. As he worked the lotion in, she spread her legs slightly giving us a beautiful view of her wet pussy. The man occasionally looked our way (and at the others sunning) to make sure he wasn’t getting caught–explicit behavior can get you kicked out of many clothing optional resorts.

He looked our way and I tried to appear to not be watching, but my wife was not as circumspect. She must have smiled the right way, because the man grinned at her and then slid his hand in between his wife’s legs and started fingering her.

Nervous for fear of getting caught, he only did a few strokes before moving his hand up to her back – and looking around at the other people. A few moments later, he looked back at my wife and then slid his hand down between his wife’s legs. The third time he did this he rolled over onto his side to show his sizable erection.

My wife turned to lay her side turning her body so he would get at least a partial view of her naked body. It also made it more obvious she was watching. He stopped rubbing his wife’s cunt from above, and slide a hand under her hips. She responded by lifting her hips to give him access. I think he whispered something into her ear, because she looked up and over her shoulder at us. Then, spread her legs even further.

I joined my wife, laying on my side and enjoying the show. I slid up behind her to let her know my cock was hard.

We watched as the man brought his wife off to a small orgasm. He tried to get her to touch his cock a few times, but she refused.

When they finished, my wife rolled over on to her back. I tried to do the same thing even though I was sporting serious wood, but my wife told me to stay on my side. She wrapped a hand around my cock and started to play with me, all the while watching the man for his reaction. He noticed! My wife stroked my cock and he started to stroke his.

His wife noticed his activity, looked over her shoulder at us and then batted his hand away. She was nervous. They got up, grabbed their towels and went to one of the smaller hot soaking pools.

The man shrugged his shoulders, but my wife wasn’t letting them get away so easily. We followed them to the small pool.

The other couple were already in the pool when we arrived. My wife slid in first reaching over to introduce herself. As I stepped in the warm water, still very hard, my wife asked quiet, “would you mind if I bring him off? We enjoyed watching you and I’d hate to leave him like this.”

I don’t think the woman spoke English, because the two of them talked quietly to each other and then nervously nodded agreement. My wife let me step into the pool and immediately began masturbating me.

The man tried to masturbate a couple of times, but his wife kept telling him no. My wife, never shy, asked the man if there was a problem.

“No,” replied, “She just doesn’t want to get caught.”

“Would it help if my husband stood up so she could watch?”

Again, more quiet conversation and then a small nod from the woman.

I stood up so my cock was just above the water. The woman’s eyes were fixed on the cock and the motion of my wife’s hand. I was aware my wife was fingering herself under the water, but I don’t think the couple knew. After watching me for a bit, the man turned to his wife. She relented and began massaging his cock under the water. I mentioned I was just about to cum. The man’s wife must have understood the word, because her eyes got really big and she dove across the pool. Without hesitation she wrapped her lips around my cock and began sucking. I was already on the edge, but that put me over.

The man’s wife sucked down my cum with eagerness. He took advantage of his wife standing half way out of the water, moved in behind her and slid his cock into her waiting cunt. I expected her to jump away, but she was too focused on sucking me dry. Fortunately for him, it only took a couple of strokes before he was cumming too.

When I was done cumming, the Oriental woman let go of my cock, looked sheepishly at my wife and said something, which the man translated as “Sorry.”

Before my wife could respond, the woman moved to sit back down when she finally realized her husband was in her from behind. Again, her eyes got really big and then she smiled softly. She wiggled her hips a little and the blushed from head to toe.

Several minutes later another visitor to the spa came over to the pool. He said quietly, “While it was a lovely show, the management takes a dim view of this sort of activity during the day. If you’re here over night, you’ll see lots of people having sex, but it is strictly an afterhours thing. Management doesn’t want to have their licensed pulled.”

That was what encouraged my wife and I to book a room for the night.