So, after my confrontation with Danny went, well, not as expected, he seemed to be purposefully fucking with me. I was out in the backyard gardening, and he was swimming in a speedo that apparently had some magic spell cast on it, because there’s no way that little material can stretch so much. When he got out and toweled off he made sure to focus on his bulge, readjusting it whenever I looked up.

Yesterday however, was a new can of worms entirely. I went out to swim for a bit and he was sitting at a table, working on his laptop (I purposefully picked my most unflattering ‘mom suit’). When I asked what he was working on he said it was a project for school, and I thought nothing of it. I got through most of my workout before I noticed that he was actually working naked. I noticed this when I swam by and saw his dick standing up and bumping against the bottom of the table. Apparently when his dick is hard, the head swells up to an impressive size. I was somewhat distracted by the sight of his appendage at attention, to the point I ran into the side of the pool, I don’t think he noticed, I hope he didn’t. I tried to keep my cool and finish my workout, but I guess I tried a little too hard, because when I was done, I had not even noticed him leaving and going back inside. I was a little disappointed, but just went back inside to rinse off, and turned my shower head onto the pulse setting.

Later that evening I was on the couch, watching a show, when my tablet went off, I had gotten an email. The subject was simply “*Persuasion*” and it just contained a Google drive link to a video that was too big to send. Curious as I was, I clicked on it, not fully prepared for what I was about to see. It opened up from the point of view of someone on a bed, didn’t recognize where, but I soon recognized something. Shortly after starting, Danny came into view and took the camera back and climbed next to the woman. The sheets were a mess, so they were probably already a few rounds into their debauchery, but Danny seemed like he was still ready to go. He pointed the camera down to his dick as it moved towards the woman’s pussy, but he didn’t shove it in, he rubbed it across on top of it, rubbing her clit. From the moans she gave off, she was close to getting off herself, but Danny wasn’t letting her. He then reached down and gripped his dick with one hand and slapped it down onto her beet red pussy, eliciting high-pitched squeal from her.

“Now, is there anything else you have to confess about Katie?” (I’m Katie btw, though I usually go by Kate) he asked the woman while placing his dick at her entrance, but not pushing all the way in.

“No, nothing I can think of” said Bree in between pants. I debated stopping it right there once I realized who it was, but goddamnit if my inner demons didn’t get the better of me.

“Are you sure?” Danny asked again, panning up to her face. Given how disheveled she looked, they had been going on for a while.

When she tried to say something he slapped her clit with his dick again, giving off a good “thwack” sound and eliciting another squeal from her. He asked 3 more times, each time teasing her before she could answer. On a 4th time, she practically screamed that there was something else. Danny moved his free hand up to play with her clit while he panned the phone up to her face. He asked what else there could be, and she said that she helped me out with an anniversary present years ago. He rubbed her clit asking for details and she mumbled out that I asked her to take part of a threesome for my now ex.

“Now, why would a prim & proper woman like you do something like that?” Danny asked in a clearly sarcastic tone. She moaned out that it didn’t take long for her to answer me, that she was eager to “help out”. He teased her again asking why she was so eager, and she told him that she was Bi, that it had been a while since she played with another woman. Danny asked if that was it while teasing her even more, and she blurted out that she always wondered what I tasted like.

“So, what was your favorite part, playing with her husband, or her?” Danny asked while stopping his assault on her clit, giving her a brief moment to speak a full sentence.

“Her, obviously.” Bree blurted out

“Have you guys done anything else since?” he asked, resuming his clitoral teasing

“No” she stammered out in reply

“Have you wanted to?” Danny asked

Bree didn’t reply, and Danny didn’t like the lack of response.

“Have you wanted to?” He asked again, this time in a sterner tone. He switched from using his fingers to slapping down on her beet red mound with his hard-to-conceal weapon again, keeping the camera on her equally flushed red face.

“I didn’t hear you?” He said

“Yes” she screamed out. “We keep going out and drinking, and I keep on asking to stay over, but she always puts me on the couch or in the guest room”

“There we go, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Danny said in a condescending tone, clearly proud of what he managed to extract from her.

“You know” Bree said between pants “You’re lucky you’re cute” “I wouldn’t usually” “Put up with this from anyone”

Danny then asked for her hand, which she meekly gave him, and he placed it on her pubic mound. He then grabbed his cock and lined it up and started plunging it in. He took it slowly, letting her adjust to the size. Eventually he managed to get down to his balls, and he asked if she could feel it. She said she felt so full, she felt like it was in her stomach. Danny then said that she was a good girl, and now they could get to the fun stuff. He fumbled with the phone a bit and before it cut out, he said something about not wanting to spoil everything for Katie (aka me).

I was a veritable mix of emotions about what I had just seen. I was shocked in general, surprised about what Bree had admitted, speechless about how Danny had gotten her to reveal it. And horny, of course. I reached down and realized that I was positively soaked down there, clearly the video had the intended effect. I honestly don’t know how to proceed from here, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look Bree in the eyes again. I know one thing though, Danny will never be able to get it out of me that after viewing the video once, I brought my iPad into my room, AirPlayed it to my TV, got out my biggest toy, and masturbated watching it until I fell asleep. That information I’ll take to the grave…