This story takes place in my senior year of high school only about a month after my [previous story](
There you’ll find a bit of backstory to myself that should help explain some of the choices i and others made.

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if you just want the spicy stuff.

I’ll call myself “Joey” and everyone else’s names will of course be changed
I’m a half white/half caribbean guy, 5’10, pretty slim, with a skin fade and a thick top head of hair i keep swept the right.

Sadie, who i’d call my best friend at the time, had her birthday in late November and was turning 19. She had really strict parents but i helped Sadie convince them to let her have a party if i chauffeured people who lived far away so they could save gas or whatever it is strict parents are concerned about. It was on a Thursday night and most of the attending people planned on spending the night and rolling up to school together to look cool or something like that..

First on my list of people to pick up was Katy from my last story, who had lived the farthest away. She was wearing a black v-neck shirt with some anime on it, light blue skinny jeans that did wonders for her ass and thighs with some black chuck taylor’s and her down with some glitter in it. I honked outside her house and she came jogging out with her backpack and hopped in the passenger seat and promptly gave me a side peck on the cheek.

**i will note here that the name is traditionally spelled “Katie” but the woman in question has specifically requested her alias be spelled “Katy” just to make my writing “look goofy and unappealing”.**

-“Woah there high speed,” i blurted, “I dunno if i have enough liquor in me to find you attractive yet.”
**(bear in mind that we’d slept with each other 3 times prior to this night and had an unspoken fwb thing going on)**
-“Jerk!” she yelled punching my arm as i chuckled at my teasing. I returned her greeting with a passionate kiss on her glossy red lips. I went to pull away but she kept going until i fully drew back.
-“Careful, girly, your parents might see and find out you’re not gay anymore.” I began to pull out of her drive away and head to the next party guest’s home.
-“I’m not gay” Katy retorted, “I am bisexuaaalllll, now at least.”
-“Bisexual huh? Katy you have no relationship with now 100% coverage of the population at your picking. You’re not bisexual you’re ‘by-your-self’.”
She laughed and grabbed my thigh squeezing it hard. Up until i reach the next persons house, one of us would snag a kiss from the other or grope them in a silly game of trying to make each aroused. My nerves began to rack as Katy was a very intimate lover despite us only being friends, which i didn’t mind at all, rather welcomed it. But at the same time being seen publicly affectionate with her could send the wrong message to other girls. And i wasn’t really ready for something serious yet.

Frankly, ladies and gentlemen, i was whore. I loved the attention from girls now that i was fit and sorta kind and also emotionally vulnerable, in a limited way for most. I digress, you’re not here for me to rant about the void that was my heart and my unlhrskthy coping habits at 18.

I had arrived at Sadie’s home with the 4 people i had driven: Jason (M), Sam (F), Benji (M), and Katy (F). The party had already started and the 5 of us walked through the house and began to go our separate ways. I whispered to Katy earlier to go have some fun and i’d grab her later if neither of us found pretty girls with low standards. I went to go find Sadie and wish her a happy birthday.
Sadie is a 5’4 mexican girl with strong Spanish blood that made most people, including herself, in her family have white skin. She has long wavy brown hair, brown eyes, very defined dimples and a smile that could cure depression. She also spoke with a very thick accent as she grew up in mexico for half her life, however i will not be replicating that in the dialogue because then neither of us would know what she was saying for half of it. She wore a short dark blue dress and heel cut brown boots (dress boots? idk ladies help me).
I found her talking with some relatives in the backyard.

-“Hola, mamas.” i said in my (“intentional”)worst attempt to speak spanish while giving her a side hug and planting a peck on her cheek. Her relatives started giggling and talking about me i assume. Sadie turned to fully embrace as close as she could, given she was endowed with breasts that were probably 1/5 her body size.
-“Hi Joey, thank you for coming. Did everyone make it?”
-“No Sadie it was terrible we all died in a horrible fiery explosion on the 41, they will be missed.”
She pulled away rolling her eyes.
-“My uncle is the pool room if your thirsty, imma go say hi to the rest.” She said then proceeding to step on my foot with her boot and walking away.

I’ll be honest, that shit hurt.

Sadie’s uncle was the cool-but-weird kind that got drinks for underage kids. I had met him before and asked for any vodka or rum, which to him meant mixing vodka and rum and adding a splash of coke… Yum.
Nothing else truly significant happened for next couple hours besides cutting the cake, singing happy birthday, more drinking, watching Jason try and flirt with Sammy, and a conversation about the “400 degree circle” with Benji. Benji wasn’t a weird-smart kid, he was an unfiltered one though which got him into trouble when he pieced together secrets and scandals. He was a jack of all trades kinda smart. Technology, programming, history buff, zoology. You name it, he knew it.

Fast forward it’s about 1130pm. It’s myself, Katy, Sadie, Jason, Sammy, Benji, a girl named Viola, and 5 (2M, 3F) others i wasn’t very acquainted with all hanging out in the pool house; Party is still quite active. Jason being a slight pervert, suggests we play some nasty games, with Sadie’s permission of course. She obliges and asks who has suggestions. Sammy perks up: “ohhhh 7 minutes in heaven?”
Everyone agrees and I ask where heaven is supposed to be as the party is still ongoing.
Now Benji had made an app for tabletop games like DnD that had a “random chosen player” feature and suggested we could all go out in separate ways, and using the app, 2 people would be chosen and can come back to the pool house as with the lights off and windows shut and Sadie could tell everyone it was dirty and being closed off.
It was surprisingly well thought out. Fucking nerds.

it was settled that we’d do it that way and the app’s “teams” being boys and girls with Katy and Viola on both teams since they swung that way. I will note, a bit of jealousy rushed over me. A lot actually.

First round i’m not chosen (the app would alert when the time was up and soon pop up if you were chosen or not). I was in the front yard went i saw Katy appear in the front door of the house and she approached me, her hair bit frazzled. I instantly knew what had happened and felt a surge of possessiveness. She approached giggling,
-“You would not believe how well Sam knows how use—.”
I just rolled my eyes and took a sip of god knows what was mixed in my cup.
-“Awww is Joey mad? Are you mad Joey? Are you scared that someone’s gonna snatch me away from you?” She teased. It was infuriating but i was more upset that i cared to begin with. I heavily desired a distraction from that feeling.

-“Not mad. But now i know my chances with you or Sammy are potentially lower.”
-“Awww! The Tin Man does have a heart. Do not fret Tin Man for it is not such a loss. We could only do so much with 7 minutes anyways. Plus you should really get a chance with someone else, you’re getting a lil attached for my liking,” she teased in a more dramatic tone as she reapplied some red lipstick.
-“Oh yea, i actually started working on a shrine to you in my closet. Which reminds me i’ve been meaning to steal a bra or some panties from you.”
-“Oh i don’t doubt it, psycho-joe.”

Katy then planted a fat wet kiss on my hand, leaving a red kiss mark from her lipstick.
-“There. Mr. Pouty can redeem this tonight if he finds himself all alone. I’m sleeping in the basement.,” she said in a baby-talk voice. She then snatched my drink and strutted away.
Fuck. She had me.
Second round, no dice. Third times a charm. I was hoping for one of the girls i didn’t really know as a good segway introduce myself, but honestly i just wanted to take my mind off Katy and i was drunk enough that anyone would do the trick.

I snuck into the rear entrance of the dark pool house. I called out asking if anyone else was here. No response. A few moments later i hear some shuffling and noticed someone hop through the window.
Sadies voice was too recognizable


-“Hola mamas.” i whispered.
-“oh my lord. Did you set this up on purpose Joey?”
-“god i wish,” i cackled.
-“shut up,” i hear a loud dramatic sigh, “Abd i just started calling you my best friend too. Well we only have 7 minutes, hurry up and make my birthday memorable.”
-“what kind of friend would i be if i didn’t?”

I immediately lunge at her and start making out while feeling up her breasts. Trying her best to maintain the kiss, she fumbled with her dress and managed pull both tits out. Now feeling the the soft delicate skin of her breasts, my lust boner had pitched a tent. Her arms wrapped around me while i explored her body and moved on to kissing her neck. I fought every urge not to bite but the moment her hand grazed my crotch i couldn’t fight it any longer. She shrieked at my beginning to nibble on her neck and collar. I expected her to stop me but was met with the sounds of my belt being undone. I began to hunch myself a bit so i could suck on her nipples which were very stiff now. Sadie reached into boxers grabbing my dick and began making circles with her thumb on its head and slow strokes. I quivered and moaned at the feeling of her soft small hands. I began to feel around my surroundings, side stepping while maintaining focus on sucking and massaging her breasts. Eventually i found a table and told her to turn bend over it.

-“Fuck Joey, i’m so wet right now.” She began to grind her ass into my dick.
I lifted her dress up and pulled her panties down began to guide my dick to her hole. It took a bit being in the dark, but as soon as my head found her soaking entrance she let out a gasp. I thought about teasing her but remembered the timer so i just slid it in.
-“Fuuuuuck.” she moaned. Her pussy was so warm and tight, but it quickly loosened a bit after adjusting. At that point i sturdied myself with one hand on her hip and the other on her ass as i began to slide in and out of Sadies pussy.
-“oh.. ugh.. mhmm… right there… keep.. keep going … please papi keep …. keeeep… ughh”

Her noises sent me over the edge, i picked the pace, slapping her ass. I kept like this just taking in the fact that i was plowing my best friend. The warmth of her pussy and how the sounds of her juices and skin slapping from going as deep as her large ass would let me. Erotic asf. I began moving my hand to her ass and started making circles on her asshole with my thumb.
-“Aye! Noooo!”
I didn’t care, it made me want to go harder. I slowed my pace so could thrust into her harder.
-“Joey i’m serious don’t—“ I interrupted her by sticking my thumb in while pounding her pussy extra hard in the same thrust. I could feel beads of sweat running down my face.
-“Don’t what?”
-“..Don’t stop… oh please don’t stop.. keep me… oh my .. Joey i’m gonna cum .. Pleaseeee.”
She sounded on the verge of tears and it flooded me with a sense of dominance and lust. The liquor had been getting to me though and i knew i wasn’t gonna last much longer.

I kept fingering her ass with my thumb while making paced hard strokes into her pussy. I could faintly hear the noises of her juices from me fucking her, despite the music from outside. I completely forgot about the game and was just enchanted by sound and feeling of fucking this girl. I’d thought about making advances in the past, given the flirtiness of our friendship. But she held a special place in my life for all the support she gave…. We’d even made out once, just to judge each other kissing abilities. Her kisses were soft and passionate. It’s like she could emotionally inject you with a sense of peace and joy. For the first time since i started learning how to use my dick, i felt a true happiness. This wasn’t a meaningless temporary fix. This felt real…

or maybe i was drunk.

-“Happy.. Birthday..Sadie. Can we still be friends?” I said in a low and breathless voice.

-“uh huhhh… yes papi… just please… fuck me fucking fuck me.. i’m your-ooooooooh FUUUCK” was what she managed to get out before her walls tightened on my dick and her legs began to shake. Her ass had tightened so much it forced my thumb out of it. I slowed down to just experience the beauty of her orgasm. Her breath was shaky and it took a while for her body to finally relax. She stood up and i could feel her turn and felt her breath against my neck. She kissed my neck, then my chest, then my barely forming abs, then my crotch.

“My turn.”
“Oh my fuuuuu-“ was all i could manage to get out as she practically inhaled my dick. My legs turned to jelly as she slurped and gagged on me. She would circle the head of my dick with her tongue every few strokes, making my pulse beat like a war drum. I pulled on her hair as she sucked on my dick and guided her head with my free hand. She pushed it away and used her own hands to grab my waist and guide my thrusts into her mouth. A few strokes of this i knew i was close.

“Where?…. I’m gonna cum, where do you want it? Sadie?”
She just kept going. The realization of what she was implying was enough to set me off. Tingles we’re sent through my legs and abdomen as i started unloading into her mouth.

“No fucking way, is that-?” I heard Viola’s voice from outside the pool house. Immediately after a heard a door click and the lights went on blinding me for a moment. When my vision finally corrected myself. I saw Benji, Sammy, Viola, Katy and a couple dudes that were apart of the game whom i didn’t know. They all blurted out laughing. I turned and realized i bit of my load ended up on Sadie’s face. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. Hers did too but she immediately started giggling and broke into an uncontrollable laughter. I chuckled a bit too, probably do to the alcohol. Sadie held onto me to pull herself up and began to attempt fixing her dress through the laughter. I turned back to the group, cock out with pants around my ankles. Benji had stopped laughing and was staring straight at me.

I knew that look. His “sherlock holmes” look i coined it. He then turned to Katy who was in hysterics. Then back to me. Then back at Katy. I could see the light bulb click in his head and a shit eating grin spread across his face. I started to look down at myself. Nothing wrong with my dick? my legs? my hands?

I darted my eyes at Benji.
“Joey? Care to share with the class why Katy’s lipstick is smeared across your hand?”

Sorry that this one’s a bit long and has a lot of buildup. I hate multi-parters and like to believe the context to these situations helps in some way or another. As before i have quite a few stories to share if anyone is interested.