She was his big sister. Always has been, the law of nature you see. That’s why she always thought of him as inferior, worse than her in everything. Younger in age, dumber in studies, younger in looks obviously, duh. Worse than her in sports. Even in height and of course in maturity. This led her to automatically assume that he was poor in every department and all he was, was a pain in the ass.

At this moment of life, she was in college. She was proud that she had timed everything in her life so perfectly. She picked up the cigarettes at the right age for example. She took the right subjects at the right time, made the right friends, made out with a guy at the perfect moment, and then the pandemic came and fucked everything up.

She was in her final year and still a virgin. She still lives with her parents and sits in her room while her brother has turned 18 and is horny all the time. Many times, she can hear sounds of aggressive porn coming from his room. She had tried to catch him in the act so that she could finally tell on him, but the bastard never got caught.

“I guess he is cleverer than I give him credit for”

She didn’t know if her little brother had banged someone yet. She hoped not. Even the thought of it made her feel like an utter failure.

The music in his room was always so loud that she knew the real meaning of peace when it was accidentally turned off. She had complained to her parents so many times, but the disrespectful sicko never stopped.

She was busy doing her assignments when he for the fourth time thumped on her door and called “Come on! Have some fun you dork”

He had been trying to get her in his new tik tok video. But she had already told him that she had more important things to do than to entertain his fancy. And yet the bastard won’t budge.

“What the fuck did you just call me?” She let out as soon as she opened the door.

“Will my really hot sister please be in my Tik tok video to grace it with her cool presence” The change in tone caught her off guard, and she couldn’t help but smile.

“I have work to do”

“I’m sure a really cool gal like you knows how to multitask”

She thought for a second.

“Well alright I’ll do it” She said “but don’t think it’s because you buttered me up. It’s just I’m a little bored by all this work and have nothing – listen here– nothing better to do. Okay, now what do I have to do?”

“Well sis, It’s a tik tok video. You have to be blindfolded and I’ll make you taste some candies and you’ll have to guess what flavor it is”

This Idea shocked her a little. She had only seen such videos on Pornhub, where after giving the girl some real food, the guy stuffed his dick in her mouth. She always thought won’t it be funny that afterwards the guy asks the gal what it was and she would say “I don’t know I have never tasted something like this before”

But this was her brother! He better not be thinking about doing something like that. Although, it kind of made her hot to think about the possibilities. But she had no intention of acting on it. It was her frustration speaking that’s all.

“She can imagine whatever she wants to behind that blindfold”

Her brother set the camera up and blindfolded her. She really couldn’t see a thing, but only what she was imagining.

After that, he took her hands and started to tie them behind her back.

“I don’t like it. What are you doing?” She asked in an alarming tone. “Its just to make sure you don’t uncover your eyes when you fail a few times and feel frustrated”
“Oh I’m not a failure like you little brother. Bring you stupid game on!”

“Okay, open your mouth” her brother said in a mimicry of sweetness. She did whatever he said.
“Now tell me what it is?”

“Oh come on! It’s banana candy. Anyone would know that. Give me something hard”

“Oh, is that you want sis? Something hard? Something you might never have had a taste of before?” He teased her.

She again couldn’t help herself and a curved form out of her lips. She was blushing.

“You better not shove your dick in my mouth” She let out and regretted immediately. “Why would I say that?” She asked herself.

“What are you talking about? I was referring to these new cinnamon candies” he said and inserted one in her mouth.

“Oh! Uh…. ummm sorry, I was just joking” she said sheepishly.

“Fuck! That was so awkward” she thought.

“Okay, now open your mouth wide and taste this hot thing”

“Hot thing?”

Just when it touched her mouth, it made her jump. She tried to say something but it already was too deep inside. It was his dick.

“I’m sorry sis, I never knew you hadn’t tasted it yet. But we can always change that”


Just like it cannot stop touching the tooth with toothache, her tongue just couldn’t stop touching his dick. It was like her tongue was another conscious entity separate from the rest of her body.

“Get a good taste of it. Go on , come on, swirl your tongue around it. You don’t know when again you may have to guess again what’s in your mouth and it’s a dick. How would you know?”

Why was it making her so aroused? It was her brother who was doing it !! She would tell her parents as soon as he is done with her. Even thinking that made her shamed -”as soon as he is done with me?”

“Oh your tongue is soooo soft sis. Go on, keep exploring the surface of your brother’s dick. Aaahhhh” he said as he rubbed his balls against her chin.

She pushed it down her throat. What a feeling that was !!!

After fucking her mouth for a good 3 minutes, he took it out, leaving traces of his cum in and on it. Some of it also fell on her t-shirt and jeans. Her mouth was all sloppy with the saliva and his white cum.And her clothes were all ruined.

“WTF? I’m your fucking sister!! What are you? An animal? Can you control yourself even a little bit?” She started spurting out as soon as the dick was out of her mouth. He uncovered her eyes.

“Tf? My clothes are all ruined.. This was my favorite jean” She screamed like that was the worst of the tragedy.

“Who will buy me new ones huh? This is the only jean I wear when I go out. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

“I’m… I’m sorry. I cannot buy you new clothes, but… I’ll wash these”


Before she could say anything else he was all over her, trying to undress her jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped it, letting her purple coloured panties come in view, and started to pull the jeans out. The more he pulled the more soft flesh it revealed. Before He could realize his dick was hard again.

“Your panties are ruined too” he said and touched them from above.

“Stay away from me you perv!” She said, trying to get away from me, but since her hands were tied she couldn’t do much.

“Well I cannot buy you new ones. I don’t have that kind of money, so I’ll have to wash these off”
He said and with a jerk brought her panties down to her knees.

“Oh, well I guess it wasn’t me who dirtied them” he said and let his index finger softly run over those luscious lips.

She couldn’t say or even resist because of the embarrassment.

“Why is his touch so arousing? Can’t I even act to dislike it? To resist it?”

He slid his finger inside. And out came her moan!
After making enough space for at least two fingers to go inside simultaneously in his sister’s virgin pussy, he thrusted his throbbing cock inside it.

“Aaaaahhhh!!!” She bit her lips.

“Pleaseeeeee!” she let out in pleasure.

Slowly, he made the pussy less resistant and started banging her like she was an object. Her moans were all over the room. Her T shirt was out, and he grabbed her small perky tits in his hands for support.

Then he got her in his lap, and let her hips envelope his crotch as she fell on his dick. Their lips touched everything that was a taboo between a brother and sister. He bit her nipples so hard that she couldn’t decide whether to moan or scream.

This frenzy of sex went on for about 10 minutes until he released his load on her face.

Finally, she came to her senses and started gathering her clothes.

“WTF!!Do you know what you just did? You had sex with your sister you pervert… Let them come home. I’ll tell mom-dad all about this… You are not gonna get away with this” She said, trying to act angry.

“No you wouldn’t”

“What do you mean I wouldn’t? You fucked me after tying me up you sick bastard!”

“Oh!! What are you tied to right now then?” He said.
She looked at herself. She was all free and standing with him. Her hands were free to do whatever she wanted them to do. Taking the intense pleasure of sex, she didn’t even realize when he untied her. She in fact fucked him for about 5 minutes afterwards, and it still never occurred to her. She felt immense shame.
“And if you tried to tell about it anyway, I’ll upload our short tik tok video to pornhub, editing it to make you seem like a slut– which you are”