It had been another day at the office and business as usual for Caleb. Answering calls, filling out paperwork, and helping the other members of his team out when he could. The team he was on only had four members, but they were efficient, and worked well together. He was the only guy on their team and wanted to be as dependable as he could be. “Hey can you help me close out our section tonight? It’ll be quicker with the two of us.” Ashley asked from her desk behind Caleb to him. Ashley was of small stature, at barely 5ft tall. With her short height, C cup bust size and Black and blue hair she was definitely the office mascot at the age of 20. “Can’t handle the dark still?” Caleb teased and the other two members giggled at the remark. “Oh just answer the question!” She shot back. “Of course.” Caleb answered with a smile.

As Caleb and Ashley closed their section they talked and flirted occasionally. They flirted a lot when it was just the two of them, Ashley would rub up against him repeatedly, either with her breasts or her little butt. In turn Caleb would pull her back against his crotch and give her butt a squeeze once in awhile. Every time he did that she would let out the smallest of squeaks.

Ashley was really laying into Caleb this night, pressing against him any chance she got. Caleb was going along with it like usual but he could feel him morality starting to crumble. He knew Ashley was dating someone and Caleb was talking to someone as well. When she really pressed her ass against him and grinded against for a few seconds he had enough. With one hand he grabbed her tiny waist and held her against him, with the other hand he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her back to look down at her. “You’re playing with fire here.” Caleb growled as he looked down into her pale blue eyes. She looked up at him, gently panting. Something was wrong, she flirted with him a lot but tonight she really, truly wanted him. “What wrong with playing with-” She started to tease but her sentence was cut short with a single squeeze on her neck, the only sound that escaped was a whimper. Caleb released the hand that was holding her waist and turned her around slowly to face him.

Ashley had a mad look of lust in her eyes, she hadn’t been handled like this before, all her past lovers treated her like a fragile doll. She had never expected the calm, kind, Caleb at the office to turn her on this much. She let out a choked moan as Caleb rubbed his hand against her crotch. He leaned in as if to give her a kiss, she also leaned in and closed her eyes, she wanted this, she didn’t care about her boyfriend in this moment. But Caleb stopped short, when Ashley opened her eyes to see what the hold up was she just saw him smiling there. A Devilish smile. “Get on your knees.” He said in a low commanding tone. “Yes sir.” She whimpered.

She got down on her knees as Caleb pulled his cock out of is pants, she marveled at it momentarily as it rested across her face before she started to suck on the head. With one hand she stroked the shaft she could barely fit her hand around and with her other she fingered herself. Before she could really start working on her self both hands were pulled away and held above her. “Just your mouth, and I didn’t say you could touch yourself.” Caleb said with a stern face. After a minute of sucking she stopped and looked up at Caleb who had taken out his phone and started recording her. She didn’t even freeze, she was so aroused that she kissed the tip of his cock and gave a wink before going right back to sucking on it.

Several minutes passed before Ashley felt something press against her crotch, Caleb’s pant leg. She looked up at him and he gave her a nod. At his permission she started to grind herself against him furiously, whimpering with each buck of her hips. A few more minutes passed and she could feel him getting close, he had released her hands and started to gently pet her head. It turned Ashley on more then she had ever felt before, she had no idea getting her head pet while sucking cock would have this effect on her. She wanted to thank him, to submit to him, to be covered by him. She took as much of his cock into her throat as she could and held it there. “Fuck!” Caleb growled as his cum started to shoot out. Ashley took the opportunity to start stroking his cock with both hands as she pulled him from her mouth. Rope after rope of cum covered her face, some landing on her outfit, still she stroked him until nothing was left.

“Fuck that was hot.” Ashley said breathlessly. She was still grinding against Caleb’s pant leg, but neither seemed to mind. She took out her phone and took a selfie, and then another one, and another. “Fuck dude, I can’t believe you had this type of cock the whole time and didn’t make a move on any of us. You got like 8 and a half inches there.” She said as she took another picture, this one with Caleb’s cock partially covering her face and doing another wink with her tongue licking the tip. “Hey send me that video, I wanna get off to it later. Oh maybe I’ll send it to Summer and Gabby! I think they’d enjoy this!” She smiled that cute smile that charmed all the workers and higher ups, but with her face covered in cum it just made Caleb hard again.

“Oh, uh, ready for another r-” She was cut off by Caleb shoving his cock into her mouth with more force than before. This time he held her head in place as he thrust in and out fucking her mouth mercilessly. Ashley dropped her phone and started fingering herself quickly at a pace similar to how her mouth was being fucked. She was gagging and losing air but Caleb didn’t let up. Ashley’s mind went blank as she came at the same time Caleb shoved his cock all the way down her throat and came. She tried to pull back but was held in place, shot after shot of cum filled her mouth, forcing its way down her throat.

When Caleb finally released her she was gasping for air. “You came down my throat!” She whined. “I don’t even swallow my boyfriends cum!” She whined again. Caleb just looked down at her before taking a picture of her and showing her. Ashley stared at the picture of herself, she had never looked so happy in her life. “You don’t swallow your boyfriend’s cum, you swallow mine.” Caleb said in that same tone. Ashley sat there, her outfit ruined from Caleb’s cum and her own orgasm. She could feel the smile on her face growing wider. She started to wipe up the cum on her face and pool it into her mouth before swallowing again. Her mind was hazy, but she was happy.

They cleaned up and finished the rest of the office work in silence. A few minutes after Caleb got home he got a couple of texts from Ashley. “Hey, my boyfriend broke up with me cause, he could smell the cum on me, soooo wanna be fuck buddies?” Caleb smirked to himself before replying. “Of course.”


Hey guys! This is my first post on here, hope I got the tags right and all that, took a while to write all this but I hope you like it, I don’t know but I might try and make this into a series if I have time! Until next time!